Saturday, May 9, 2009


i did another PICK YOUR FIVE in facebook and this time i did for PEOPLE I HAD ON MY BEDROOM WALL WHEN I WAS GROWING UP... hahahaha! it really turns my memory back then...

1) BACKSTREET BOYS: my biggest obsession back then! hahaha... bought all the albums & i even did a scrapbook of them til i threw it away last year :( i met them for the first time last year!!!

2) LEONARDO DICAPRIO: hello, who can resist Jack Dawson from Titanic???

3) DAVID BECKHAM: he was a big thing back then... knew him when i was 13 & he was the one who turned myself to be the big fan of Manchester United :)

4) THE MOFFATS: i miss you like crazy & i'll be there for you! kekekeke... Bob Moffats was my favorite... kuikui!

5) TAKE 5: one album, and they gone! hahahaha... met them live though and that time, i memorised all their songs! wakakakaka

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