Monday, May 18, 2009

[VID] TaeGoon's COMEBACK STAGE (160509 & 170509)

TaeGoon's makes an official comeback on 16/05/2009 in MBC Music Core with his latest & first single from his 2nd Mini Album (Rising Star), SUPERSTAR!

he sang it live~~~ when the first word came out from his mouth, i was so surprised to hear it was live!!! well, it wasn't perfect but he improves a lot! his voice & breathing better compare to his Call Me time... thanks to his sunbae, Wheesung that helped him to prepare for his comeback :)

okay~~~ there's something that cracked me up with his comeback stage: HIS OUTFITS!!! hahaha... so weird dowh... he & that short pants, totally funny unique :P well, on MBC it was ok but during Inkigayo yesterday, the pants totally too much! kekeke... but, he is TaeGoon! i'll accept it :P

credit: yushi91@YouTube

MBC MUSIC CORE (16052009)

credit: taegun293@YouTube

SBS INKIGAYO (17052009)

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