Sunday, May 3, 2009


it's 2 o'clock in the morning! and i'm still awake and just finish watching another TVXQ's variety show: BANJUN THEATRE - THE KING's MAN... wakakakaka... me ketawa golek-golek atas lantai!!! how dorky & funny they can be????

during the actin with the actress... hihihi! Micky totally loves woman... buahahahaha! his face totally sparkle... Max & Hero kinda good with their scenes :)

the best part was during the King's Man... lol... Hero totally suit as Nokso (lady)... he's pretty but when he fell down especially when he dragged the king (Lee Hyuk Jae) to fall down with him... buahahaha! i laughed golek-golek atas lantai... then Max, kekekeke!!!! pity him to hit the Gong with his head... but funny giler :P U-Know totally the king of NG...

laugh together with me yah: BANJUN THEATRE PLAYLIST

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