Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i love goong's manhwa so much... i've been reading it for the past one year through internet. but since the translation of the manhwa is irregular, so sometimes i need to wait for months for the next chapter to be translated and uploaded on the net... the last time i read Goong was in January this year and when i checked it on One Manga yesterday, another 3 chapters has been translated and uploaded! all 3 are this month!

so, when i read the latest 3 chapters, my heart ache! huhuhu... not because of bad translation or anything but SHIN & CHAEGYUNG REALLY DIVORCED IN THE MANHWA!!!! oh my god! how can this happened???? and Shin was so depressed with the divorce thingy coz he missed Chaegyung so much... and that stupid royal families, started to plan about new bingoong mama to replace Chaegyung to help Shin to get over his ex-wife... and their choice is Hyo Rin!!! how can they do that????

and the most depressed thing for me, when it stops at the most climax part!!! grrrrr~~~ so now i need to wait for months again to know what will happen after Shin called Chaegyung that he will come over to her place which he was not allowed to!!! yeah~~~ Shin is prohibited to meet his ex-wife!!!

hihihi~~~ i know what you think: THIS GIRL IS TOTALLY CRAZY COZ BEING TOO EMOTIONAL WITH A MANHWA!!! goong's manhwa storyline is much much better than the live action but i'm still a big fan of Princess Hours!!!!

waiting is killing though!!! huhuhu

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