Saturday, October 31, 2009


^o^... i just created a me2DAY's account... well, me2DAY is similar to twitter just it is korean based which language only available in hangul! hahaha... what am i doing there? checking k-pop's artist account of coz!!! but still i feel so out there since everything is in hangul... kekeke! neway, if u me2DAY's account, don't forget to add me yah: Wawa와와


finally the full MV of this song release... cool! and as usual, i drool over the leader, KIM HYUN JOONG! hahaha...

credit: shirbogurl@Youtube

Thursday, October 29, 2009


the smile that kills million of girls... hihihi!

seriously, i never thought that i'll get myself head over heels with Jang Geun Seok! but he grows in me so much after watched how HOT he can be in You're Beautiful! and today, after i watched Episode 7, i'm OFFICIALLY crazy over this JANG GEUN SEOK!

i knew him for the first time when i watched him in the movie Baby & Me... but that time i don't really attracted to him instead i was more into the baby, Baby Mason! hahaha... at first, i decided to watch this drama because of Hongki but Jang Geun Seok already captured my heart with his charisma from the beginning only today, i want to make it official... hihihi!

maybe i should check out his other dramas like: BEETHOVEN VIRUS & HONG GIL DONG!

장근석 / Jang Geun Seok
Actor, singer
Star sign:
Blood type:

the moment when i'm officially crazee over Jang Geun Seok

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


woot.... finally i receive my TSC Final DVD... arghhhhhhhhhh! it was awesome watching the concert on my TV screen although i hope i can be one of the crowd!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


another entry into my fan-account! today, i can't believe i manage to meet one of the most wanted man from South Korea came down to Malaysia... yes, i'm talking about the almighty Goo Jun Pyo eh, i mean Lee Min Ho... hahaha!

well, me, Bell & Atiqah reached Sg. Wang at 12.30pm, and the fan-meeting area was fully with the fans already! but since we don't want to get starving later, we decided to had our lunch at KFC!!! by 1pm, we make our move back to the fan meeting area and sat down quite at the back... then by 2.30pm, we were asked to stand til the fan meeting starts! that means we gotta stand for like freaking more than 3 hours...

as we waited, the fan meeting that should start at 5PM, it has been postpone to 6PM... me & my friends, we were like suffering just like a fish in a can or a meet inside the burger! hahahaha... the most worst thing was, people kept pushing til i lost my patient and shouted to them to stop pushing coz Lee Min Ho isn't even there yet! let me tell you, it wasn't just a light shout but i was TOTALLY shout til suddenly all the people at my back freeze due to surprise... hahahaha! and i'm not proud coz i end the shouting with a bad words... DAMN!

around 5.45PM, the time has come! the MCs were bubbling and finally the man that we were waiting for the past 6 hours came out with a big smile! omg, i was stunned due to his good looking-ness!!! the event started with a launching of Etude House's product... i was totally spazzing with my camera too much! hahahaha... then, around 6PM, the signing session started... as most of the fans tried so hard to line-up, the signing session only last for 20 minutes & less than 50 fans manage to get their poster signed... that is freaking sucks k! haish... i thought at least the signing session will last for 1 hour but 20 minutes was freaking ridiculous... whatever! it has past...

before he went off, he stood and he was like really infront of me... i'm totally amazed with his perfect looking! HE IS SUCH A GOOD LOOKING CREATURE!

ps: i'm so lazy to write this entry actually! hahahaha... coz i can't describe with words of my experience meeting him ^^
psps: more pictures during the event can be checked HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009


hahaha... can't believe i'm writing about SS501... but hey, although i might not be a hardcore of SS501 like i have for TVXQ & 2PM, i'm still checking on them... okay, i'm checking on them coz of Hyun Joong but i started to open up myself on the group too k especially after i went to the fan meeting early last month!

so, when they released their latest mini album, i was automatically hook with LOVE LIKE THIS! that song is freaking awesome & addictive! even, i'm using the chorus for my ringtone now... today is their comeback stage and i'm totally love it! all of them look awesome & yeah, let me be bias again: KIM HYUN JOONG IS FREAKING BLOODY HOT! toink-toink...

credit: CodeMonmonSeason4@Youtube

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


today i just received my JaeJoong & Yoochun's single, COLORS-MELODY & HARMONY! i'm so freaking excited... and i really wish i'll get my Jaejoong's photocard but... i end up Yoochun's photocard! kekekekeke...

still in wrap!

back view!

the discs!

the casing!

Yoochun's photocard!

lyric's booklet!

full view of the lyric's booklet


well, to meet Lee Min Ho this Sunday, is not an FOC event! for us to get his signature, we have to spend Etude House product worth RM20 & above, and we will be given a poster for Lee Min Ho to sign on that day itself!

so, after my working hour ended, i decided to drop by Etude House at One Utama to grab the poster! so, i never use EH's product before so i don't know what product should i grab! well, i can just grab any product that cost RM20 & above but i don't want to buy something that i'll not use and, i'll end up wasting my money! so, i decided to buy a compact powder and the price is RM49.90! i told the salesgirl, that i wanna meet Lee Min Ho, so that's why i'm buying the stuff! hahahaha... since Bell asked me to buy for her too, so, i grab eye liner that cost RM23.90!

2 posters in tube belongs to me & bell... 1 LMH's folder... my Etude House compact powder & Bell's eye-liner! all stuffs prepared for upcoming event this Sunday ^^

at first, i said to the salesgirl, that i would like to pay it separately since i need 2 posters, then the kind salesgirl said, don't worry about the poster, she can gives me two and she will give me 1 Lee Min Ho's folder! since i spend another RM20 for the eye-liner, i end up get a 30% discount for my compact powder... ngahahahaha!

so, now i just need to wait for 25/10 to come & meet Lee Min Ho a.k.a Goo Jun Pyo in front of my eyes! neway here are the deails on the event...

Date: 25th October 2009
Time: 5PM
Venue: Sg. Wang Plaza (Concourse Area)
Event: Product Launching & Fanmeeting Session

Monday, October 19, 2009


i used to get crazy over this guy back in my craziness towards Boys Before Flowers early this year... well, i still like him but after BBf ended, i turned myself to his co-star in BBF, Kim Hyun Joong! hahahaha...

but, still! when i heard he's coming to town, i'm so freaking excited! i'm going to meet Goo Jun Pyo, eh! i mean Lee Min Ho!!! so, Lee Min Ho-ssi, wait for this coming Sunday yah...


okay, basically this song has 2 versions! the drama version sang by Jang Geun Seok & Park Shin Hye (A.N.JELL) and another version will be Lee Hongki of FT Island version! both version included in You're Beautiful OST! i really love both version but i decided to use A.N.JELL's version as my playlist since i'm in love with the group A.N.JELL although the group is not real at all...

credit: maccay@soompi forum [romanization] , NulSaRangHae@youtube [translation]

sa rang eun a nil geo ra go
jeol dae ro a nil geo ra go
mae beon sog yeo wat ji man nae mam eun ja kku neo reur bu reu go
han geor eum do mang chyeo bo go han geor eum mir eo nae bwa do
geu reor su rog neon nae an e keo jeo ga go iss eo

geu man keum sa rang ha na bwa geu man keum gi da ri na bwa
geu to rog a peu ge hae do nae mam eun neor tteo nar su eopt na bwa
sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go

tta tteut han neo ui nun bic i tta tteut han neo ui sa rang i
dar a nar su rog nae an e keo jyeo ga go iss eo

neo do nar sa rang haet na bwa neo do nar gi da ryeot na bwa
geu to rog a peu ge hae do ne mam eun nar tteo nar su eopt na bwa
sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
neor sa rang hae

ttae ro neun sa rang i hog eun nun mur i
u rir him deul ge hae do
sa rang hae sa rang hae nae gyeot en neo man iss eu myeon dwae

yeo jeon hi sa rang ha na bwa
yeo jeon hi gi da ri na bwa
meo ri reur sog yeo bo a do ga seum eun sog ir su neun eopt na bwa
sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
neor sa rang hae



It wasn't supposed to be love
It was never supposed to be
I fooled myself many times before, but my heart keeps on calling you
Before i tried to run away
I tried to push a step away
But even then you were growing bigger inside me

I must love you this much
I must wait for you this much
No matter how much it hurts, my heart can't leave you
There must be one love
My heart won't change
The love I protected for you, now I can tell you everything

Your warm eye expression
Your warm love
You are growing bigger inside me

You must have loved me
You must have waited for me
No matter how much I made you hurt, your heart can't leave me

There must be one love
My heart won't change
The love I protected for you, now I can tell you everything
I love you

Sometimes love, or tears will cause problems for us
I love you, I love you I just need you next to me

I must still love you
I must be waiting for you
I could fool my mind, but not my heart

There must be one love
My heart won't change
The love I protected for you, now I can tell you everything
I love you

credit: LoveSickUknow@Youtube

Thursday, October 15, 2009


the last time when i really went gaga over a k-drama was BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS! that time i stayed up late every night just to get to watch the latest episode of it on the same day it showed in Korea... and how i spazzed about the drama like a crazy girl! hahaha

and now, there's a new drama that makes me get head over heel again! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL... at first i wasn't interested but when i know Hongki of FT Island is part of the drama, so i decided to watch and guess what... i hook with the drama instantly! and i'm officially a fan of A.N.JELL although this band is not real... hahaha! Jang Geun Seuk is totally a hottie as Hwang Taek Kyung... Hongki, oh my god! he's so damn funny and cute in that drama... this is my first time knowing Jung Yong Hwa and he resembles a lot of Jihoo sunbae character from BBF... Park Shin Hye, i do love her character in here and she acts as a boy, kyopta!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


after a successful flash mob did by our fellow korean hottest 2 weeks ago, hottest all over the world decided to do it too, and malaysia is not exceptional! organised by the malaysian fanclub, MYHOTTEST2PM, the flash mob was did at one of the busiest street in Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang!!!

well, i n my previous entry, i did posted an entry behind the scenes of the flash mob and today the dance flash mob vid is finally released... hahaha! HILARIOUS & AWESOME... that was what i thought... and MyHottest is JJANG!!!

credit: imafigherforjaypark@youtube

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


30 days... maybe it doesn't look that long for some of you, but those 30 days meant a lot to HOTTEST all over the world! it has been 30 days since Jay decided to leave 2PM & South Korea... and every single day, we never give up and believe that Jay will be back where he belongs, 2PM!!!

today, when i was listening to the radio, i unaccidently listen to the song that i haven't been listening for ages especially since k-pop invaded into my life! it is WAIT FOR YOU by ELLIOTT YAMIN! while i was singing along with the song, i realised how perfect is the lyrics to express what i feel right now for Jay...

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don't know what else I can do
Don't tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I find it just ain't true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I'll wait for you

Monday, October 5, 2009


yesterday, MYHottest's members (M'sian Hottest) gathered and did a flash mob to show their support to 2PM & Jay!!! it was totally an awesome event... the event was held at the heart of KL, Bukit Bintang (BB)!!! of course, since i'm a hardcore for 2PM, i will not miss the opportunity to participate in this rare occasion!

the Tame Bunnies on board ^^

girls... you are on my camera! say kimchiiiiii ;)

well, i reached there around 12.30pm and met the team at McDonald's Bukit Bintang! seriously, i know no one but since we are hottests, so i just crashed to any of the table... that was when i knew ezyan, mai, jaja and sorry, i can't recall the other 2 members... blame me being 25! my memory is getting worst... hahahaha! meeting other hottests were the best part when we talked like we have known each other for ages although most of us just met for the 1st time that day... 2PM brought us together...

have u seen this guy anywhere???? he is needed by us hottest badly T___T

it's a CONSPIRACY!!!!!

to those who doesn't know how BB is, BB is a place where a lot of teenagers & foreigners came to shop!!! it always full of people especially during weekend! so, our event totally got attention from the pedestrian... LMAO!!! whether they were malaysian, indonesian, arabian or european/american, they were like: WHAT ARE THEY DOING???? and us with bunny ears totally muka tembok... we don't care about pride anymore, so we threw they shyness far away and did it coz of love towards 2PM! you can call us crazy fan but at least we don't take down on other people! being a crazy fan is better than being an ANTI!

during the freeze flash mob, where we supposed to freeze for few minutes, me and my group had a great moment coz we didn't really freeze! hahahaha... noriko who was in front of us holding the post-it boards end up as a counter information! there's this arabic ahjussi, kept asking her questions... LOL! and there's this korean girl who came to malaysia for a holiday were surprised to see the event... so, during the freeze flash mob, she took pictures with us and as we supposed to be freezed, we decided to pose for her camera... LMAO!

bersama adik ziera yang hyperactive that day...

after the flash mob ended, some of the fans stayed and mingling around taking pictures... the bunnies were everywhere on the street... hahahaha!!! the flash mob's vid only be released on the 10th Oct together with flash mob's vid of other countries... it was one of the craziest day for us MyHottest....

My Hottest is DAEBAK!!!

ps: the vid of the flash mob will only be released on 10th of Oct together with other flash mob by hottest in other country!
psps: visit MYHOTTEST2PM for more pictures yah!
pspsps: my full pictures of the event can be checked HERE


OMG! i'm soooo loving After School's performance of Again & Again... well, although it is not as good as 2PM (okay, that is way too biased... hahaha), but they gave their 100% to do it one of the famous song in 2009...

well, Again & Again's step is not that hard but the steps obviously choreographed for a boy band... it doesn't have a sexy move but due to the 2PM's hotness & energy, the steps look cool on them... so, when a girl band did Again & Again, they can't just do it normally, so the performance will look dull due to the non-sexy's move on it.... but what the most important thing, what Ga-Hee & Becka wrote on their arms... this performance was more like a dedication to 2PM and they are showing their support to 2PM as 7 members as they decided to perform as 7 although After School is only 6 members...

credit: AFSCtv2@Youtube

ps: i shed a tears while watching this coz i miss 2PM badly... :'(

Thursday, October 1, 2009


this face that caught my eyes... he is 28, yet he looks totally young!

as i mentioned in my previous entry, i like the actor who played as Prince Daeryang, KIM JI HOON! he attracted me much although his character only appear like the last 5-6 episodes. he is cute... and i'm glad he is an oppa! hahaha... too much dongsaeng in my list nowdays!

Kim Ji Hoon
South Korea
Star sign:
Blood type:


currently, i'm addicted to this drama... well, i didn't follow it from the 1st episode & i missed a lot a lot of the episodes... well, my mom wasn't interested with historical drama, so, i it is not easy for me to conquer the tv... but thanks to me, for the past 2 months, i woke up 8.30am every sunday, and catch 2 episodes straight on KBS World and now, my mom also is following it although maybe she has too... hahahaha!

i love the storyline... i'm not really a big fan of historical drama, but The Iron Empress caught my attention! i didn't know any of the cast inside of the drama but yet, this drama has something that makes me to watch it everyweek... owh, yah! now, i fall for one of the cast, Prince Daeryang who is played by Kim Ji Hoon... will blog about him later...