Sunday, March 24, 2013


Before there was 2PM, there was this boyband who rock my world during my school days. If 2PM is the boyband that rock my world in this internet days, this boyband rock my world when cassette, VCR & magazines were my sources. 

Backstreet Boys (BSB)! I've been their fan since I was 13, and so, this is my 16th years as a proud fan of BSB. Met them for the first time back in 2008, and when they were announced as one of the act for this year Twin Towers Alive (TTALIVE), I couldn't hide my excitement and all those feelings that I had back during my younger days came back.

Picture credit to @backstreetboys

So, yesterday was the day! Since I didn't have the fanzone ticket, me & my friends decided to queue a lil early so we will get a good spot to see BSB clearly. The concert kicked off at 7pm, but BSB's turned was only at 11pm. At first we were not sure how many songs that BSB gonna sing coz all the performers before them sang around 6 songs, but based on the performers schedule that we had known much earlier, BSB will be performing at 11pm. According to TTALIVE's timing, the concert will end at 2am, so we got the feeling BSB might sings a lil more compares with the other acts.

So, at 11pm, I saw the stage was prepared with a live band, and then I knew it, BSB will be having like a mini concert. And yeah, they performed 15 songs, which all the crowds knew and sang along with them through out the mini concert.

I really can't stop singing and screaming my lungs out. Of coz BSB's members are not young anymore but I'm not young either. So, there's no such things for me when people said why are you still a fan of BSB. They are old. OLD? They didn't look old to me. Well, maybe their look a lil different but they're still the same BSB in my eyes. B-Rok was still playful, Nick was hyper, and yeah, the youngest has grown up. Kevin, ahhhhhh! Back in 2008, I only managed to watch BSB as 4 members, and I was really glad that he's back with BSB, and he looks hella hot. AJ as usual, looks like the bad ass member of BSB. Howie D, a.k.a Sweet D, my bias! He looks so sweet but one thing I realised, he is now a married man & a father from the way he dressed. If you're a fan of BSB since day-1, you should knew Howie was always went shirtless among the BSB's members...

Below is the list of yesterday's songs (not in order):
1. Incomplete
2. Larger Than Life (with Gangnam Style remix)

3. We've Got It Goin' On
4. Get Down
5. Quit Playing Games With My Heart
6. All I Have To Give
7. Drowning
8. I'll Never Break Your Heart
9. The One
10. The Call
11. Shape Of My Heart
12. As Long As You Love Me
13. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
14. I Want It That Way
15. Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

You can watch all the fancams that I recorded at my youtube, BSB at TTALIVE. I recorded 7 songs for my own memories ;)

ps: Woke-up this morning with BSB's Harlem Shake! Hilarious to the hell. Kevin's in bunny, Nick 95% naked, B-Rok in refrigerator... LOL