Saturday, November 29, 2008


hahahaha...instead of doing my work, i editing my blog!
but banyak benda nak kena nak edit...
and i did feel a bit regret changing the skin coz i have to re-edit everything including my posts!
i have to edit my font size, color etcccccccccc...
buat at the moment i just re-edit one post coz malasnyer nak buat semua!
menyesal nyer saya but i love the new skin...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


gosh... i think my most favorite Japanese drama is Gokusen! totally hilarious... i really miss the drama so much especially Gokusen 1... i need to ask my friend to return my Gokusen 1 dvd back... nak buat pekasam agaknyer! haishhhhhhhhh...


Episodes: 12 + Special (Graduation)
Aired: 2002, Special (2003)

The story of a young, idealistic teacher who enters Shirokin Gakuen with hopes of making a difference in the students' lives. However, Yamaguchi Kumiko is in for a rude awakening when she finds that she will be the homeroom teacher of 3-D, the hardest class to maintain in the school. The students have multi-colored hair, sloppy uniforms, and show absolutely no respect to her. The leader of the class, Sawada Shin is lazy but bright and shows some interest in Yamaguchi when he notices that she is very different from other teachers. The students try to bully her to make her quit, but their attempts don't get them very far.

What the class and the rest of the school does not know is that Yamaguchi Kumiko is actually the 4th generation heir to the Ooedo Group, a notorious yakuza clan. Even though her family would like her to take the title of Ojou when her grandfather dies, they have accepted the fact that Yamaguchi would rather be a teacher.

Eventually, the students learn to respect their quirky teacher because of her devotion to them, and even give her a nickname: Yankumi.

Image Hosted by
L-R (above): Shun Oguri as Uchii, Nakama Yukie as Yankumi, Matsumoto Jun as Sawada Shin
L-R (below): Narimiya Hiroki as Noda, Waki Tomohiro as Kuma, Ishigaki Yuma as Minami

i'm HIGHLY recommended to people out there to watch gokusen! start with Gokusen 1 before jump to part 2 & 3... the history starts in Gokusen 1! to get more details on the drama, read the manga or watch the anime... i read & watched both manga and anime... kekeke!

info credits: dramawiki

next: Gokusen 2....


when i browesed through K-Popped today, they posted a news about Paran's concert that was planned on the 30th Nov has been cancelled! after the FT Island incident, i think Malaysian organiser just don't learn from a mistake ha???

i don't know the group Paran but i'm kinda sad coz why it must always happen to K-Pop's artiste! Malaysia always fulled of big concert every year, with all the big artiste all over the world but don't you think only the K-Pop artiste that always faced this matter! so, who to blame? Malaysian organiser or the artiste management itself?

seriously, i don't know! i just hope these back 2 back cancellation of K-Pop concert will not effect my idol group, TVXQ to plan their another concert in Malaysia! but isn't this really give a bad impression to all the Korean management. They might think twice to bring their artiste to Malaysia!

p/s: i think Rain's concert was the most succesful K-Pop artiste concert in Malaysia coz he is already labeled as a World Artiste instead of K-Pop artiste! his concert got full of support from Malaysian media!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


well, when i was in CSSPF today, suddenly some of the member talked about the airport incident yesterday. it was said that antis threw a bag towards TVXQ and hit Minnie!

hey, are you a human?! aren't you too much? whether i'm a TVXQ's fan or not, a human will not do that to another human... we learn civic! i'm so hurt to see Minnie's expression! i know he was trying to be cool on what just happened but he is just a human being!!!

and a MEN's ROOM means FOR MAN ONLY!!!! so, don't blame the boys if they 'tegur'! What a fan? A fan should not do that to their own idol... give the boys a lil privacy!

a fan should not do this!
video uploader: myluvforDBSK@YouTube

minnie ah~~~ i'm hurt to see minnie in this vid~
video uploader: myluvforDBSK@YouTube

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Image Hosted by
credit: aashiq89@crunchyroll

gosh.... Shun Oguri!!!!! watched him in Hana Kimi Special & i'm falling for him all over again! known him since GTO but started to fall him in Hana Kimi (1st part), then Uchii in Gokusen 1, the sweet & cool Hanazawa Rui in HYD, & the bad boy in Crows Zero... here are some infos on my Shunkerbell!!!

Shun Oguri

Date of Birth:
26 Dec 1982

Place of Birth:
Tokyo, Japan

Dramas (name few only):
Hana Kimi SP as Sano Izumi (2008), Binbo Danshi as Koyama Kazumi (2008), Hana Kimi as Sano Izumi (2007), Hana Yori Dango 2 as Hanazawa Rui (2007), Detective Conan as Kudo Shinichi (2006), Hana Yori Dango as Hanazawa Rui (2005), Gokusen 1 as Uchiiyama (2003) & GTO as Noboru Yoshikawa (1998)

Crows Zero 2 as Takiya Genji (2009), Hana Yori Dango Final as Hanazawa Rui (2008), Crows Zero as Takiya Genji (2007)

Image Hosted by
1st debut: Noboro Yoshikawa in GTO! he was only 16... kawaiiii!
credit: shun4u@blog124

Image Hosted by
the moment i fall for him! Sano Izumi in Hana Kimi
credit: yellowshinsei@blogdrive

Image Hosted by
the bad Uchii in Gokusen 1
credit: kljs@blogspot

Image Hosted by
his stardom character, Hanazawa Rui in HYD
credit: forum@myspace

Image Hosted by

the super bad as Takiya Genji in Crows Zero
credit: chinna@popcornfor2

info credited: wikipedia


my Shun Oguri.... he got a new hair for Special! and i'm sooooo loving it. i think he is the only actor that i love that i can accept any style of hair... but black suit him moreeeeee! more manly :-*

pic credit:


so funny... hahahaha! basically these all pic for Hoshun since Nakatsu & Nenba-senpai are her fav :p

pic credit: wawa@blogspot


a long waited drama for me. after i've fallen in love with Hana Kimi (Jap) and finally the special is out... hilarious like the previous part! but i'm more excited looking at my SHUN OGURI's hair! gaaaaa... i'm soooo loving it!!! Shun as Sano that makes me to get crazee about him and now i'm more getting crazee about him.... The pic 2 is the picture in Hana Kimi Special! Hot neh???

well, it is such a sweet drama! nakatsu is getting funnier in here but in this special, Nakatsu is already over Mizuki! there's a 2 situations in here, recap of previous part & current time! Nenba-senpai got a kiss from his junior that likes him (can't recall)...ngahahahha!

The 'Hanazakari No Kimitachi E Special' will take place half a year after the series ended. With Osaka Gakuen getting ready for an upcoming Valentine's day event, Sano (Shun Oguri) & Nakatsu (Toma Ikuta) reflect on the final week of their last summer vacation, which falls into the timeline of the original series between episodes 7 & 8. The special also includes a graduation scene and addresses the elationship between Mizuki & Sano.

p/s: i'll post info about my SHUN OGURI later k....

pic 1 credit: vanbunn@blogspot+wawa@blogspot
pic 2 credit: hanakimispecial@imeem+wawa@blogspot
synopsis: wikipedia

Saturday, November 22, 2008

[AUD] Wrong Number+Mirotic mp3

the crazinessssss of TVXQ's performance in MKMF2008 continues! mirotic's remix is way tooooooooo hot!!!!!!

wrong number + mirotic
download HERE

wrong number cut
download HERE

mirotic cut
download HERE

convert & cut by: wawa@blogspot
pic credit: dnbn+tya@csspf+wawa@blogspot


nosebleed! that is how i want to express myself when i watched the Wrong Number's performance in Music Bank! Black suits really suit them & i love their performance so much... so far i think this is the best Wrong Number's performance by the boys.... can't wait to catch the Music Bank on Kbs World....

Video Uploader: mickytoho@YouTube

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Today, i really have a bad day!!! Really-really a bad day! I'm pissed off with people in the office! keep pushing me! i'm not a robot... when i said i'll give the things in a while, that means i'll give you in a while! so, be patient! i have a lot of work to do, the song BAD DAY by DANIEL POWTER is totally the song for the day...

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

(Oh.. Holiday..)

Sometimes the system goes on the blink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Had a bad day
Had a bad day
Had a bad day
Had a bad day
Had a bad day

Lyrics credited:

Thursday, November 20, 2008


While i was driving on they way to fetch my mom from the office, suddenly i remembered one of my conversation with my Sarawakian 'kakak angkat' during my trip to Sarawak last month (25/10-26/10)...

i realised when she would like to explain to another S'wakian (such as salesperson), she will pointed us as 'Orang Malaya'. i was kinda curiosed! it is not that i don't understand what is Malaya means, but because i understand it so well, that was i decided to ask her why she pointed as Malaya instead of Semenanjung. The conversation went almost like this:

Me: Kak Mona, kenapa akak sebut Malaya ek?

Kak Mona: Actually if betul-betul, S'wakian memang panggil orang Semenanjung orang Malaya instead of Semenanjung. Especially the elders.

Me: Saya rasa cam orang Tanah Melayu plak since Malaya is Tanah Melayu. LOLZ!

Kak Mona: Sebelum Sarawak sebahagian dari Malaysia, (Malaysia was only formed in 1963 when Sabah, Sarawak, & Singapore agreed to join with Malaya as one country) orang Sarawak memang panggil Semenanjung as Malaya coz that was what it was called before. Sarawak dipanggil Borneo & Sabah known as North Borneo.

It is not something that offended me or anything just i found it was interesting! It is cool to call people from Semenanjung as Malaya... so lately, everytime i called or smsed her, sometimes i will appointed myself as 'ORANG MALAYA'.....


gosh... back 2 back performance of their 2 hot songs in Mirotic, Wrong Number & Mirotic... i watched the performance live on thank you to not so good GOMTV that keep lagging all the time... if not because of TVXQ, i will not be patient coz SABAR ITU SEPARUH DARIPADA IMAN!!!! hihihihi...

i think their back 2 back performance was super awesome!!! i'm just can't get enough of it especially Mirotic... the music, aiyark!!!! hot giler seyh...i think this is one of their best performance of them that i have seen so far...

Xiah's voice, as usual, gave me a goosebumps! i always love his voice so muchyyyy... Jaejoong as usual hot & sexy although his costume during the performance wasn't the best!!!

video uploader: mickytoho@YouTube


this notes is actually the note that i wrote in my facebook account that i posted on Nov 6, 2008...

On the 4th Nov 2008, i finally received my very 1st TVXQ's album, Mirotic. I'm totally excited about the album since i never thought that i'll come this far as TVXQ's fan. Buying their album means that i'm officially their fan... that is how i always consider myself as a fan of a singer! i'll only consider as a fan when i buy their album!

TVXQ is not really a new group for me since i heard a lot about them for the past 2 years. but since i wasn't interested into the korean music scene compare to the movie scene, so i didn't really care bout their existent that time! Oh, how i wish i don't do that....

How suddenly i became their fan???? i started to realise about their talent when i watched The Legend and i'm soooo loving the theme song, Thousand Years Of Love! so, when i tried to search for the song in the internet like YouTube that was when i knew TVXQ was the singer for the song... i'm so surprised to see that they just not a typical boyband, good looking + no talent BUT they are more than that... Good Looking + Hot + Great Talent!!!

But the main reason why i suddenly super interested with TVXQ is, MIROTIC!!!! bomb.... that song is super hot. after i watched the MV, that was when i decided to be their fan... even i bought their album & straight imported from Korea.... how crazy am i??? i think Mirotic is the most expensive album i ever bought... it cost me RM70! satisfied???? super satisfied....
Now, my everyday is fulled with TVXQ... keep listening to the album 24/7!!! hahahahahaha.... TVXQ's Love Is On The Air....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


lol... i got nothing to say actually coz i only can talk crap! :p
this is my 2nd time of trying having her own blog...
this blog has been created since last year but after i posted my 1st entry, i ignore it!
and the blog end up: HIDUP SEGAN, MATI TAK MAHU

ok, let's do a lil bit of introduction of myself!!! yah-yah boring but i still want to do it!

i am WAWA!!!! or registered as NUR***** BT. AHMAD J******
can you guys figure it out...
free 20 cent ice-cream for you if you can guess it correctly!
at the moment i'm currently working at NSR Sdn. Bhd. as Marketing & Promotion Assistant!

well, what will i post in my blog, my daily life??? yeah.....
some posts bout my current favorite artiste (singers, actors)...
my current favorite songsssssssss....
then about that, about this....
bla bla bla bla...

hahahaha...i think i should stop now!!!!