Friday, December 24, 2010


just wanna drop by wishing to those who are celebrating it a very Merry Christmas... i'm not celebrating it, but still it is one of important festive in Malaysia... hope you guys gonna have a blast christmas this year...



hahahaha... wooyoung and his aegyo-ness!!! finally he tweeted and the best thing when he twitpic the pic that he used to compare whose the cute Real 2PM... and the caption that he inserted together with the picture is fulled of aegyo-ness too... aren't he the cutest????

Thursday, December 23, 2010


ok, why do i feel that my blogspot is becoming more & more 2PM-ish....??? hahahaha~~~ lately, i only updates my blogspot if there's anything interesting to blog regarding 2PM... ekekekekeke! i better to start blogging bout myself & other stuffs again :p


i really can't wait for this drama... yes! i'm biased~~~ the reason why i'm extremely excited with this drama coz Wooyoung will make his debut acting in Dream High! KBS has been teasing the fans by releasing tons of still pictures of the drama! so, 3rd January 2011, please come faster ^o^

he's the main reason why i'm uber excited for this drama!!!!

this is freaking cute k... Wooyoung & IU will be an item in DH!!!

Jason (Age 17)/ Jang Wooyoung

Suddenly return from US to enroll in Kirin High School,

Complete with both singing and dancing talents, he’s a genius who likes to compete with others. Just for fun

A guy who can sleep ZZ even before major auditions/performance. Has relaxed laid back attitude about everything. His dancing pressures Jinkuk(Taec) and his singing makes him Samdong(SuHyeon)’s Public Rival.

Kim Pil Suk (Age 17) / IU

Owner of a creepy(?) vocals and huge weight. Nicked name Choengeun Queen, a type of Sushi that is,

A cheerful girl with the appearance and sensibility of a girls from Girl Manga, like men are not safe giving her a pen without her thinking “He’s hitting on me”, that kind and extent of analysis.

(omitted….something I don’t get)

When she came to Kirin she met Jason’s glance for a while from far away and suddenly falls in love at first sight, and has one-sided(?) love for Jason ever since.

(via poisoneos_cheeks@tumblr)

Friday, December 17, 2010


yay!!! another 2PM's album just got into my collection and it is the 1st Japanese collection of 2PM that i ever bought. well, the album is 01:59PM, just like the korean & malaysian version that i have bought before... but i felt so excited since the packaging is completely different! and what i always like bout japanese album, it always comes with extra stuffs... photocards!!! the DVD is awesome...

oh, hey! welcome to Malaysia!

the CD and it contents

the DVD and the back cover!

wooyoung Thank You notes!it is the same with Korean Ver. but there're members signature ;)

the photocard! it's namecard's size

01:59PM: Korean, Japanese & Malaysian

my current collection of 2PM's albums ^o^

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


after Thailand, the next stop for MNet Ultimate Live will be in Singapore on 4th Dec. Of coz I can't go, coz i have spent da bomb for my trip in Thailand last 2 weeks. But now, Sony Music Malaysia is having a contest which the Grand Prize a trip to the concert in Singapore with everything will be fully sponsored!

Hello~~~ i wanna meet 2PM again k!!! ekekekeke... So, could you please like Sony Music Malaysia FB then, please like my PICTURE (click here)... Thank you in advance ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

[FAN-ACCT] Part 2: MNet Ultimate Live (Bangkok, 111113)

time for 2nd part… the concert!

basically we were allowed to enter the hall around 5pm? can’t remember it though… me & my friends zone were 2800baht’s zone and we decided to choose the most back and enjoyed ourselves :p

let’s just cut all other artists (BEAST, 4 MINUTE & WONDER GIRLS), and jumped into 2PM! afterall, 2PM was the main reason why i flew all the way to Thailand from Malaysia.

2PM took the stage from Wonder Girls around 9.45pm! the moment Wonder Girls ended their performance, all the people in the stadium, or at least 95% were screaming their voice out including me! it was like, a concert for 2PM! it started with a short video introducing 2PM on screen, and dang! they appeared & the first song was Don’t Stop Can’t Stop. i really can’t refrain myself to move to the front but i’m way too short, and since camera wasn’t allowed TT.TT, i recorded the performance with my handphone… huhuhu! they continued the performance with Niga Mibda…


  • DSCS
  • Niga Mibda
  • Without You
  • Angel
  • Only You

During Angel, they wore that cute angel’s wing just like in their 1st concert in Korea & while during Only You, the boys gave out roses & candies to the fans… sobs! i didn’t get any :p


  • I’ll Be Back
  • Tired Of Waiting
  • I Can’t
  • 10 Out Of 10

it was totally surprise when the boys performed I Can’t but well, it wasn’t that surprised too… hahahaha! they sat on sofa that they used for TOW, and cough! Taec kissed a fan’s hand >,<>


  • I Risk My Life For You
  • Gimme The Light
  • Again & Again
  • Heartbeat

white suits really made them stand out! they looked bloody hot! the concert ended with Heartbeat… i did shouted out for Taec to rip his shirt at the end, but it didn’t happen… LOL!

all the artists came out to give a final bow to the audiences and it was a great night for me as a hottest coz, finally, i can see 2PM performed live in front of my eyes. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

oh yah! i spotted Namyoung near by our place. oh, he is one fine mannnnnn… LOL!

my fancams for concert (DSCS & IHY): /

1st part of fan acct, Hanami Fanmeeting:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[VID] 2PM - I CAN'T @ KJE (141110)

i'm so loving this song & 2PM's perform it so well ;)

credit: PiaTuVu@youtube

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


let’s cut all the necessary part k ;)

we were allowed to enter into the hall around 10.45am and as i thought it will be numbered seating since we were given a seat number, just to realise it was a free standing! since me & lumos’ number were A0107 & A0108, so, when we entered the venue, the front part of the stage was still empty, so me & lumos ran as fast as we can to chop the place! like seriously, we were so excited coz we managed to be at the first row in zone a…

we were in the hall for 20mins waiting for 2PM to come on stage…and when we saw 2PM at the site of the stage, getting ready to come out, we screamed like mad people!LOL~~~ then the hall’s lights were deemed and we knew, 2PM will be coming out in any minutes! dang… 2PM came out from the bottom of the stage, again, we screamed like no one in the world! when they came out, i can see all 5 members except JANG WOO YOUNG! he was blocked by Junho… ekekeke! i’m a wooyoung’s biased, so, when i can’t see only his face, i screamed out, JUNHO, SYUH! lol… sorry junho-yah :p

then 2pm came down slowly to the front part and finally i can see wooyoung’s face… shidz!!!! i was so speechless to see all 6 members right in front of my eyes…and like seriously, whether on screen or live, they looked EXACTLY the same… they were very very very very very very good looking! i’m not kidding…

since i made a placard of I ♥ 2PM & WOOYOUNG, so, i turned my placard between both placard… they kicked off the fanmeeting with I’ll Be Back… i managed to capture 6 pictures during the beginning of the performance, but my friend got warned, so i decided to just kept my camera instead TT.TT and i just enjoyed the whole fanmeeting like a fangirl, waving my placard and screamed the boys name (wooyoung the most of coz). after i’ll be back, they sang Again & Again, and lol… they kinda screwed up the last part of AAA!junsu was out of tune :p when the interviewed started, i understood nothing… neither thai nor hangeul… LOL!

during the 1st game session which it was the paper dance, the fans played among themselves first and the boys just watched it. then it was turned of the boys! the boys were split into 2 teams: ChanSuHo & TaecKhunWoo! taec was very excited to play it. but the most precious moment was Chansung! Chansung’s team was at my zone, when he bent down to fix the paper, without he realising it, he actually flashed his butt at us… ekekeke! all of us at our zone were speechless and we took out our hands and tried to grab his butt… LMAO!!!

if i have to story what happen at the fanmeeting, the moment you have finished reading this, you will fall asleep. so, i’ll put in bullet points of my favorite moments.

  • wooyoung was mostly at our zone, so most of the time, my placard was showing wooyoung! everytime he looked at least at my spot, i will wave my placard and shouted his name but he didn’t realise it although i’m right infront of him (or, he couldn’t care less? LOL!) TILLLL when fanmeeting was about to end, he looked at our zone again, i just waved without shouting his name, and he looked at it, and he raised his eye-brow to me!!! OMIGOSH… thai hottest who was next to my friend that saw that moment too, looked at me & laughed!!!!! HEAVEN~~~
  • taecyeon can be considered the most lively member… he was really playful on stage and wooyoung was a bit serious… ekekekeke! as expected neway ;)
  • we witnessed how white & beautiful are the members teeth… LOL!
  • and i just confirmed myself that 2PM is totally consists of 6 hot men!!!!
pictures for fanmeeting can be checked here:

ps: 2nd part will be the concert fan account but since my spot was at the back, so it will be more a post about my moments enjoying the concert, instead of 2PM’s moments =.=oh, *cough* and how hot namyoung is *cough*

Monday, November 1, 2010


i have received my STILL 02:00PM... i'm so loving it!!!! now i can listen to it everytime i'm in the car... the album i bought tru iHottest Union Connection Album Buying Union... well, me & other staffs of MyHottest2PM was incharged to handle the order for Malaysian fans...quite a good respond ;) Anyway, here is the album & we got a free STILL 02:00PM's calender ;)





Tuesday, October 19, 2010


nowdays, i've been trying so hard to update both blogspot & tumblr, but i keep abandon my blogspot... i used to love blogspot coz this is a place where i started my fangirling... then tumblr comes & it works totally different where i get updated from the people that i follow, and all my biases pictures just made me more crazy! hahahaha...

well, i'm not going to leave my blogspot, just maybe less updates????? afterall, who wanna read a girl that 'syok sendiri' aite? :p

anyway, my tumblr is called WAWA.IS.ME too ;)


finally i have mood to blog about the latest stuffs on my ultimate 2PM! if you are a k-pop's maniac, then you should know that 2PM just released their mini album, STILL 02:00PM! well, it is very obvious why they named the album that... coz they are still the same 2PM, with all the acrobatics dance etc.

for the FIRST time in my life, i downloaded the album LEGALLY on soribada... i wanna help 2PM for their counting charts thingy, plus, i wanna do the right way as a hottest! hahahaha... i love the album! all the songs are so fresh & i don't feel bored listening to it. My favorite tracks are the the title track itself, I'LL BE BACK & the lovely song, I CAN'T.

I'll Be Back is awesome, and the choreo, yada! yada! it was a lil awkward at first seeing 2PM shuffled but not it grows in me. My music section is automatically playing the MV, so enjoy it...

ps: did i said my baby Jang Wooyoung is uber hot & his voice is uber awesome?

Friday, October 15, 2010


i've locked my blogspot for the past one month. the reason being is because, suddenly the background fulled of photobucket image... hahahaha! and i was damned lazy to change the layout, and i don't want people to see my ugly blog, so, made it private.

then few people asked me, why did i privated my blog? is there anything happen...? hehehehe... thanks for asking guys! i'm not sure why people loves to read my 'syok-sendiri' entry :p

one last thing: WAWA IS BACK!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


let's take a break from my k-pop's craze for a while! it has been a while, i follow an Indo drama & fell in love with the drama. CINTA KIRANA is currently aired on Astro Ria and i'm following it every weekdays, 6.30pm - 7.30pm...

i'm not sure why i love this drama but i do love watching Randy Pangalila as Galang... his smile, just made me smile... and as for Nia Ramadhani, i always like her ;)

It begins when Sita met her long separated ex-boyfriend, Rama. The two folks agreed to pass their love that used to fail, onto their grand children. Sita was happy and imagined a better life for Kirana, her granddaughter. So does Rama for his grandson, Galang. Kirana and Galang that used to quarrel ended up falling in love.

Disaster comes when Rama and Galang got into an accident. Rama passed away, while Galang’s body was never found. Kirana became the back-bone of the family. She then met Evandra, a publishing boss that hates women. Evandra changed because of Kirana and grew to like her; meanwhile, Kirana’s love is only for Galang. One day, Galang returned but as Mischa, Galang’s twin. He did this as he could not bear to leave Renata who helped him from the accident.

Galang was happy that Kirana took care of the family, but he was shattered as he couldn’t return his love to Kirana, Kirana was hurt, Galang was hurt even more. (Airing year: 2008)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


sighhhhhhhh... why i don't feel like blogging nowdays????!!! blogging was a must to me back then, but now, getting lazy & lazy...

anyway, HAPPY FASTING TO ALL MUSLIMS ALL OVER THE WORLD... i haven't miss any day yet :p

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i miss spazzing on DBSK... i miss flooded my blog entry with DBSK... and i miss my HERO!!!

credit: fuckyeahherojaejoong@tumblr

Monday, August 2, 2010


i’m crying of happiness listening to their latest song, Thank You! a song for Hottests, and i’m glad, after being called STUPID, BLIND, and other harsh words by haters, i am still here, standing strong as HOTTEST and never even a second, i turned my back on 2PM… that song meant too much for all HOTTESTS all over the world…

I didn’t know I was going to tell you like this
No words were enough
I couldn’t say anything
I was so thankful
I didn’t know what to do

Why do you like me
Why do you choose me among so many people
What I could do for you is so lacking
So I made this song for you

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

I know how difficult it is
to live while loving me

But you keep standing in that place
without any change
Just for me

Why don’t you turn around
It must be so tiring for you, why do keep loving me
I didn’t know how to repay you again
So I made this song

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

That heart of yours,
The tears you cried,
All that, I.won’

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

i bold-ed wooyoung’s part, coz i felt like he was asking me!!!

I don’t know why i don’t turn around,
Yes, it is tiring, but i can’t answer why i’m still loving you,
I don’t need anything,
Coz the song is enough for me

  • for being existed
  • for making me laugh
  • for making me cry

ps: i posted this also, at my tumblr... wawaisme.tumblr

english translation of THANK YOU credit to: melodygreenleaf @ W2D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


yesterday i posted how i'm looking forward to 2 k-dramas in september... now it has becomes to THREE dramas... latest drama will be I AM LEGEND! the reason why this drama is adding into my list coz 5 members of U-KISS will be in it! and plus, my kiddo, Dongho gonna play drums! yay~~~

Monday, July 26, 2010


i can't wait for September to come as there'll be 2 k-dramas that i'm looking forward! drama fever is gonna happen soon ;)


yay! this drama will be starred by DBSK's Micky Yoochun!!!! ok, i never watch his acting in Dating On Earth, but DBSK's banjun dramas will be enough for me! hihihi~~~


finally, a new drama from Kim Hyun Joong!!!! i'm soooo missing him... well, i never watched the Taiwan Version of Itazura Na Kiss since, erm...i'm not interested! LOL~~~ i have to admit, that i wanna watch this korean version coz of Kim Hyun Joong but still, i hope this drama gonna be interesting! since this will be my 1st time watching Itazura Na Kiss, so, i don't need to compare with Taiwan version or Japanese version coz i don't plan to watch any of it at all ;) woot! HJL is cute~~~

Friday, July 23, 2010


i just wanna say to that ungrateful girl,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i created a tumblr 4 months ago... for what purpose??? i've got no idea... i think i just wanted to add-in my list of social network! hahahaha! naaaa~~~ i created my account for a purpose of course, just i can't remember the reason... LOL~~~

as tumblr is like a combinaton of blogspot + twitter, so, i didn't use it as much as my blogspot & twitter! now my tumblr is more like reblogged pictures of my favorite idol... less personal life, more k-pop idol ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010


i'm trying not to think much of what happens to my gift til, my dearie my-kissu co-admin tweeted me that she saw my gift was holding by u-kiss codi-nim in KLIA! that time the team was about to leave Malaysia for Singapore... so, i watched it, and OMIGOSH! THAT WAS MY GIFT~~~

THE GIFT!!!!!!

then, i tried to search U-Kiss arrived in Singapore from Malaysia, again! i saw my gift on codi-nim's shoulder... ahahahaha! this is cool... tell you the truth, doesn't matter if that gift wasn't used by Dongho coz what i was so excited about, from hundreds gifts they received when they were in Malaysia, they picked my gift to bring along to Singapore... i'm so touched ^o^

1st vid was u-kiss in KLIA leaving for Singapore... vid credit to zafirah28@youtube

2nd vid when u-kiss arrived in Singapore from Malaysia! vid credit to flowerjco@youtube

how can i not be touched when my gift was chosen among these hundreds gifts after the fan meeting! CREDIT TO THOSE WHO OWN THIS PIC ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


being a 2PM's fan, i must make sure of myself to collect all of their albums! but since i started to be their fan during their 2nd mini album, Time For Change, so I started to collect from TFC! and when Lumos went to South Korea last week, i didn't want to miss out to ask her help to buy me 2PM's Hottest Time Of The Day & Time For Change (Korea Version)... but too bad, she managed to find only HOTD... it's ok! i'm gonna buy TFC later.... oh, yeah! thanks to Lumos for this daebak souvenir!!! i'm loving it so muchyyyyyyyyy~~~


The Inside!

omo! i spotted Park Jaebum... again... Park Jaebum! not Jay Park :p

being wooyoung's bias here!

The Back!

all i need now is a korean version of Time For Change to make my 2PM's collections complete! oh yeah... gonna get 2PM's DSCS Malaysia Version too!!! talk bout a hardcore fan... hahahaha!

2PM's TIME FOR CHANGE is the only one left!

my current collection!


today, Wild Cicadas' girls went for a movie! our choice??? none other than ECLIPSE!!! we had so much fun drooling over Jacob's 6 packs... LMAO!!! well, we did nothing much coz after the movie, we went for lunch at Kenny Rogers... we talked, spazzed and laughed like no one else were around us! but too bad, we didn't take picture with all six of us! too shy to ask around for help... yeah right!

pwesies by cik lumos!!! SIX mobile pendants ;)

peace yaw!!!! from 2PMagreement211 & NBA0431's wifey :p

ok, i knew my ANG-ANG was failed! =.=

Friday, July 16, 2010


in my previous post, i blogged about how my shoutout on 8tv Nite Live was answered by Brian Joo! yes, that lame message... but who ever thought that lame message worth AN AUTOGRAPHED POSTER + POSTCARD OF BRIAN JOO????? i never thought of it... when 8tv nite live listed out all the winners on wednesday night, i was shocked to see my username, gegirl84, under the prize of autographed poster + postcard... well, i think it is totally my luck~~~ COOL! COOL! :p
the whole package!

i'm GEGIRL84, with a handphone number of xxx-xxxxxxx

the goodies!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i'm not a computer expert or so whatever... so, when it comes to all this coding thingy, i'm such a noob! but i'm willingly to google to understand some coding to make what i wished works! as you can see, i have a fan account section. before this, the pictures i pasted under fan account, will not directly you to the entry... so, i googled & tried to figure out... and FINALLY! IT WORKS~~~ now, if u click any picture under fan account's section, it will directly bring you the fan account of the artist!

for now, i only posted pictures of 2AM & U-KISS' fan accounts! will update with SS501 & LEE MIN HO's soon ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


well, last weekends, Brian Joo was in Malaysia for a fanmeeting cum showcase! NO NO NO! i didn't go coz i'm getting money-less nowdays! but i knew he'll be guesting on 8tvnitelive that Saturday night, so i stayed up late to catch that interview! since we can do live chat on 8tvnitelive, i just tried my luck to send a shoutout and wish Brian will read it...

but as expected, hundreds of fans are sending their messages too and hoping for Brian to acknowledge it!so, my chances will be like 1%... 30 minutes after i sent my message, i spotted my message appeared at the shoutbox area and suddenly one of the host, mike, looked at it and started to read mine! i was like.... WHAT?????!!!!! U READ MY SHOUTOUT...!!!! the best part was, i sent a totally simple shoutout which nothing special... my shoutout was: BRIAN! WASSUP MAN! WELCOME TO MALAYSIA.... yeah, i know it was way to lame! i should asked for a flying kiss or a heart.... no point of complaining now... hihihi! well, here is the clip when my shoutout was read by Mike... my username is GEGIRL84... pronounced wrongly by mike =.=

credit: fanwondersone@youtube

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i don't have much interest with this year World Cup... don't know why! being a BIG BIG fan of football since 13 years ago, i'm quite curios myself too... afterall my favorite team is already out! ENGLAND~~~ =.= same goes with my 2nd favorite team, BRAZIL! ok, bye WORLD CUP! see you in 2014 in Brazil... hehehehe!

Monday, July 5, 2010


since Jay permanent withdrawal was announced, i've been asked by few people & i've been asking myself too, am i a hottest or jaywalker or both... i'm pretty sure i'm a hottest, but jaywalker??? i'm a fan of Jay Park, but i won't call myself as Jaywalker... YES! THAT IS MY STANCE~~~

when i started to know about 2PM, i learned 2PM as a whole without having any bias at first!and once i'm falling for them as a group, that was when i started to learn the group members bit by bit, and now i end up a bias of Jang Wooyoung. let me tell you the truth, as i'm totally crazy in love with wooyoung, but my love towards wooyoung is not as big as my love towards the 2PM's group itself. so, if one day, wooyoung is the one who gonna leave 2PM, from what i can promise as Hottest, i'll still be here as 2PM's fan & as Hottest. but will i gonna hate wooyoung? that will never ever happen to me!

back to the the reality, Jay & 2PM... whether we like it or not & how much we try to deny, 2PM & Jay Park are two different entities now. actually i envy fans who can equally love 2PM & Jay, coz i can't. 2PM is totally my biggest obsession! but do i hate Jay? how can i hate the guy who gave me laughter for 4 months??? i will never ever gonna hate Jay... some people especially 2PM's antis, love to assume, Hottests hate Jay but the truth is, it is vice-versa... i used to read this some where: ALL HOTTESTS ARE JAYWALKERS BUT NOT ALL JAYWALKERS ARE HOTTESTS! well, i might not be in that ALL HOTTESTS ARE JAYWALKERS, coz i prefer to be just a fan of Jay Park.

besides being a hardcore fan of 2PM, there's another main reason, why i don't want to be called as Jaywalker. when i decided to take 2PM's side, naturally, whether i like it or not, yes, i'm no longer a friend with some Hottests. to be exact, we are like an enemy now! but, was it my choice decided for this thing to happen like this? and they even said how they lose respect to us, MY-Hottest, coz we talked behind their back???? they said how stupid were us coz we can't see the truth & we were blind by 2PM's boys... so, who is the one started to lose respect here 1st?! since the beginning of this 2PM-Jay's issue, these people can't accept fans who decided to be on 2PM's side and they started to talk bad & bash about us & 2PM non-stop... so, when we were doing the same thing, talked bad & bash them (when we did this, we only bash the antis, we don't bash Jay at all! see the difference?), we were the one who being 'kurang ajar' here... how ironic ha??? and let me ask you, HOW CAN I CALL MYSELF AS JAYWALKER IF BEING A JAYWALKER, MADE ME STAND AS LOW AS WITH THOSE PEOPLE THAT I HATE? i'll never do that~~~

my entry is not to offend anyone, either Hottests or Jaywalkers! if you really read my entry with a mature mind, you know what i meant! i don't say Jaywalkers are low, but i'm looking down to those ex-hottests that i used to know... i don't want to stand or being the same level with people who were being disrespectful towards me, my friends & 2PM... i used to tweet publicly that i still love Jay, when someone who i thought at least have respect towards us, indirectly respond to my tweet by saying, LOVE YOU MY FOOT! then your wish is my command ;)

i'm glad, i gotta know few Jaywalkers that are nice & i respect them so much... YOU DON'T EARN RESPECT WITH NOTHING! YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT BEFORE YOU CAN EARN IT... NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD...

Friday, July 2, 2010


this is a late entry since Dongho's birthday was 3 days ago, 29th June!!!

i met him 10 days before he celebrated his 16th birthday & we surprised him with an early birthday celebration!!! it was awesome k... and i manage to buy a birthday gift for him... hopefully he'll love it~~~

the cake for Dongho from Kiss Me Union Malaysia! the cake was ordered by ME!

my humble gift for Dongho!

i bought this during the fan meeting... WOOT!

ps: dongho's pic credit to

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


huish.... i was so attached to u-kiss for the past 2 weeks and i didn't realise Caller Ringtone for 2PM's DSCS mini album is available to buy for Maxis/Hotlink users now!!! at first i thought of buying & using DSCS to entertain my callers since DSCS is my most fav track in the album til i heard I'LL RISK MY LIFE FOR YOU cut... oh my!!! it is Wooyoung's part... so, i decided to buy BOTH songs... so, if you call me now, u'll be entertained either with DSCS or IWRMLFY!

ps: they have it for DIGI user too... Sorry for CELCOM's user, i don't think they have