Sunday, May 17, 2009


yesterday, i went to the final concert of AKADEMI FANTASIA 7!!! fuyoooohhh~~~ the vibe there, totally happening! me, i got a soar throat after cheering up for my 3 favorite students: HAFIZ, ARIL & AKIM!!! Hafiz's fans was all over the stadium... yeah~~~ his fans conquered the stadium followed by Aril's fans.

before the concert started

this year, i don't have a single student that i love but 3... so, i never voted! LOL~~~ my mom, she likes those 3 too but her most favorite is Aril... she voted 50 times yesterday :P as for me, i decided not to vote actually but end up voted 5 times for Akim... hahaha! i want him to be in Top 3 badly!!!

aril's giant banner!!! really damneeee BIG

Hafiz deserves the title... his voice was amazing but Aril & Akim also did their best to challange Hafiz's position. not to forget Yazid & Isma... i really had fun yesterday :)

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