Thursday, April 14, 2011


finally!!!! ordered back in early February, and now its in my hand...

the whole package!

back cover a.k.a tracklists

what's outside & inside

the discs ;)

the 2-sided poster, photocard & sticker

a close-up on my photocard! HEARTBEAT~~~

take a peek what's inside the photobook

ps: i wish Orange Caramel's parody & solo performances were part of the tracklists. but well, copyright is not easy yaw!
psps: i was so happy when the Thank You's Hottest ver. was also shown!!! again, i can't help myself not to cry!


new man in my list!!!! hahaha... i started to know about him when i watched My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho! as much as i have to admit that i was already realised with his good looking face, but, since i was on & off watching the drama, so i don't really care much about his existence.

when the news of Midas was out, i was looking forward to watch it since Jang Hyuk is the main lead. Not a fan of him but since i was impressed with his performance in Chuno, so, i've decided to give it a try. then, when i knew No Min Woo will be part of the drama, it makes me more excited to watch it and..... once the drama starts airing on ONE (for Astro subscribers), dang! No Min Woo captures MY EYES, MY HEART & MY SEOUL (?)... ahaks!

Midas is a very heavy drama but i like the storyline but everytime Min Woo's scenes, i'll smile like a 'kerang busuk' infront of the tv & keep saying he's handsome... LOL!

ps: he is so irresistible!
psps: he has a twitter which he always tweet his HOT pictures! follow ROCKOUT529

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


the pic is way too cute not to make as my desktop wallpaper! wooyoung is so adorable aite?

Saturday, April 2, 2011


seriously, friendster still exist? and my friendster's account still exist... hihihi~~~ matbe i should deactivate the account?

ps: can't believe i use GEGIRLOUSY as my display name