Tuesday, February 23, 2010


seriously, he really looks dayum in here! yada yada... i don't fall for Taecyeon of 2PM but Jung Woo instead. and i hope it will be a good drama coz if the drama's sucks, although taecyeon is in it, i'm not going to watch it ;)


after the Kiss Me's mug, i ordered another 2PM's merchandise from 10x10... this time, it was 2PM's Mini Polaroid! and i just received it today... yay! all the 42 pictures are beautiful and adorable!!!

the box: IT's 2PM

some of the pictures... 42 pix all of it

ps: i never thought of buying it actually but my dearie 'madu' basically seduced me... kekeke! and i'm not regretting it ^o^

Monday, February 22, 2010


finally... 2PM's songs are available in CRT for the fans to purchase! now my caller will be entertained with 2PM's songs... at first, i was torn between Heartbeat, I Was Crazy About You and Again & Again! then in the end i decided to go for IWCAY & AAA til i listen to IWCAY, the cut was so not nice! if only they cut Taec's rap instead... so, i went with AAA only! yada-yada!

ps: if only i can buy all... kekeke! then my telephone bill will shoot up coz of CRT!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


quite a belated wish but Happy Chinese New Year anyway...

my office' desk on 29th Jan 2010

my office's desk on 12th Feb 2010... gotta clean it up due to CNY!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hahaha... afterall, i'm not Chinese, i'm a Malay! on Saturday (100206), my company hosted an annual dinner at Dynasty Hotel. this year theme was Chinese Traditional Outfit & Red! since, it has been a long time i wanna get myself a cheongsam, so, i decided to buy one cheongsam for the occassion... just i can't find a cheaper cheongsam, and end up buying a cheongsam at RM115... blurghhhhh~~~ here are some pictures of me transforming into Ms. Tionghua ;)

with pretty Sue from design department

with my lovely Carrie

showing my talent for Ms. Tionghua's contest or so whatever! i won and got RM100 angpow! ok lar... cover my cheongsam's cost! kekeke

more pictures HERE

Saturday, February 6, 2010


he must be lied about his age? he can't be SIXTEEN aite?! hahaha

credit: u-kiss gall + yoosu_k@soompi


yeah... the boys are officially back! and they are back more hotter than before... and my lil dongho too... he's getting hotter and hotter! haish... why lah he's 10 years younger than me!

credit: ukissmusicbox@youtube

ps: the non-clean version is not that dirty anyway! hahaha...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


finally wooyoung's mug is in my hand! POPO time....

the whole package ;)

it's 2PM! chuuuu~~~

wooyoung... check!

Kiss Me ^o^

wooyoung's siggie at the bottom of the mug

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FINALLY.... 1:59PM

fuhhhhhhh... after a long wait, my 1:59PM's album, is in my hand! i ordered the album before it was released, and receive it after 2PM ended the album's promotion.... sigh! anyway, doesn't matter as long as i received it safely....

ps: i'm still planning to buy 2PM's 1st single (Hottest of The Day) & 2nd single (Time For Change)...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


oh my god! oh my god! last 3 weeks, me and other Cicadas (Lumos, Bell, Hana, Mai & Asiah) decided to order the Kiss Me's mug... and last week, Lumos, who did all the buying & paying for the behalf of us, received an email, that the mugs have been shipped out from korea last week... and yesterday, Lumos, received a notification from Pos Laju, that the mugs already arrived and she can collects it at Pos Laju's office. today she collected it! and she mms-ed me the box that contains wooyoung's mug... i'm so excited and wonder, when can i meet her and take the mug =.=

yay~~~the 'WOOYOUNG' on the box makes me so freaking excited! the mug is so near to me now yet far~~~


this is what happened when i got nothing to do and i'm bored! while i thought about my plan to send a birthday gifts for Wooyoung's 21st birthday in April, the "TO WOOYOUNG WITH LOVE" thingy pop out in my mind... then i started to think, it will be cool if i created a blog with that as blog title... and after few minutes, TADAAAAAAAAAA~~~ i created one!

well, the blog is not 100% finish coz i'm still in godek-ing it... kekeke! the blog is just to show my "LOVE" ness towards him... hahahaha! no lar... it will be cool if all the news, pix of this cutie kiddo can be found under one roof... so, to wooyoung's lovers, i'll try to provide you pic/news of wooyoung as much as i can...

come and visit the blog for wooyoung's overdosed at TO WOOYOUNG WITH LOVE

ps: yesh, i'm such a crazy fangirl... kekeke!
psps: still i know my limit k! kekeke