Monday, May 25, 2009


seriously, today i don't really has the mood to blog til i re-watched this vid which cracked me up again! HAHAHAHA~~~ these talented kids danced on AGAIN & AGAIN - 2PM & SORRY SORRY - SuJu + one of the kid danced on CALL ME - TAEGOON!!!

the yellow pants kid, is freaking funny! i laughed til my stomach wanna come out (okay, that's too much reaction)... i can see, one day he's gonna be a comedian :) while, the green pants kid, totally good in dance! watch him when he danced Call Me... it doesn't looks like a kid dance coz the way he moves his body totally looks like a professional!!! I BET HE'S GONNA BE A SUPERSTAR @ LEAST 10 YEARS FROM NOW :P

to the green pants kid:

ahnyeong~~~ :P
noona gonna wait for your debut although i might be your ahjumma during your debut...

credit: mochijang@YouTube

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