Friday, June 29, 2012


what is the happiest news for a Woo-stan like me?????? 


JYPE has released the 1st teaser of Wooyoung's solo on 27th June, and yesterday, they just released the tracklist of Wooyoung's mini album: 23, MALE, SINGLE. hihihi! Yes, that will his album title be.... 

Can't wait for the album officially release!!!! Yesterday he had his 1st solo debut stage. Although it was not perfect, but I'm still proud of him. BBIDDING CUTIE PIE!!!!

Don't forget to visit his very own website: Jang Woo Young

Sunday, June 24, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): LAST DAY

ok, i knew i took more than half a year to complete my entry on Korean trip. talk about laziness... hihihi!

finally, day 6 a.k.a last day! "pejam celik pejam celik", finally my korea trip has reached the final day ㅠㅠㅠ nothing much on final day, but managed to do a quick visit to certain places ;)

1. Hello Kitty Cafe & Coffee Prince

Both cafes located at Hongdae which our guesthouse located too. When Lumos was planning our itinerary, i told her to include Coffee Prince in the itinerary. As Hello Kitty Cafe, we didn't actually visited it, just it was nearby the Coffee Prince, so, stopped in front of it & took a pic... LOL

i didn't enter it tho... hihihi

Ok, as for Coffee Prince, the one that i visited was not the original cafe ㅠㅠㅠ the moment i entered it, i was wondering why it looks totally different from the drama, just to knew once i was back in Malaysia, that was their 2nd branch ㅠㅠㅠ well, at least managed to take a pic with Coffee Prince's banner.

I Love This Drama SFM!
2. Buchon Hanok Village

Since we still have a plenty of time before we gotta make a move to the airport, we decided to visit Buchon Hanok Village for fun. If you are a fan of 1N2D, the casts did cover this area which we can do a mission to search 7(?) photo spots.

Well, we managed to find only 1 spot before we gave up... hahahaha! Too much walking to do tho :p It's a traditional village yet still urban in this a modern era.

Ms. Timot pic! 1st Photo Spot, and the only spot we managed to find ㅋㅋㅋ
Basically, we didn't do much on our final day! After these 2 places, we went back to our guesthouse, luncheon for the final time at our favourite ahjumma restaurant, and 'lepak-ing' at the guesthouse til 5pm before we make a move to airport.

Short trip yet memorable to me and i'll come back to Korea again!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


today, Wooyoung tweeted a surprise pic of his sexy back, TOPLESS! of coz as an avid creeper of him, i went gkdbdldndld! at first, i thought that will be his album concept which i'm totally digging it. but once the translation of his tweet came out, actually it's for a magazine shoot!

freaking magazine shoot... and later, it was revealed that it was for MEN'S HEALTH! hoshit... that freaking MEN'S HEALTH! the same mag that Khun, Chan & Taec were featured. i'm not sure whether my pabo aegi will be as the front cover, but i'm totally gonna grab a copy!

i was never imagined that Wooyoung will be featured in Men's Health coz he is Wooyoung... hahahaha! well, he has been working really hard to build his body lately! finally he found exercising is amusing? LOL~~~ not complaining, would never complain...

the picture that he tweeted that turned Woo-stan wild!
ps: july is a heaven month for woo-stan coz he will debut as a solo artist too! mini album yaw~~~

Sunday, June 3, 2012



Rooftop Prince has ended its airing last week, and i have to say I'm kinda missed the drama. It is indeed one of my favourite k-drama. Since it started, I've always rooting for Pak Ha & Yi Gak, and I wish they will end up together instead of Yi Gak-Bu Yong or Pak Ha-Tae Yong.

But, the ending was a lil confusing to me, and to some other loyal followers of this drama coz we didn't know who was actually ended up together with Pak Ha. He looks like Tae Yong but his attitude seems like Yi Gak.

So, I've rewatched it again on OneHD, then did some research. Well, read reviews/comments of the drama on Dramabeans or Cadence. Then I started to realise the motive of this drama. It might not be the ending some of us want, but it is acceptable at least for me.

This drama was all about finding your DESTINED LOVE. If you remember, the 1st episode of RP, it started with the death of Crown Princess & the mystery death of Tae Yong. After first few episodes, I have made up my mind the body in the pond was Bu Yong instead of the Crown Princess. So, during Joseon era, the destined love should be Yi Gak-Bu Yong and in the modern era, it supposed to be Tae Yong-Pak Ha. But because of the death of Bu Yong (it was revealed during the final episode), Yi Gak can't find his destined love. This situation is repeated during the modern era, when Tae Yong was accidently 'murdered' by Tae Moo, and Pak Ha can't find her destined love too. But, Tae Yong is basically still alive, and Pak Ha still has a chance to meet her destined love.

So, this is the tricky part, why Yi Gak has to travel 300 years in the future to solve the murder of his Crown Princess? I think it is because, while he is solving the murder, he has to fix the destiny of Pak Ha & Tae Yong, so the 300 years ago event will not be repeated. It just a lil sad, coz to us Yi Gak & Tae Yong are still 2 different persons, and the one that Pak Ha was in love with was Yi Gak not Tae Yong. Same goes with Yi Gak. He might knew Bu Yong but he was never fall in love with Bu Yong, but he was in love with Pak Ha instead.

Yi Gak, is basically ended up with no one, once he went back to Joseon. Do you remember that Pak Ha read something in a history book on Joseon, and she was devastated reading it? RP's writer never reveal it, but i read somewhere, actually it was stated that Yi Gak passed away, 2 years after the death of his Crown Princess, and he never ends up with anyone else. I don't know how true was this, so, let's just assume here. LOL!

Then, who was with Pak Ha at the end of the drama. Yi Gak or Tae Yong? It was Tae Yong obviously TT.TT... Well, we can assume Tae Yong woke up from the coma but having a memory of Tae Yong & a lil of Yi Gak. He can draw, so he has to be Tae Yong. But when he stood, he put his 2 hands at the back, that is Yi Gak. So, Tae Yong might not know bout Yi Gak & Pak Ha's love story but he has feeling towards Pak Ha coz of Yi Gak's memory. Writer of RP has put it as an open ending: It's up to us to think whether it is Yi Gak or Tae Yong that ended up with Pak Ha. And as for dearie Yi Gak, his mission was accomplished, coz he managed to fix the destiny of Tae Yong & Pak Ha coz that is why after 300 years, their love never change.

ps: this drama was never a logic one, but i don't know why the writer has to make it as logic as it can be on the finale... LOL

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Sometimes... you have to make a bad decision to realise what is right for you!
Sometimes... you have to be selfish, and put yourself first to make that right choice!
Sometimes... you have to suffer a lil while before you can finally feel the happiness!