Monday, May 4, 2009


went to One Utama after work today coz i need to buy new clothes... hahahaha! well, it is not necessary but thanks to the window shopping that i had with my mom last saturday, once i got my salary today, vrooooom~~~~ shopping spree!

AGENDA (RM29.90)

a semi turtle neck long sleeves! well it looks good on the dummy! hahahaha... it really suits me! but i was quite surprise when i can fit the XS size instead of S or M! since i put on weight 2 years ago, usually i can only fit M but this time XS??? hahahaha... miracle!

CREME (RM69.90)

kinda a loose cardigan... when i saw it last saturday, i don't care, once i got my salary on monday, i'm gonna grab this! so, tadaaaaaa~~~ i plan to wear it with my legging, and my spaghetti! wednesday maybe??? kekeke

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