Monday, May 18, 2009


let's talk about Girl's Power... 2NE1 has it all!!! i thought they are another girl's group from Korea that will not get my attention that much except for their song... since everybody was talking about their song FIRE and including me of course, i did check out their MV!!! cool MV but still, i've got no feeling...

yesterday was their debut stage at SBS Inkigayo... boomb~~~ i'm hooked! they really awesome! i love how they took a different path from other girl's group in Korea... they show more powerful side of them instead of being very cliche... you know the LOVEY MUSHY CUTEY type... hehehehe! i'm not into lovey mushy cutey type... Minji's dance, you rock girl!!! Dara, weeeee~~~ knew her back then during she started her career in Philippines... she must be happy to be back to her hometown & makes a debut!!!

credit: SmoothyEco@YouTube

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