Thursday, May 14, 2009


3-D of Gokusen 3

weeeeee... last Saturday, i bought Gokusen 3 DVD together with the SP... it cost me 60++!!! since it was like almost 1 year when i watched G3, so i need to refresh the G3 before i jumped to the SP... lol... i never get bored with Gokusen although the scenes were repeated from G1 & G2... and when i watch the SP, this thought came into my mind: GOKUSEN LIVE ACTION ARE MORE 'CARTOON' THAN THE ANIME ITSELF... hahahaha! seriously~~~

after i finished the drama, i stalked on the movie that will be out in June/July i'm not sure!!! there were rumours that some of the cast from G1 & G2 gonna make a special appearance (G3 casts are 1 of the main cast for the movie)... but one of previous student that has been confirmed is ODAGIRI RYU (KAMENASHI KAZUYA) from G2... the best thing is, he gonna be a teacher! lol... now i hope, Jun & Shun from G1, Akanishi from G2 gonna make an appearance also... toink! owh, before you jumped to the movie, please watch G3 SP coz the new 3-D students are the 2-D students in the SP... sorry for a minor spoiler... well, the movie teaser evealed it :P

when i watched G3 on the net last year, i can't really enjoy the drama so much! so, when i re-watched it again on my tv, damneeeee, Ogata is totally a good looking man... YUYA TAKAKI, that's his name!!! and, he's only 19???? so young???

Yuya Takaki
Actor and Singer
Date of birth:
March 26, 1990 (1990-03-26) (age 19)
175 cm
55 kg
Blood type:
J-Pop Group:
J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7, Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! BEST
Talent Agency:
Johnny & Associates

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