Friday, May 29, 2009


seriously, since wednesday, my days were suck!!! starting from a bad flu (just to inform, it was not a virus H1N1 k) coz of the weather changes!!! i'm alergic to dust etc... it has been a while that i never had the flu that you had a running nose non-stop and i can't stop from sneezing! plus, my eyes was itchy and watery!!! i can't really concentrate with work... so, at night, i went to bed at 8.30pm.

so, yesterday, as i thought my flu is getting better, i was totally wrong! i woke up aroud 3.30am and the flu is still there! as i was trying to sleep back, i just can't... after 10 minutes of 'golek-golek' on the bed, suddenly i remembered, "UEFA CUP, BARCA vs MAN U"! so, i went straight to the living hall and switch on the television and switch to channel 812 just to know that Barca already lead 1-0 after 40 minutes of kick ball started! watched for 3 minutes & switch it off... went back to my room and tried to sleep again but once again, my eyes just doesn't let me to sleep! in the end, i switch on the TV & DVD player in my room and watched MY LOVELY SAM-SOON! owh, yah! around 4.45am, i went to the living hall to wacth the result of the football match and BARCA was ready to take the trophy! okay my Man U lost and it sucks... end up, i watched it til 6.30am when it was the time i should wake up and prepare myself to office! but since my nose still in bad condition, i went to my mom's room and said, i'm taking an MC... and she told me, Man U lost 2-0!!! huhuhuhu... it's ok! they are still the best Football Club in the world :)

i went to the doctor nearby my house around 6pm after my mom reached home! well, as usual, i don't have any fever or anything, just an alergic! the doctor gave me 2 types of flu medicine; ONE FOR DAY & ONE FOR NIGHT. the night one will make u feel sleepy, so i can't take during day or i can't do my work!

today, my flu is still there! when the heck its gonna go away????!!!!

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