Thursday, May 21, 2009


weee... today i was on leave from work for something 'call' important reason!!! hahaha~~~ i went to KTO's event... it was like Malaysia-Korea 50th Years Diplomatic Relationship... me, well i wanna see korean B-Boy's performance, BREAK OUT!!! damneeeeee good! it was only a 10 minutes preview and they impressed me~~~ i might be going to their show this Sunday at Wisma MCA!!! got a free tix... wakakakakaka!!!

i got to know how to write my name, WAWA, in hangul.... 와와 ... hahahaha! so cool! there's also a hallyu section where they played some of korean artist MV!!! i spotted TVXQ with 'O-Jun Ban Hap' MV... and~~~~~~~~~~ the big replika of F4!!! lol... owh, i went there with 2 CSSPF's member, Catz & Nani! nice to meet both of you!!!

nani & me & the Flower Boys~~~ i picked to be next to Jihoo Sunbae :P

catz & me~~~ we were cuci-ing mata search for a korean guy :P

catz & me with 2 korean girls in hanbok :)


sherermac™ said...

no wonder cam kenal jer sorg tu!
kitty unnie was with u!! huhu~
count dracula! kekekeke..
yer.. best nyer korg.. nak join gak.. huhu~~

i saw woobin.. XD

ida said...

huarrggh jeless...nak join gaak..
next time klau de event camni ajak tau hehe.. ;)