Thursday, December 31, 2009


I feel like it was just yesterday when I celebrated the 2009 new year, and now, it has ended. 2009 is a year where a lot of emotions happen to my life. There’s happiness and there’s also sadness that colored my life in 2009.

Twenty Five to Twenty Six… When I turned 25, there are a lot of things that played in my mind. Reaching the age of 25, is totally like a new era for me. I felt like I really turned as an adult. It is the age when I started to concern about my age more than before. Turning 25 was when I started to hold to this tagline: AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER! A week from now, I will officially 1 year older than today. Sometimes I’m kinda hate being the new year girl coz new year means new age. Totally, I’m partly ready and partly not to be twenty six.

Love… Love totally is not one of my lucky stuff this year. In February, 3 days before the Valentine’s I decided to end my 6 years relationship. It was a hard decision but I knew it was the best for me and him. And after 10 months of breaking up, I am still single and searching the right guy for me. As for him, he already found his new love and I’m happy for him. A lot of my friends getting married this year and some of them already a parent. Why is it easy for them finding their own love and I’m still can’t find mine?

Family… I don’t know what to say about my family anymore. When I felt like my family situation is getting better, and it turned out to be worsened. And actually every single day I prepared for the worst. I mean I’m always ready if suddenly my parents said they wanna get divorce. Believe it or not, I wish they will make that decision. I don’t see the point of them ‘staying’ as husband and wife while my dad doesn’t stay with me and my mom for the past 2 years. The world of only me and my mom without my dad in the picture is happier. Tired of all shits did by my dad.

K-Pop… This year I have been swayed by K-Pop completely. When I started to get into k-pop last year September, I knew little about k-pop and my k-pop obsession was only TVXQ and I knew no one else except them. This year started when I start to open my heart bit by bit to get to know other Korean artists especially singers. Taegoon, U-Kiss & 2NE1 are some k-pop’s artists that manage to capture my heart with their music and looks of course! Hehehe… Now everytime I watched a music program especially Music Bank on KBS World, at least half of the performers, I can correctly name them.

2PM… This is a continuous of my k-pop’s paragraph coz I really need to do this part in its own paragraph. 2PM! They are totally my biggest influence this year. Since I knew them back in May, I will feel incomplete when I didn’t surfing about them just for a day. How they make me laughed my ass out with their dorkiness. Jaebeom, Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung are the 7 guys that I adore and love with all my heart. I might look some stupid girl who loves bunch of guys that doesn’t know my existence in this world, but I love them without conditions. The only thing I need from them is to continue singing coz seriously I can’t think of my day when there’s no more 2PM. And I hope the next time I cry for 2PM is the day Jaebeom returns to 2PM and reunite with his beloved brothers. I was totally heartbroken when he decided to quit from 2PM and I even cried for the whole week when I thought about it. If I need to wait for the rest of my life, I will!

TVXQ… The group that brought me to the k-pop’s world. This year was totally hard on them and on me too. Seriously, I’m missing them and wish for them to solve their current issue as soon as possible so I can see Dong Bang Shin Ki stand on stage as 5 again.

Wild Cicadas… seriously, one of the best rewards from knowing 2PM! Wild Cicadas consists few girls from MY-Hottest! Well for now, it consists me, Bell, Lumos, Mai & Hana!!! We did hangout few times together and even did a special card for Taecyeon’s 21st birthday! I am really glad knowing this girls and how we spent each other together so much on the net! Kekekeke…


Monday, December 28, 2009


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what is this! what is this! can it be more awesome than this??? when i heard that 2PM gonna parody You're Beautiful at SBS Gayo Daejun tomorrow, i'm totally excited and happy! You're Beautiful is my current favorite drama and when YB + 2PM = DAEBAK!

still, i can't figure out who plays who! i think NichKhun will take the character of Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyeo... and my baby Wooyoung???? the picture.... does it means Wooyoung gonna play Hwang Tae Kyung? if yes, i will be the most happiest woman on earth! in YB, i'm a TaeKyung's fan, and obviously in 2PM, Wooyoung is love of my life... ngehehehe! but if Wooyoung is playing the character of Jeremy, it will be awesome too...

ps: i wanna f-forward my day to tomorrow night now ^o^
psps: besides YB parody, i'm looking forward of 2Pm's performance of their new song... TOW maybe???

Sunday, December 27, 2009


happy 21st birthday, Mr. Traffic Light...
wish you all the best...
may all your wish come true...
have a splendid birthday

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


seriously, i need a new hair cut! my hair is way too long for me! RIMAS... and i'm not sure what style should i go for! since my hair is wavy, curl & unmanageable, so i know i need to straighten it! but, since i already use my money to buy corby, i thnk i'll cut it first and straighten it later...

i plan to cut my hair like Ga-In's of BEG latest hair... again, i would like to emphasize, i need to straighten my hair first! hahahaha...

the only rpoblem about my hair is, it grows so fast! =.= so, i usually can't enjoy my brand new hair for a longer time! usually, after 2 months, people can starts to see that my hair kinda longer than before!


yada! yada! i just changed my youtube section to MY COLOR - 2PM's MV! reason??? isn't it obvious coz i'm totally in Corby mode now??? hihihi~~~ so, WHAT COLOR IS MY LIFE????


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


sometimes i wonder, what did i get when i'm way too addicted with k-pop and spent tons of money buying albums & other stuffs... but, seriously, i just enjoyed and never thought of anything else... then, when i got a chance to appear on korean national tv, that was like a never in my dream comes true... hahahaha!

basically, a friend SMS-ed me whether i wanna join for an interview for KBS tv program... and without thinking much, i agreed! she told me basically we gonna talk why we like korean artist, and some chit chat on korean wave...

so, on Sunday (20/12), located at Sg. Wang Plaza, around 10 k-pop's fans were gathered for the interview! basically the fans were a combination of TRIPLE S (4 fans), CASSIOPEIA (3 fans), ELF (1 fan), HOTTEST (1 fan)... so, where did i belong??? i'm a Cassie and i can be a Triple S too... but as looking at my current obsession now, i belong into the Hottest... that 1 fan was basically me! hahahaha..

the KBS crew was filming the Triple S' team... i was there to menyibuk! hahaha

the interview was based on the fans interest! so, since i'm a 2PM worshiper, my task is to talk why i like 2PM and all stuffs on 2PM only! i think i was too nervous & my english was quite bad... hahaha! but i don't think it was that bad... and i even need to sing 2PM's song =.= i can only sing 2PM's songs by overlaping the boys' voices... hahaha! still, i decided to sing! my choice of song??? ONLY YOU! hahaha... and i sang only 2 lines :P and, owh, yeah! i think i was being menggedik when i was asked to show my handphone! i was quite excited showing them my corby... and i even told them that the reason i bought it coz 2PM is endorsing it and i chose Yellow coz of Wooyoung... LMAO!~~~

taking a picture with the crew ^o^

after the filming, the crew treat us a korean food! nyehehehehe~~~ i had fun that day!!! now, i'm just not sure whether my interview manage to get into the final cut and will be aired! :P

we were heading to Pavilion for korean food! Nyum! Nyum!

ps: i'm not sure for what program
psps: the program should be aired in korea in january
pspsps: herm... i hope i'm not disappointing hottest coz i did my best =.=
pspsps: all pictures belong to miss jannah


just a quick announcement! Only Taegoon is currently collecting messages for the mentioned event to be sent to TaeGoon. we need more message, so do drop by at Only Taegoon and leave TaeGoon a wish...

i hope this project gonna be as successful as our 1st project where TaeGoon himself drop by at the forum and thank us ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009


omigosh... the Gayo Dajeun's preview of the boybands are freaking cute! but, Lee Joon of MBLAQ & Yoseob of BEAST's part are the most cutest... LMAO! i love BEAST & MBLAQ's love ^o^

credit: twoonedaystream@youtube

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


me & my corby, WOOYOUNG ^o^

if you are my regular reader, you should know that i stated in my previous entry, that i'm going to get myself a Samsung Corby as my 26th birthday's present in January! while i planned to buy it in the 1st week of January, in the end, i can't stand it... yesterday, i dragged my mom to Sg. Wang, and finally, grabbed a corby for myself at RM680...

i'm so happy and excited! once i reached home, i charged the battery for 8 hours, while transferring all the phonebook from my Sony Ericsson K618i to Samsung Corby... gaaaaa! luckily i only have around 200++ numbers... hihihi!

since, Sg. wang is the only place that sell the phone at a cheaper price, so, i need to drive all the way to the city of KL, although i hate it... i can't buy it in OneU coz the price for Corby is RM790... dang! and the one that i bought is not AP k, it is original Made In Korea!

and very obvious the color i decided to buy is Jamaican Yellow coz that is the color LOVE OF MY LIFE endorsing... hahaha! well, actually Corby in Malaysia only available in 4 colors: CUPID PINK, JAMAICAN YELLOW, FESTIVAL ORANGE & MINIMAL WHITE! but the one that 2PM is endorsing have ENERGETIC GREEN, JAMAICAN YELLOW, MINIMAL WHITE, CHIC BLACK & CUPID PINK... a lot of Taec & Chansung's lovers were quite disappointed since their hubby's are not available in Malaysia. but here is great news for Chansung's lover in Malaysia, everytime we buy a corby, it will come with 2 extra casings: 1 casing will be the same color of the main casing but with abstract printing & CHIC BLACK casing... yewp, Chic Black casing will be given for free ^o^

i'm enjoying my corby to death! hahaha... besides no 3G's function, others are awesome! just, since i never used a handphone with a touch screen function, i am currently tried to get use to it... hihihi!

the backview of my corby on the corby box >,<

the set!!! ps: the 2PM's mobile strap is not included... kekeke

ps: i decided to name my corby as WOOYOUNG! :P
psps: the most hating part when we change a handphone is the network setting! i need to go to maxis centre to set back my network setting! at the moment no MMS and i can't use the twitter/facebook's function since my internet network is deactivated!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


okay... just wanna make a correction and official... my previous entry on BEAST, i said that my favorite member is the magnae Dong Woon and maybe Hyun Seong too... but that was then! now, i think i have decided that my favorite member of BEAST is JUN HYUNG!

the reason???? i love the bad boy aura in him... i have something with a guy that has a bad boy image! i can't resist that... kekekeke! wooopsss... i am not crazy over him yet, just, I CAN'T RESIST THE BAD BOY AURA ON HIM! hahaha

and, what a co-incidence... someone told me today is his 20th birthday! so, this entry i would like to dedicate to him!


Friday, December 18, 2009


finally i decided to blog about BEAST! since their debut, although i had a lil interest on them but they still can't make me stalk on them that much... i like Bad Girl but it wasn't addictive to me that much! til they started to perform MYSTERY 2 weeks ago, it changes! the song, the dance kept repeating in my head... and i realised, I AM ADDICTED TO THE SONG! hahaha...

well, am i a B2UTY??? i prefer not to claim as a B2UTY yet since i'm not really their full time stalker... i only stalk their MYSTERY's performances... but as usual, still i have my favorite member! the magnae, Dong Woon and Hyun Seung looks kinda hot in Mystery...

ps: i call the visual magnae as KANAK-KANAK RIBENA (Ribena Kid)


damn... i hate this! i hate when this 25 years old lady is drooling over 15 years old man boy! don't blame me!!!

ps: eli is freaking hot too

Thursday, December 17, 2009


as our dearie beasty man's birthday, OK TAECYEON, is just around the corner, of course i don't want to miss anything on celebrating his 21st birthday... when MY-HOTTEST2PM announce their project for Taec's birthday, i started to plan for a special birthday card for the birthday boy from Wild Cicadas' girls... that was when we had our outing to take pictures for the card! oh yeah, we are so thick skin coz showing our pretty faces to Taec!

but, since i'm good on planning but sucks in decoration, so, i decided to ask help from this awesome site, to do on the technical stuffs! and yay! the card turnout so awesome... the girls really did a great job by making my raw idea to a real stuff! anyway more view of the card can be seen at Two Hand Touch

credit: TwoHandTouch


me with the card! hahaha... the card is way too cute till me & my friends even thought of keeping it instead of sending it to Taecyeon :P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i am BFs... hahaha! well, this entry i would like to dedicate to my most favorite malaysian artist, VINCE CHONG! 6 years ago, before i was k-popped, i'm totally into local music! and basically Vince was the 1st malaysian artist that i really adore and after he won Akademi Fantasia Season 1 in 2003, i've been chasing him 'legally'... i tried to be at all his public performances to show my support...

and what did i get??? he recognised me... hahaha! and now, after 6 years, although i'm a bit slowdown on local music, still, he is my favorite! here are some pictures of me & him ;)


my most favorite pic of us... hihihihi!


latest pic of us

my most favorite song of him, MENGAPA HARUS CINTA

ps: Beloved Fans (BFs) is what Vince calls his fans
psps: i have plenty pix with him since 2003
pspsps: he will come out with a new album later this month


just wanna start my morning with something for eye-candy! hihihihihi... cutie pie wooyoung!

credit: market o brownie + 2pm-online

Thursday, December 10, 2009


this is totally not right! he's only 15 and i'm 10 years older than him... but i can't help myself not to stalk this boy! lol... seriously, i am not a pedo or so whatever but i adore him! kekeke... so, let's loaded yourselves with this boy....

Credits: As Tagged + ROCKETBOXX.NET

Credit by +

Credits: As Tagged + ROCKETBOXX.NET

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


sorry for my over posting on Wooyoung coz i can't help not to blog about this cutie boy... today 2PM had a recording for KJE Chocolate and i found plenty pictures of him that turns on my fangirling mode... hahahaha! but, i decided to share just one picture here... my favorite! kekeke~~~

credit: as tagged + 2pm-online

he is freaking cute in here!!!!!

change my desktop background to this~~~

and this is a fancam during the recording.... totally cute ler~~~

credit: yuiinh@youtube


i'm not going to write on what happen during Wild Cicadas Ep. 1 outing coz again, i am lazy to write a long entry... hahahaha! but, one of the member of Wild Cicadas already wrote an entry for it... checkout the full story of our outing here: LUMOS

basically what we did on that day were noraebang or in english is karaoke and watch New Moon! FUN! FUN! so, here are some pictures on what we did on that day ;)

i think i should audition for JYPE or SME or YG...

WILD CICADAS on the move


one of the purpose of this outing was to take picture for Ok Taecyeon's birthday card... yewp, we are sending a card and put this picture in the card ^o^

we were trapped in a magic ball... we need our prince charming to free us... 2PM!!!

few minutes before we heading to watch New Moon...

ps: full pictures of the outing can be seen here
psps: planning on Wild Cicadas Ep. 2... steamboat maybe!

Monday, December 7, 2009


have u ever feel like wanna slap someone but you can't???? today, i really wanna slap someone but i can't coz he is not infront of me! he was somewhere that i can't reach...


Image Hosted by


gif that i created when Wooyoung did CHUUUU at inkigayo's yesterday... damn cute ok! CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


actually, i just finished watching OTH Season 6 2 weeks ago... and i thought Season 7 is still on planning! and i just found out today, Season 7 has kicked off since September and yeah of course, without 2 main casts: CHAD as LUCAS SCOTT & HILARIE as PEYTON SAWYER.

OTH is my most favorite american drama besides FRIENDS! i always make sure myself not to miss any season... and yeah, i never failed although sometimes i only watch after few months the season ended!

seems like Julian is a new regular for OTH... yay! i like him... i love seeing him with Brooke! hopefully he's the one for dearie Brooke since she has encounters a lot of unlucky love for the past 6th season... it is time anyway... as for Nathan & Haley, i'm looking forward for this lovey dovey couple... i love them since Season 1...

and there's like 2-3 new main casts... erm... one of it is Haley's sister! still need to find more info on them coz i know nothing boout the new casts... seems like it just like i'm watching a new OTH... TT.TT

ps: thanks to my k-pop obsession that makes me outdated with OTH... >,<


finally... someone found the lyrics for this romantic song! thanks to my dearie dongsaeng, HOSH! as you can see, there's a clip of You're Beautiful up there! that scene came from the last episode of You're Beautiful and i am sooooo loving the scene! so, now, here is the lyrics k!


han go ru man kum gu del bo ne myon
nun mu ri na han go ru man kum
gu de ga ga myon to nun mu ri hu lo wa

so nul po do do son ne mi ro do
da hul su om nun go su ro
gu de ga nun de jap ji mo ta go
na nul go ma nit jo

o to ka jo o to ka jo
gu de ga to na ga ne yo
o to ka jo o to ka jo
nal du go to na ga ne yo
sa rang he yo sa rang he yo
mok no ha bu lo bo ji man
gu den dut ji mo te yo
ga su mu ro man
we chi go i su ni

ha ru on jong il
ji wo bo ji man to to o la
ha ru on jong il
i byol ha ji man to da shi to o la

so nul po do do son ne mi ro do
ha nul su om nun go su ro
gu da ga ji man jap ji mo ta go
na nul go ma nit jo

o to ka jo o to ka jo
ja ku gu de man bo yo yo
o to ka jo o to ka jo
nan gu de sa rang ha nun de
mi an he yo mi an he yo
ne ma ri du li shi na yo
da shi do ra wa jo yo
gu de a ni myon na nan dwe ni ka yo
o to ka jo o to ka jo
na no ji ku de pu nin de

o to ka jo o to ka jo
gu de ga to na ga ne yo
o to ka jo o to ka jo
nal du go to na ga ne yo
sa rang he yo sa rang he yo
mok no ha bu lo bo ji man
gu den dut ji mo te yo
ga su mu ro man
we chi go i su ni



As I let you walk another step away, it brings tears to my eyes
As you walk another step away, it brings tears to my eyes
I reach out my hand, but you go where I can’t approach
I can’t hold onto you, I can only cry

What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving me and going away
I love you, I love you
I call out to you but you can’t hear me,
because I’m only crying out with my heart

All day, I try to erase you but I keep thinking of you
All day, I say goodbye but I think of you again
I reach out my hand, but you go where I can’t go
I can’t find you, I can only cry

What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving me and going away
I love you, I love you
I call out to you but you can’t hear me,
because I’m only crying out with my heart
What should I do? What should I do?
You’re still the one for me
What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving me
What should I do? What should I do?
You’re leaving me and going away
I love you, I love you
I call out to you but you can’t hear me
because I’m only crying out with my heart

credited to dramabeans for the translation and amazesing@youtube for the romaji

Friday, December 4, 2009


if you are a member of MY-HOTTEST2PM's forum, you'll know what Wooday means... to those who is lost in the jungle, let me give a lil explanation on it. in MY-HOTTEST2PM, everyday is 2PM which each day represent each member of 2PM! yeah, it includes Jaebeom... here are the breakdown on the days:

Monday is Jayday
Tuesday is J.Suday
Wednesday is Khunday
Thursday is Taecday
Friday is Wooday
Saturday is J.Hoday
Sunday is Chanday

ok, back to the real story for the entry! since it is Wooday, and it is really a Wooday for me coz since morning, i've been loaded with extremely a lot of cute pictures of Wooyoung! my heart pumping like a kid and totally fangirling to the maximum!

credit: Market O Real Brownie + 2pm-online

seriously.... i'm falling for his cuteness! CUTE TO THE MAX AITE???

credit: as tagged +

gaaaaaaaa~~~ Wooyoung is totally adorable in her and hot too!


what an eye candy for me in Friday morning... and even, it is WOODAY according to MY-HOTTEST day... finally, Wooyoung's version of Paris Baguette's CF is out... and i'm totally over excited on all the pictures.... HE IS DAMN FREAKING CUTE! i'll stop here and let the pictures do the talk k ;)

credit: Paris Bagutte + 2PM-online

ps: more pictures of this cutie can be found at 2pm-online

Thursday, December 3, 2009


2009 is going to end soon and that means my TVXQ!'s 2009 calender is going to expire soon... so, this means i need a new calender to replace! the calender that i want the most is Jang Geun Seok's calender... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! where can i buy it? >,<

credit: ilwoo_aein @soompi + baidu

ps: more scan pictures of this calender HERE


i found this! i'm freaking want it... but it is only available in hangul... looking at all the pictures they used just melt my heart! they used real pictures from the drama itself~~~

if you are interested of buying it, can check it here: MYKPOPDESTINY

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i should not be lazy but i'm such a lazy bumb... i'm not in a mood of writing a long entry but i must share this information! to make it easier, visit MY-HOTTEST2PM for more info... LMAO!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


17th January 2010 is the date when TaeGoon's music career turn 1 year old and it is also his 24th birthday... as the official of international forum for TaeGoon, OnlyTaegoon doesn't want to miss the chance to do something to celebrate his memorable moments... so, we need some suggestion from you guys what should we get for him... drop by at OnlyTaegoon, and give us some suggestions k ;) see you guys there!

Monday, November 30, 2009




you're beautiful might ended, but the fever is still high for me... hihihi! today i found Hwang Tae Kyung's gif animated... well, i want the one that fake fairy was using it for her corby in that drama, but i found the one Tae Kyung on hoodie... hihihi! i'm using that gif as my handphone wallpaper now ;)

Image Hosted by