Tuesday, May 26, 2009


huhuhu... as usual i woke up lazily and get ready to work! but suddenly my mood swing 360 degree when my mom started to complaint about the way i dress today! it is not that i was wearing too sexy just she thought that the way i dress was way too simple and not suitable for work... okay, i'm currently working at a recording company, which no dress code! yah, sometimes when i have a mood i'll dress up with my working attire but most of the times, jeans and t-shirt are my friends to work... it is not just a complaint, but with angry tone k! as i don't want to make things worst, i just keep quite while driving to my office. there's no point of arguing with her coz it will lead to bigger argument...

so, once i reached my office with kinda bad mood feeling, i know i need to find something that can cheer me up before the day started. my choice??? watched some TVXQ dorky moments vid... hahaha! that works :) they are medicine

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