Sunday, April 29, 2012


30th April is here again (it was still 29th April in Malaysia when this post was posted O.o), and that means my k-pop ultimate bias ever, Jang Wooyoung turns 23 years old today (24th for korean age).

if according to my timeline being a 2PM's fan, this is his 3rd birthday that i'm celebrating ^^.  just like every year, i'm uber excited for it. well, that's what all fangirls do aite?

Dear Jang Woo Young,
This is my 3rd year celebrating your birthday as 2PM's fan, and as your bias.
To me, you are a perfect guy in your own way, and that is why you are JANG's PERFECTION!
I wish you gonna have the best birthday of your life this year, and wish you all the best in what ever you gonna do!
I Love You & I'll always do!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


well, i wish, when i'm writing this entry, it is because i'm joining it which, it is not true ㅠㅠ. The winner of this contest will have a chance to tour around Korea with 2PM & Miss A! Yes, freaking TU PI EM, my oppars ㅠㅠ.

I'm tempted to join, but my current situation won't allow me to do so. Of coz, when we join any contest, at least 1% in you will think: I'M GONNA WIN IT! What is the point of joining if you don't have faith with yourself aite?

So, with that thought, I've asked myself, "If I win, but I can't go, wouldn't I be more heartbroken compares I didn't win it coz I didn't join it?"... Yes, it is foolish of me by giving it up before I even try it.

I'll join a new company on 7th May, which the probation would be 6 months. The winner of the contest will fly to Korea for freaking 7 days in June, and gonna have fun with 2PM & Miss A. Being a new employee, and being a professional, it won't be good if you gonna apply for leave, and plus it is not only for a day, but freaking 7 days. Huhuhu! Why that shit has to happen at a wrong time?????

If only.... ㅠㅠㅠ (full info: ibuzzkorea)

Anyway, tho I'm not joining it, but few of my closest Hottests are joining it, and I wish 1 of them gonna win it, so, they can flirt with my oppars on my behalf... ㅋㅋㅋ

Please check-out their entries, and if you like it, spread it around \o/

  1.  What Inspires Me The Most About Korea?
  2.  Reasons why you should be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour? 
  1.  What Inspires Me The Most About Korea?
  2.  Reasons why you should be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour?
Event Page:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


fuhhhhhhhhhhhh... Wooyoung is freaking rapping LIKE A BOSS!

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 4

Sunday in Seoul... ^^

1. Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

Don't kill me please!!!!
 This museum was located only 5 minutes from our guesthouse. It was a fun fun fun spending time at the museum with my friends. Basically it's an art museum, but the drawings are 3D effects. 

We were there for almost 2 hours, took a zillion pictures... Seriously, the pictures there were awesome!!!

2. Dongdaemun

It's all about souvenirs. We were wandering from the afternoon til evening. There's one famous shopping complex, which is called Doota. The mall is basically not that cheap, but there are 2 souvenir shops that sell plenty of stuffs that you can bring back home. Oh, the shop owners can even speak Malay/Indo. So, don't mengumpat ok... LOL

It is also famous of the Dongdaemun Market (DDM). Herm... I wasn't find interesting at the market, or maybe it was Sunday, so, there're a lot of shops were closed. But, I managed to grab 2 aprons as requested by my mom... hahahaha! she wanted me to buy after seeing a lot of nice aprons in k-drama...

Can you see me, or all you can see is Buck?
 Walked around Dongdaemun for a while, and found It's Skin... 2PM mode is freaking on! Bought the eye-liner (which it turns out good to me), and Timah was trying hard for the salesgirl to give us 2PM's posters. In the end, she gave us, after Lumos bought her stuff too. 1 poster for each of us... Yay!

3. Luxury, Hongdae

I'm sleepy O.o
It's a noraebang place, and........... it's a noraebang place that 2PM went in Wild Bunny Ep. 1. And what makes it so special, we requested for 2PM's room... YES! You can request it, by mentioning 2PM's room. LOL!

I had fun tho after 2 hours, i took a nap while my t-listeu were having fun karaoke-ing! kuikuikui

That's all on my 4th day in Seoul ^^

Monday, April 16, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 3

This entry is a long long long overdue... LOL. Anyway, on the 3rd day, we only been to 2 places, Nami Island & Lotte World.

1. Nami Island, Chuncheon

Beautiful Nami Island ^^
It's quite far from Seoul, but since with the super efficient public transport, i didn't feel it was quite far after all. We've decided to take the train, which we have to switch the train's lines twice, so it took us approximately 2 hours to reach our destination. Well, 2 hours including getting into a wrong train... LOL

For those who are not sure what is Nami Island, basically, it is famous coz of Winter Sonata. If you also don't know what is Winter Sonata, Mr. Google will help you to answer the question. Well, Nami Island is kinda famous during the winter, but when i went, it was already the end of autumn, so it was still as beautiful as it should be.

The trees there were beautiful, and of coz, there're a lot of things that related to Winter Sonata. My fangirling mode is on fosho, seeing all these thingy. And they only have 1 place to fill-in your stomach, and it is HALAL. Yewp, they even have a halal sign. What they have? Lunch Box a.k.a Dosirak... Nyum! Nyum!

By 2pm, we've decided to leave Nami Island, and we took a bus to the train station. Believe me, we became a lil jakun on the bus... ahahahaha.

It's a beautiful place seriously, and for 1st timer to Korea, this place have to be in the 'A PLACE YOU MUST GO' list.

2. Lotte World

Say Hey!!!
It's a theme park. Almost like our Sunway Lagoon, with indoor & outdoor theme park. Just, i'm not a theme park person, so, i paid the entrance fee to loitering while waiting for my friends playing. But i'm not alone since Kak Eton was with me... ehehehehehe

Well, i just don't play rollercoaster, or something similar to it, but i still play something not extreme, like Haunted House... HAHAHAHA. Anyway, it was fun tho ;)


Before you think this post is related to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On, NO IT IS NOT... ehehehehe

Starting from today, i decided to countdown my last day with my current company. Ive tendered on 9th April with one month notice, and after deducting my 6 days leave, my last day would be on 27th April 2012, which is next week.

The reason? Well, i don't think i should talk it here. but, i have to resign not because i want too, but i have to & no choice. i'm kinda sad yet, i have to accept it, and move on. hopefully, i'll find the same happiness i had at my current company at my future company which i'll start on 7th May.

ps: i have one week holiday before i start my job at the new place... huyeah!!!
psps: unrelated, but i was writing this entry while listening to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On...