Sunday, September 27, 2009


since they went into hiatus mode due to the lawsuit against SME, i really miss seeing all 5 members on one stage again! and i'm glad, i manage to see it again on A-Nation!!! they look great as usual... ahhhh~~~ DBSK is jjang! Jaejoong is a hottie... hubby yah! missing u ler :P

credit: eternalmerkamoon1@youtube

Friday, September 25, 2009


i was searching for his performance for betrayed on MNet Countdown actually when instead of him performing I Do appeared on Youtube's result search... yay!!! I Do is my most favorite number of Rain... IMO, TaeGoon did ok for the performance, plus it wasn't live! i'm being bias here, i love his performance coz his smile, melts me! and if you hates him, don't bother to disturb my biasness... lalalalala!

credit: urasionsourceKpop@Youtube

ps: i just realise, i haven't download Rain's I DO :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

365 DAYS!

seriously, i was busy raya-ing til i forgot 21st Sept was my 1st year anniversary as DBSK's fan! as Cassiopeia... i've been waiting for 21st sept yet i forgot about it... bang my head to the wall!!! so, this is more like a belated celebration for me :P

1 year = 365 days...
i can't believe, i've been a cassiopeia for 365 days...
and day by day, my love towards you guys, has grown so much...
for the past 365 days, i saw your glorious and i say your difficulties!
and i hope, i'll have another 365 days being a cassiopeia...
love DBSK so much & i'll stand by u forever!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


okay, before you came into conclusion that i'm trying to provoke something bad here, NO I AM NOT! just, i found something interesting stuff to talk about both countries.... ;)

today, i went to One Utama with my mom! while i was waiting my mom in front of Jusco supermarket with my Baskin & Robbins ice-cream, 2 ladies (young girl & her mom i assume), caught my attention! at first i thought they are chinese but when the more i heard of the conversation, then i realised, they were talking in hangul... and i wasn't eavesdrop k coz our bench just next to each other and they talked quite loud & i can hear it easily!

and then something came into my mind! i realised it is soooo easy for us to bump into korean now days especially in KL (sorry, i don't know bout other places since i'm a KLrian)! it is nothing rare anymore compare to 3-4 years ago! seems like koreans are part of KL community now!

since korean wave happens in Malaysia, i always hear these stuff from my malaysian friends who loves k-pop's world: AH, I WISH I'M IN KOREA NOW! or I WANT TO MIGRATE TO SOUTH KOREA! or I WISH I'M BORN AS KOREAN... hahahaha! lol...

while a lot of Malaysian thought about 'migrating' or 'to-reborn', there are a lot Korean citizens decided to migrate or study or live in malaysia! contra enough??? seems like malaysia is one of popular choice for korean to start a new life... i don't know why they choose malaysia! maybe of the nature of malaysia as multiracial country and malaysian is known much as accepting foreigners with a big heart! plus, although they live in malaysia, they can still being a true korean without trying to adapt to the malaysian culture or be like malaysian! isn't it cool....? they even have their lil town here in malaysia located in Ampang! and for people like me who live in area damansara, Sri Hartamas also have a lot of korean community...

and as for me who loves k-pop world, i found this something interesting! how bout me? have i ever thought of migrating to S.Korea? well, of course i used to say, i wish i'm in korea now everytime something interesting happens in S.Korea... but the truth is, i wish to visit South Korea one day but not migrating! hahaha... not only South Korea, i don't wish to migrate anywhere in in the world... hehehe! yeah, i love malaysia too much! i can't live without 24 hours mamak restaurant or 24 hours delivery of McD!!! ROLF...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


yesterday was the official comeback stage! starting with Music Bank and today is his comeback stage for Music Core... awesome performance and i can see how he improves a lot both in singing & dancing... BETRAYED is totally an addictive song! sogatda~~~ sogatda~~~

180909 (Music Bank)

190909 (Music Core)

ps: tomorrow should be his comeback stage for SBS Inkigayo ;)
psps: i love whn he is back with suit just like his Call Me days
pspsps: lol @ his Music Core's performance when he tried to fix his neck tie :P


Friday, September 18, 2009


lol... hahahaha! seriously, there's like 50% chances of getting caught... YG magazines just release their latest issue and it covers SS501's fan meeting in Malaysia... what makes me surprised is, they included our group pictures! that is cool... BUT~~~ they have pointed a bubble to me, and with info on the date, time & venue in the bubble...

you don't see any problem with that? the problem is, i took a half day leave on that day by saying PERSONAL MATTERS! yes, personal matters equals to fan meeting SS501! wakakaka... and it was totally like a psychic when they pointed the bubble to me although they were like 10 of us in that pictures... YG ah~~~ how can you do this to me??????

credit: YG mag + triplesmy@facebook

yes, i'm the one who is happily did the peace sign at the back and the bubble pointed to me... thanks YG :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009


herm... is JYPE trying to cool down fans' anger towards Jay's issue by releasing an undisclosed clip of 2PM's brother, 2AM??? seriously, if yes, i fall for it... kekekeke~~~ damn! Seulong & Changmin's body are to drool for... hahahaha!!!!

credit: 2AM@Youtube


finally today is the day... TaeGoon's 3rd Mini Album is released together with Betrayed MV... Betrayed will be the 1st single from his 3rd mini album... OMG! i love the MV... it is dang! HOT~~~ and i'm glad, no more Park Shin Hye after she featured in both Call Me & Superstar's MV!!! this time, TaeGoon featured Joo Yeon from After School... lol! TaeGoon's MV always featured someone recognisable... marketing anyway :P

plus, i'm soooo in love with Betrayed ok!!! i started to get addicted with it... the producer of the song is the same with 2PM's I HATE YOU... and i love another track from his 3rd mini album which is FINALLY! omg... that song so addictive k! YOU MAKE ME CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY! hahaha... TaeGoon said that in Finally k not me :P

credit: miumiudolls@YouTube

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


since i just added I HOPE by FT Island into my playlist, so, as usual, here is the lyrics together with the translation ;)


haruga jinago handari jinado
neoaege yeolraki ojireul anhatseo
nunmuri heuleo gasumi apa
aniya jamshibbunya
anilgeoya anilgeoya
anilgeoya narul dallaejima
niga ddeonan bin jariman keojyeoga

neorul dashi bwado neon neon nae sarang
subaekbeon bwado nan nan nae sarang
haneuri maetjeojun neon nae sarang
niga hamshigireul ilreul geot bbuniya
dashi saranghaedo neoman baerae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka

nal saranghanda haenohko
dodaechae eodiro ddeonangeoya narul beorigo
jameun nae du songgajido uri yaksogkkajido
na beorigo kkaebeorigo eoddeohkae ddeona

kkumilgeoya kkumilgeoya
kkumilgeoya narul sokijima
naman honja namgyeojinkae seoreoweo

neorul dashi bwado neon neon nae sarang
subaekbeon bwado nan nan nae sarang
haneuri maejeojun neon nae sarang
niga jamshi gireul ilreul geotbbuniya
dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka

ee modeunkae akmongilgeora nan saenggakhaetseo
ah~ jebal ee kkumeseo kkaegiman barae

oneuri jinago naeil ddo nun ddeumyun
ee modeunkae hyeonshiri anin kkumigil barae oh
modeunkae hyeonshilboda deo
rieolhaetdeon kkumiyeotgil nanun barae neol barae
ajikdo neoreul wonhae

dashi dorabwado neon neon nae sarang
sucheonbeonbwado nan nan ni sarang
haneuli heorakhan neon nae sarang
urin jamshi meoreojyetodeon geot bbuniya
dareul yeojarul bwado neoman barae
dareun saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya naegae eobnun neonun eobseunikka

(Yes Lets Go) maeilbam gidohae nae haengbokanin beulhaeng
neoreul wihae naega anindareul sarang mothakae
nan neo animyun andwi
nae shimjangi neol malhae
nan byeonhameobseo dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka



A day passed and a month passed
but I did not hear from you.
My tears fall and my heart burns.
This is not it, it's only temporary.
This is not gonna be it, this is not gonna be it.
This is not gonna be it. Don't try to cheer me up.
The empty space you left only gets bigger.

I see you again and you, you are my love.
I see you hundred times and I, I am your love.
You are my match made in heaven.
You took the wrong path, that's all.
Even if I am born again, I only want you.
Even if I love again, I only want you.
You will come back, you will come back.
Because without you, there is no me.

You said you love me
and where did you leave abandoning me?
My two hands that you held and our promise
how could you leave throwing me away and breaking it?

This must be a dream, this must be a dream.
This must be a dream, don't fool me.
I hate how I'm left alone.

I see you again and you, you are my love.
I see you hundred times and I, I am your love.
You are my match made in heaven.
You took the wrong path, that's all.
Even if I am born again, I only want you.
Even if I love again, I only want you.
You will come back, you will come back.
Because without you, there is no me.

I thought all of this was a nightmare.
Ah~ I just want to wake up from this dream.

When I open my eyes tomorrow
I hope everything is nothing but a dream oh
I hope everything is nothing more than a realistic dream.
I hope for you.
I still want you.

Even when I look back again, you, you're my love
Even if I look (at you) thousands of times, I'm, I'm your love
Approved by the heavens, you're my love
We've been separated for a while, that's all

Even when I see other girls, I only want you
Even if I love another, I only want you
You will come back, you will to come back
because without me, there is no you.

(YES LETS GO) Every night, I pray, not for my happiness but for misfortune
For your sake, not for me, so I can't love another
You are the only one for me,
You are my heart's one desire.
I'm not going to change. Even if I'm born again, I only want you.

Even if I'm born again, I only want you.
Even if I love again, I only want you
You will come back, you will come back.
Because without you, there is no me.

credit: 1takeKK & rocketDIARY @ / credit: FTIsland&Primadonna @ soompi / credit: innercharm@blogspot


ahhhh... finally, my flower is back to South Korea after 2 weeks has been admitted to a hospital in Japan coz he was contracted with Influenza H1N1... although he was spotted without make-up, but you know, there's a person who is born to be just PERFECT no matter how they look! and Hyun Joong is fall under the category... hihihi!

more news & pictures can be checked at: K-Popped & liezle@blogspot


seung hyun, jae jin, min hwan, hong ki, jong hun

anyway... since these few days i get myself hooked with this band! although the first time i heard of them was last year when their showcase in Malaysia was canceled but i've got no idea who the heck were they... it was simple, i haven't hooked with TVXQ that time so that means, i wasn't k-popped myself yet... hahahaha!

few weeks ago, i watched SGB on KBS World when one of the guest was Hong Ki... and my reaction, "eh, cute la budak ni!" then i bumped into their performance on Music Bank for the song I Hope, and i'm kinda like the song!!! but last monday, when the whole team member appeared on SGB, i was totally surprised coz FT Island has freaking cute members... LOL!

so, this entry just a dedication from me to them coz i think they just gain another fan! hahahaha...

well, i watched Minhwan when he acted in The Road Home but i wasn't know he is the member of FT Island... but when i watched that drama, i always praised him cute!!! so, when he appeared on KBS World for this one showcase on last weekend, i was like: EH, THIS CUTIE BOY IS THE ONE WHO PLAYED THAT CUTE LIL BROTHER IN THE ROAD HOME! hahahaha... i'm soooo outdated ler ^^

currently, i'm addicted to their song I HOPE (barae)... ^^

credit: kisaxhearts@youtube

Sunday, September 13, 2009


ahhhh... another single of this Soulmate and i got to say, i prefer this song more than COLORS-MELODY & HARMONY!!! the happiness' sounds can be heard in that song! owh... there's a lot of english lyrics and i gotta admit, Yoochun's english is sexayyyyyyy ^^ and i love the laugh in the end... ahhhh~~~ i miss DBSK so much! both 2PM & DBSK have too much dramas nowdays... huhuhu!

credit: dirah9303@YouTube


actually i just finish watching Global Talk Show (Misuda) on KBS World... basically the episode was Summer Special where the beauties had a chit chat with the foreigner hotties ^^ and i'm glad, out of the 7 hotties they chose, Malaysian guy was one of it... plus, Poh Jing Chieh is good looking!!!

who said malaysia doesn't have a good looking guy??? hihihi... he is good looking!

well, basically this entry just wanna clear some of his unclear explanation on the show that made most of the other panels shocked to death... LMAO! i feel like i wanna jump into the TV and say: NO! NO! THAT's NOT REALLY IT :P

one of the beauty asked him since Malaysia is an Islamic country (70%-80% of M'sia population are muslims) and since the beauties knew that former panel from malaysia, Sophia can't drink alcohol since she's a muslim, so, they asked him whether it is really true that Malaysian can't drink alcohol... well, he explained it well just he didn't emphasize the most imporatnt thing, ALL THE STUFF HE SAID ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN'T DO IN MALAYSIA ONLY IMPLY TO MUSLIM... that means can't drink alcohol, being alone with your partner if you are unmarried etc~~~ these rules only imply to muslim and for non-muslim, there's no restriction for them to drink or for them to be alone with their partner although they are unmarried...

we have plenty of clubs, bars here in Malaysia for people to chill out and clubbing! even, there's no restriction for a muslim in Malaysia to enter a club! but when it comes to alcohol drink, it is not only muslim in malaysia, as long as you are a muslim, (no matter where you stay in the world) A MUSLIM CAN'T DRINK OR TOUCH ALCOHOL EVEN A DROP! but, in the end it is up to the individual... but for non-muslim, you can drink whenever or wherever that you want it! there's no restriction in malaysian law that you can't drink alcohol! even, you can buy an alcoholic drink at 7-eleven! so, no one gonna arrest you for holding an alcoholic drink in public... but, as for muslim, you can be caught of drinking alcohol and be charged under syariah law! and this syariah law only imply to muslim!

same goes with being alone with your partner without married! if you are a non-muslim's couple, there's no restriction for you to be in the same room/place alone! no one gonna knock your door's room and arrest you for that but again, for muslim, YES! YOU CAN GET ARRESTED BY JAWI/JAKIM (ISLAMIC's OFFICER), IF YOU ARE CAUGHT BEING ALONE AT QUITE PLACE WITH YOUR PARTNER AND YOU ARE UNMARRIED! coz in Islam, if you are not married, it is a sin for you to be alone with your partner! let me give an example, when a couple, one is a muslim & the partner is non-muslim, when they got caught by the Islamic's officer, the muslim will be charged under syariah law while for the non-muslim, the person will get release WITHOUT ANY CHARGES! owh, whether you are muslim or non-muslim, no one gonna caught you holding your partner's hand in public... ;)

and, the most funny part was when Poh explained that if the couple got caught, they have to get married! ROFL~~~ Poh-ah... did you watch a malay drama for that information??? kekeke... coz, yeah! sometimes malay drama brought false information when a couple get caught, they will force to get marry! well, there's no rules in syariah law said that once you get caught, you have to get married! but, usually they will be advised to get marry (not on the spot), so the 'haram' relationship will turn to 'halal' relationship! just, for a muslim being caught of this so called 'khalwat' can bring an embaressment to the family!

i hope i'm not offendeing anyone with my explanation in here! just, it was a bit disappointed seeing the panels reaction with Poh's explanation coz they looked kinda scared about being in Malaysia! hahaha... Malaysia is not scary though! as long as you don't murder a person, than there's nothing for you to afraid of! peace ^^

Saturday, September 12, 2009


hey Malaysian Hottest, here is a little announcement from our K-Hottest who is currently gathering a petition letter from Malaysian Hottest for Jaebum to send to JYPE centre.

As u read my post, I'm the Korean Hottest.
I'm one the manager of "HOTTEST ABROAD DEPARTMENT" in K-Hottest Union.
I'm in charge of Malaysia bcoz i'm living here.
Many K-Hottests are sending petition letter for Jay to JYP centre.
It is really helpful and effective method to force the JYPE to bring Jay back.
K-Hottest want foreign fans of 2PM to write the petition letter too.
JYPE will be surprised when they get the letter from abroad.

If you are intereted in writing the petition letter, plz write it and send it to me by post.
Then I will gather all the letters and resend it to JYP centre.

if you are interested, please contact her for more info on the petition at:

Malaysian Hottests, please show to JYP how much we want Jay back to lead 2PM once again!


yay... i'm so excited seeing TaeGoon's latest picture for Dressed To Kill fall & winter's collection! yewp, he's been chosing for the 3rd time to model for the clothing! i love it... freaking love it!!! can't ait for his comeback in a few days... ^^

credit: taegoon@wordpress+erik@OTG

Friday, September 11, 2009


okay... i found a glance of myself in this vid while trying to squeeze my self to get into the tv! kinda desperate aite??? hahahahahahaha... whatever!!!! seriously, i can't wait for the DVD to release and buy it... oh my god! did i just said i wanna buy SS501's dvd??? kekekeke... well, they boys shot in Malaysia of course i wanna grab it!!! ;)

credit: hoonfami@YouTube

hahahaha... my part starting from 4:07 and you can see there's a girl at the back tried to squeeze herself into the vid! that's me anyway... LMAO!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


ah... i'm being such a bad wifey *daydream again* hahahaha... well, when the news of Hyun Joong diagnosed of swine flu hit me, i was too sad of 2PM's news and i can't really give a damn bout dearie Hyun Joong... i feel bad now! i'm feeling so so so so bad...

now, from the bottom of my heart: HYUN JOONG-ah~~~ please recover soon ok!!!! take a rest and be healthy always!!! muawhkisssssssssssss :P


as i'm mourning over Jay's departure from 2PM, finally something good is happening to me! my smiley boy, Kim Taegoon will be back with his 3rd mini album on 17th September 2009! he comes with a good news with a perfect timing... he is such a good hubby ha??? kekekeke


01. The Beginning (Feat 후니훈, 수앤)
02. 속았다 (Betrayed) (Narration Of 이요원)
03. 말해줘 (Tell Me)
04. Finally
05. Step By Step


today, after 2 days Jaebeom of 2PM quits from the band, JYP finally released his official statement! seriously, i almost shed a tears AGAIN while reading it and after reading it! it was so touching and heartbreaking... from the words of JYP, how Jaebeom's changed from a rebellious kid to how we see him now!!!

i never imagined that this issue really hurt Jaebeom so hard! he is taking it way too hard but only he knew what he felt... he looks strong from outside yet he is fragile from inside...

it is way too hard for me to accept the fact actually! i cried like a lil kid when the news of him quitting spread! and i even cried the whole day and just to make me realise, the last time i cried hardly was when i broke up with my ex 7 months ago. i never imagined the news of him quitting 2PM will give me such impact. and the next day (yesterday), i decided to get all the strength back but it is not such an easy thing for me to do! i will easily get my eyes watery everytime i remembered about him... although i knew i should be away from 2PM stuffs for a while, i decided not to run away! i let my CD player plays ONLY YOU in repeat mode... and everytime i listened to his singing part, i break down once again!

seriously, i hope i'll get my emotions straight as soon as possible, so i can rewatch Idol Army & Wild Bunny once again without shedding a tears at all coz i miss 2PM, i miss JAY PARK on my little screen...

JYP's official letter at least makes me realise, i have to be more realistic than emotional. i don't want to hope for something that is uncertain. i am now decided to accept him as JAY PARK and not Jaebeom of 2PM! this doesn't means that i will lose hope completely coz at least there's this tiny hope that he will comeback...

just i wish JAY will not give up on his dreams and still go for it!!! he is a talented guy that will be a lost if we just let he goes!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


  1. i didn't bumped into 2PM's performance of Again & Again in Music Bank on KBS World in May 2009, so i will not know bout 2PM at all til now!
  2. i didn't go gaga over Hate You's 1st live performance that makes me decided to be a Hottest so it will not hurt me so much now!
yes, i can wish all that BUT... HOW U MAKE~~~
  1. me giggle everytime you use your leader power to bully your dongsaeng-deul!
  2. me laugh my ass out everytime i re-watched your fan attack on Taec in Wild Bunny!
  3. me smirk at your driving skill which was worst than a granny!
  4. me drooling over your 6 packs!
  5. us fans roll on floor laughing with all your dorkiness and craziness
so, this is it??? no more JAEBEOM or JAY or SEATTLE GRANDPA in 2PM??? do you really want me to say So Long to you??? can i refuse??? can i still dream one day, you'll be back again to reunite with your dongsaeng-deul in 2PM???


can you see how 2PM and you effect my life? what should i do with my 2PM's album now coz everytime i look at it, i'll cry! is 2PM gonna be the same without you as their leader? i'm mourning over your lost in 2PM. i feel like quitting as HOTTEST but i know deep inside your heart, you want us to give a 100% support to 2PM just like you were there! I STAY... i believe, all the 6 members will work harder and continue all the hardwork just like when you were part of it! the members need us now! so, don't worry, i'll support 2PM although it only left 6 members in it (but to us, you always part of 2PM...ALWAYS!) hopefully, this is not the end for you and i'm hoping that one day i can see you shorty jay in my little screen!!!


with love,


M'sian Hottest

Monday, September 7, 2009


finally the HQ version of this MV... hihihi! seeing them danced again is cool k... ^^

credit: bsbofficial


here are latest list of albums that i'm craving for:

SS501 2nd Solo Collection
i wanted this album since it was out coz i love all their solo's songs in here! and after i took a glance of the album with some of Triple S during their fan-meting last week, i knew i have to grab this album! afterall, it is not that expensive! RM55 on yesasia ^^

Jejung & Yuchun's Colors - Melody & Harmony
i'm a Soulmate lovers! when i knew they gonna come out a single, i was freaking excited! i decided to buy the CD+DVD version... i'm not sure about the price yet since i'm going to buy the Taiwan version ^^

G-Dragon 1st Solo Album, Heartbreaker
i never expected that i'm planning to buy his album! i don't listen to Big Bang except for Haru Haru! but his Heartbreaker's song is something that i can't resist! GD looks hot neway ^^

Tohoshinki Final In Tokyo Dome DVD
by hook or by crook, i must buy this concert DVD!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


okay, he shouldn't say it! it was totally rude of saying that... i do understand how the netizens felt coz i was mad when people said bad about my country few days before merdeka! so, i understand if the netizens are freaking mad at him now until they open a petition to send him home!

but he admitted his mistake! he was only 18 years old boy, who had a hard time to adapt with a culture that was totally different for him! he apologised, so why can't they just forgive him???? i bet he loves koreans now!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!

to those who loves 2PM & Jaebeom, sign this PETITION & show support to him!!!!

ps: i think the one who dug his 4 years ago post totally got nothing better to do ha???? how much trouble the person has to face before he/she found that post? sometimes people can be creepy!


ignore me... i think my Hyun Joong's pee-beoh strikes on me again after seeing his bloody good-looking face in front of my eyes... and i do MISS him like crazy... remembers all the moments when he was just right in front of my eyes, i'm totally IN LOVE! buahahahaha... slap my face coz daydream too much ^^

well, since i miss him, so, i did a lil stalking mission on Youtube when i bumped a vid when he rehearsed UR MAN's choreagraphy! drooling with his move... :P

credit: 501bjoo@youtube

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i'm freaking addicted to this song after seeing G-Dragon of Big Bang debut performance on Inkigayo last week! plus, he pulled out that freaking bleach blond hair so well! he looks so damn hot with that hair k...


Is this what you've been waiting for? (brand new gd)
I'm all by myself, but it's all good
You're my heartbreaker (dj and yg)
Let me take this song

Nado eodiseo kkullijin anheo
Ajik sseulmanhan geol jukji anhasseo
Neohana ttaemune manggajin mom
Sarajin kkum motchatneun mam
Neol wihaeseoramyeon I han mom nallyeo
Niga inneun gosimyeon dallyeo
Hajiman geudaen naege annyeong tto annyeong

Neon naega shiltago
Iyuga mwonyago
Jasininneun nipyojeongi modeungeol malhaejwo seulpeugehae
Geuraedo jotago
Gihoereul dallaedo
Hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu nunbichi shireoyo

No no
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

Naega neol tteonagandaedo (ay)
Naneun jeongmal gandago (ay)
Jalsanabojago (ay) (lovers and haters)
Jigeutjigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutppigeutae
Naesarangui bigeuge no way

Maeil ttokgachi mutneunde
Neon naega byeonhaetdago hae gajingseureon ipdamullae
Sangdaega nugunji algo malhae
Nan ije out of control honjaseo gyesokmitto
Geujari geugoseseo annyeong tto annyeong

Neon naega sirtago
Iyuga mwonyago
Hwaganan ni moksori modeungeol boyeojwo seulpeugehae
Geuraedo jotago
Gihoereul dallago
Hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu misoga miwoyo

No no
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

Naega neol tteonagandaedo (ay)
Naneun jeongmal gandago (ay)
Jalsanabojago (ay) (lovers and haters)
Jigeutjigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutppigeutae
Naesarangui bigeuge

I'll still still be there(kkeojin ni jeonhwagie)
I'll still still be there (naejibap pyeonjihame)

Nan ajikdo geudael(ijen namira haedo)

I will still be there


Yeongwonhi hamkkehajan geumaldeul
Jamkkanui, dalkomhan ppunirago
Geudaen wae amureochiannnyago nan ireoke apeunde

You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
You're my heart heart heart heart heart breaker no way no way

You're my heart heart heart breaker
You're my heart heart heart breaker breaker
H.e.a.r.t breaker (no way)

I'm out



A yo! finally! Is this what you’ve been waiting for?
brand new G.D! I’m all by my self, but it’s all good. you’re my heartbreaker
DJ and YG. Let me take this song here

I don’t fall behind, I’m still useful, I haven’t died yet
because of you, my body destroyed, my dream disappeared, my mind lost
for you i’d throw my entire body, to the place you’re at i’d run
but you said goodbye and goodbye

what was the reason why you didn’t like me? your confident expression, tell me everything, it makes me sad
but even if i say i like you and ask you for another chance, your back turned on me, i don’t like your cold look

no no
yo ma heart heart heart breaker i don’t know what i did wrong
yo ma heart heart heart breaker no way no way

though i said i’d leave you, i’m really going to leave, let’s see how you live by yourself

i’m sick of my love’s tragedy no way
everyday i ask the same thing, you say i changed, will you shut your hypocritical mouth?
say after knowing who i’m competing against. i’m now out of control, by myself continuously-
that moment that place goodbye and goodbye

what was the reason why you didn’t like me? your confident expression, tell me everything, it makes me sad
but even if i say i like you and ask you for another chance, your back turned on me, i hate your cold smile

no no
yo ma heart heart heart breaker i dno’t know what i did wrong
yo ma heart heart heart breaker
yo ma breaker no way no way

though i said i’d leave you, i’m really going to leave, let’s see how you live by yourself
i’m sick of my love’s tragedy no way
i’ll still still be there (despite your turned off phone)
i’ll still still be there (like the mailbox in front of my house)

i still love you (even if we’re strangers)

i will still be there

together forever, those words
are just temporarily sweet at that moment
why are you not affected, while i’m hurting so much

yo ma heart heart heart breaker i dno’t know what i did wrong
yo ma heart heart heart breaker

yo ma heart heart heart breaker breaker
h.e.a.r.t. breaker

Friday, September 4, 2009


i think you guys know what i meant! I'M HAPPY COZ I CAN'T BELIEVE I MET KIM HYUN JOONG AND HIS BAND MEMBERS... kim hyun joong is not just some korean artist for me but he is one of my dream guy together with the other 2 KIMs: Jaejoong & Taegoon... ok, i might be more as Hyun Joong's fan rather than SS501 but i do listen to some of their songs and i know i can't miss this opportunity to meet them since SS501 is one of korean biggest boyband.

when the news about SS501 will be having a fan meeting in KL, M'sia, my first reaction was: OH, MY GOD! KIM HYUN JOONG... i can't believe SS501 is coming to town... for 2 days i can't concentrate of doing my work and kept dreaming of the fan-meeting! i'm gonna meet THEM ^^

actually, since Thursday is a working day and i'm an employee so, i planned to ciao from office by 4.30 since my office to One World Hotel only 20 minutes away! but a day before the fan-meeting, i decided not to take a risk, i took a half day leave and that means i'll ciao from office at 1pm! by 1pm, i took a taxi and paid freaking expensive fare, RM15! luckily i was in a good mood, so i didn't gave a damn about the fare ^^ i reached One Utama at 1.30pm! since i need to do some shopping for the gifts that i'm about to give them, i tried to be very fast and furious... by 2pm, i reached One World Hotel parking and i think there was about like almost 200 fans already queing!

then, i joined members from Triplesmalaysia like tyra, zaizai, hana & anne!!! Tyra was busy packing 'baju melayu' for the boys... then anne/cheese came and joined us with her banner that in the end brought us to fame... hahahaha! seriously, all the press kept coming to our spot since that banner was freaking noticeable! and one of korean tv station, MBC was there and shot us too! basically we queud around 4-5 hours... the queing gets chaos when they started the selling of the album when people started to cut the line!!! this was when my 2 dongsaengs: Hui & Ducky turned to SCREAMING MONSTER... okay, they have too since people started to push... good job adik-adik ku! buahahaha

anne & me:
coz of this banner made by anne, our group has been captured a lot by press including MBC

ducky, hui & me:
me & my 2 dongsaeng-deul who turned as SCREAMING MONSTER... kekeke!

when my turns started to get nearer & nearer, only GOD knows how was my heart pumping hardly inside and the moment i stepped inside the conference room, ARGHHHHHHH! i can't believe they were in front my eyes. since 1 fan only allowed to give 1 album to be signatured and only to 1 member and not all 5, we got to choose! of course my choice will be my boo, KIM HYUN JOONG! seriously, his line was crowded and i felt like i was a meat in a burger k... i tried my best not to give up on my boo's line... the organiser got pissed since everybody doesn't want to move to another lines, so he said he will stop my boo line! i still didn't give up ^^ but when the MC said, there'll be another 10 minutues before the fan-meeting ends, and if we still didn't get our CD signed, we will walk home without any siggy! okay, now i'm scared!!! i gave up on my boo's line and moved to BABY's line since he's my 2nd favorite! as my turned will be the next one at Baby's line, Young Saeng's line was free and the organiser asked me to get there... without any frustration, i went to Young Saeng smiling... as he signed on my CD, i moved my eyes to Hyun Joong who was just next to him... okay, he is FREAKING BLOODY GOOD-LOOKING! then my eyes back to Young Saeng and i passed my gift to him and said gamsahamnida... ROFL! i can't believe finally i have the courage to at least said one word in hangul... kekekeke! i was so nervous and when i was about to leave, Young Saeng took out his hand to shake with me! hahahaha... i forgot to shake hand with him... LOL!

my very 1st SS501's album signed by cutie Young Saeng ;)

credit: the huntress@blogspot
visit THE HUNTRESS for more good quality pictures

credit: warner music malaysia & triplesmalaysia
more pictures please visit TRIPLESMALAYSIA

as i was enjoyed my moment seeing them and seeing them, some of the fans cried when the time showed 7.30pm, coz the fan-meeting has to stop since the boys have to get ready to make a move to KLIA, to catch their 11.45pm flight back to Seoul... i saw some of them crying especially the one who already inside the conference room... herm~~~~

credit: starfir3@triplesmalaysia
naughty Jung Min left his piece of art on the table cloth at the fan meeting

well, me and my friend Ida, we decided to get crazy by chasing them in KLIA! this is my first time doing this so called chasing! we reached KLIA around 9pm and we saw some Triple S and i asked whether they boys are already arrived and they said the boys just leave One World... so, we decided to grab some food since we already had a water for buka puasa... we grabbed food at KFC! when we were wandering around outside KLIA, then we just realised Hyun Joong was at this one counter and we immediately rushed! he was alone without the other members... basically from what i heard, he lost his passport in his previous flight but the flight attendance found it and passed the airport management! so, Hyun Joong has to fill some paper etc... we the fans, of course took this opportunity to take his pictures but the manager and security kept asking for us not to take any pictures and videos... after he settled the passport issue, Hyun Joong went down through lift and all the fans started to wander around the airport searching for him and the other 4... we were curious where Hyun Joong went and where are the other four???! me & ida we like walking back and forth like 15 minutes before we decided to get back to the main door of KLIA when we saw DSP's staffs were checking in... oh, the boys are still in the airport... some fans gathered outside KLIA and suddenly an MPV stopped and all the boys came out! the security had to do a human circle so the boys can walk smoothly inside the circle to the departure hall... this was when the situation got chaos and people strated to run and me??? owh, yeah! ME TOO~~~ hahaha... i took a vid of them walking towards the departure hall...

hyun joong-ssi was settling his passport issue ^^

the moments the boys get down, i straight to run to the 'tinjau' area and waited for them to pass by! the first person appeared after the custom checking was Baby and he didn't realised that we can still see them from upstairs... the fans started to knock the glass and he heared, and the upon he looked up and saw us, he jumped surprisingly... seriously, that was cute okay seeing his surprised reaction... then one by one appeared and faded from our eyes... there goes my journey! them gonna be missed by me ^^

one of my fancam of chasing them in KLIA! this was when hyun joong was settling his passport issue
for my other fancams, please visit my YOUTUBE page

my so BAD BAD BAD quality pictures, SS501 in Malaysia
random info:
  1. the boys used a whiteboard marker and a lot of fans pissed off coz the siggies were erased bit by bit! only hyun joong used the permanent marker! i'm a bit lucky coz i didn't touched Young Saeng's siggy on my CD at all, so his siggy is still in good condition ^^
  2. heard that my boo, Hyun Joong almost fainted after the fan meeting! aigoooo~~~ take care of your health my dear
  3. they didn't bring back all the gifts from the fans! they have to leave some fan gifts that is categorised as food! it is not they don't want the gifts but they have too since Korean custom won't allow any food to brought in! that means, it includes my pineapple tart! sob-sob ^^
  4. jung-min totally a cheerful person coz he as the one who smiled a lot and he did left his piece of art on the table cloth! hahaha... naughty boy!
  5. this is not confirm yet but likely SS501's Persona Tour in Malaysia is likely to happen this coming December! i'm sooooo freaking excited ^^
  6. i gave up on taking pictures of the boys coz it came out sucks all the time, so i switched to video mode!!!