Sunday, May 31, 2009


okay, to my regular readers (if there is), i did a major renovation to my blog... from 2 columns, i changed it to 3 columns... and for you, it might not really a big change coz it seems like the contents of my blog are still look the same...

but i did really a big mistake when in the process of making changes from 2 columns to 3 columns, without i'm noticing it, i deleted most of the widgets... YES, most of it!!! so, i have to redo it all over again...

what makes me disappointed about it, when some of my important widgets are gone like the speed counter section! if you check the section, the count will start all over again from 1... gaaaaaaaa!!!

i just wanna kill my self when it happens... why should i touch it???? huhuhu

Saturday, May 30, 2009


since i became a k-popper last year september, i'm kinda outdated with american music! it was all about k-pop 24/7. today, my cousin, anyss, introduced me a song title: BLOW ME A KISS by GIT FRESH... nice~~~ so, i decided to change my playlist for this blog once again & for the first time, i'm giving a chance for english songs to conquer the section... wahahahaha!!! enjoy yah ;)


It's Like This (This) It's Like That (That)
I Got Dough (Dough) I Got Stacks (Stacks)
I Can't Buy Anything That I Need (Need)
But I Gotta Have U 4 Free
I Ain't Neva Paid 4 It In My Life (My Life)
So Why The Hell Would I Pay 4 A Wife (Wife)
I Need Luv (Luv) Yes I Do (Do)
But This Is Wat I Need From U

Ooh A Brother Need Luv And Affection
A Brother Need TLC
And I Talkin Bout Chilli (Chilli)
But I'll Take Chilli If She Want It
Ooh A Brother Need Cookin And Cleanin
And When She Say She Luv Me She Mean It
Her Insides Pretty (Pretty)
Hey Hey Hey

And If That's U (U)
Blow Me A Kiss (Kiss) 2 Let Me Know (Know)
If U Feelin Me U Can Do Better (Hey)
Than That Scrub That U With (Than Scrub That U With)
Baby All That U Gotta Do (Gotta Do) Is Blow Me A Kiss
Hey Hey
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Blow Me A Kiss
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da-Da
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Blow Me A Kiss

I'm Bout This (This)
I'm Bout That (That)
I Had Hoes (Hoes)
(I Spent Stacks) Stacks
I've Had Everything In My Life (My Life)
But I'm a Have U Tonight
Yeah I'm a Have U... U...
I Need Luv (Luv) Yes Indeed (Deed)
But This Is Wat U Get From Me (From Me)

Ooh I'm a Give U Luv And Direction
U Can Be My? I Ain't Talkin Bout Thriller (Thriller)
But I Could Be Your Thriller If U Want It
Ooh I Don't Need No Cookin And Cleanin
We Can Get A Maid If We Need It
Cause I'm On My Brizz-ed (Brizz-ed)
Hey Hey Hey

And If That's U (U)
Blow Me A Kiss (Kiss) 2 Let Me Know (Know)
That U Diggin Me (Diggin Me) U Can Do Better (Hey)
Than That Scrub That U're With (Than Scrub That U're With)
Baby All That U Gotta Do (Gotta Do) Is Blow Me A Kiss
Hey Hey
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Blow Me A Kiss
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da-Da
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Blow Me A Kiss


Sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,
Children spinning around till they fall down down down.
I wait for you: it's been two hours now,
You're still somewhere in town,
Your dinners getting cold.
I rest my case you are always this late,
And you know how much I hate waiting around 'round 'round,
Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside,
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide,
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is gettin' just a little fragile,
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine.
And then you come and tell me the same reason as you did yesterday,
So tell me whats her name.
Doo doo da dum, doo doo da dum, doo doo doo doo doo doo da da dum dum, da da da da dum, da da da da dum, da da da da dum.
Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide,
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is just getting a little fragile,
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine.

Friday, May 29, 2009


seriously, since wednesday, my days were suck!!! starting from a bad flu (just to inform, it was not a virus H1N1 k) coz of the weather changes!!! i'm alergic to dust etc... it has been a while that i never had the flu that you had a running nose non-stop and i can't stop from sneezing! plus, my eyes was itchy and watery!!! i can't really concentrate with work... so, at night, i went to bed at 8.30pm.

so, yesterday, as i thought my flu is getting better, i was totally wrong! i woke up aroud 3.30am and the flu is still there! as i was trying to sleep back, i just can't... after 10 minutes of 'golek-golek' on the bed, suddenly i remembered, "UEFA CUP, BARCA vs MAN U"! so, i went straight to the living hall and switch on the television and switch to channel 812 just to know that Barca already lead 1-0 after 40 minutes of kick ball started! watched for 3 minutes & switch it off... went back to my room and tried to sleep again but once again, my eyes just doesn't let me to sleep! in the end, i switch on the TV & DVD player in my room and watched MY LOVELY SAM-SOON! owh, yah! around 4.45am, i went to the living hall to wacth the result of the football match and BARCA was ready to take the trophy! okay my Man U lost and it sucks... end up, i watched it til 6.30am when it was the time i should wake up and prepare myself to office! but since my nose still in bad condition, i went to my mom's room and said, i'm taking an MC... and she told me, Man U lost 2-0!!! huhuhuhu... it's ok! they are still the best Football Club in the world :)

i went to the doctor nearby my house around 6pm after my mom reached home! well, as usual, i don't have any fever or anything, just an alergic! the doctor gave me 2 types of flu medicine; ONE FOR DAY & ONE FOR NIGHT. the night one will make u feel sleepy, so i can't take during day or i can't do my work!

today, my flu is still there! when the heck its gonna go away????!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


huhuhu... as usual i woke up lazily and get ready to work! but suddenly my mood swing 360 degree when my mom started to complaint about the way i dress today! it is not that i was wearing too sexy just she thought that the way i dress was way too simple and not suitable for work... okay, i'm currently working at a recording company, which no dress code! yah, sometimes when i have a mood i'll dress up with my working attire but most of the times, jeans and t-shirt are my friends to work... it is not just a complaint, but with angry tone k! as i don't want to make things worst, i just keep quite while driving to my office. there's no point of arguing with her coz it will lead to bigger argument...

so, once i reached my office with kinda bad mood feeling, i know i need to find something that can cheer me up before the day started. my choice??? watched some TVXQ dorky moments vid... hahaha! that works :) they are medicine

Monday, May 25, 2009


seriously, today i don't really has the mood to blog til i re-watched this vid which cracked me up again! HAHAHAHA~~~ these talented kids danced on AGAIN & AGAIN - 2PM & SORRY SORRY - SuJu + one of the kid danced on CALL ME - TAEGOON!!!

the yellow pants kid, is freaking funny! i laughed til my stomach wanna come out (okay, that's too much reaction)... i can see, one day he's gonna be a comedian :) while, the green pants kid, totally good in dance! watch him when he danced Call Me... it doesn't looks like a kid dance coz the way he moves his body totally looks like a professional!!! I BET HE'S GONNA BE A SUPERSTAR @ LEAST 10 YEARS FROM NOW :P

to the green pants kid:

ahnyeong~~~ :P
noona gonna wait for your debut although i might be your ahjumma during your debut...

credit: mochijang@YouTube

Friday, May 22, 2009


okay, who said Malaysia doesn't have a talented singer??? there's a tons and one of them is this beautiful sweet lady, ZEE AVI who got signed by an american recording company, Brushfire Records... and guess what, she was discovered through YouTube!!!

there's not much about her background but she's a Malaysian from Miri, Sarawak... she uploaded videos of her singing since 2007 before discovered by Brushfire a year ago and she left Malaysia for LA a year ago to pursue her dream. after a long wait, her debut album, ZEE AVI released on 19 May 2009 and will hit Malaysia market on 27/05! her first single is called, BITTER HEART.

well, if you like Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat, her music is for your ears!!! as for me, i do like her Bitter Heart, quite easy listening!!!

checkout her Youtube, KoKoKaina
her official website, Zee Avi

1st single, BITTER HEART

Thursday, May 21, 2009


weee... today i was on leave from work for something 'call' important reason!!! hahaha~~~ i went to KTO's event... it was like Malaysia-Korea 50th Years Diplomatic Relationship... me, well i wanna see korean B-Boy's performance, BREAK OUT!!! damneeeeee good! it was only a 10 minutes preview and they impressed me~~~ i might be going to their show this Sunday at Wisma MCA!!! got a free tix... wakakakakaka!!!

i got to know how to write my name, WAWA, in hangul.... 와와 ... hahahaha! so cool! there's also a hallyu section where they played some of korean artist MV!!! i spotted TVXQ with 'O-Jun Ban Hap' MV... and~~~~~~~~~~ the big replika of F4!!! lol... owh, i went there with 2 CSSPF's member, Catz & Nani! nice to meet both of you!!!

nani & me & the Flower Boys~~~ i picked to be next to Jihoo Sunbae :P

catz & me~~~ we were cuci-ing mata search for a korean guy :P

catz & me with 2 korean girls in hanbok :)


lol... this is so long overdue!!! well, since i became a fan of TVXQ, i make a lot of friends with the same interest! among those people, i have few people that i closed with and these few people belong under one name, ONIONHEADS! what is Onionheads???? 15 girls who are crazeee over TVXQ... kekekeke! and the best thing is, basically most of us never meet with each other... the biggest mission of Onionheads, ONE DAY, THE ONIONHEADS WILL MEET WITH EACH OTHER! lebih bagus kalau time concert TVXQ~~~ hehehehe! well, onionheads has it owns home: TVXQKINGDOM

but in February, i finally got a chance to meet one of the member of Onionheads... tidak lain tidak bukan, CHOKIE my cucu!!! hahahaha... she was back in KL, Malaysia for a holiday & before she heads back to New Zealand, we promised to meet!!!

7th Feb 2009 was the day and it was such a memorable moments of us meeting with each other for the first time! guess what was our topic mostly???? T.V.X.Q of course.... mana boleh cerita yang lain! ngehehehe~~~

looking forward to meet other fams~~~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i just started to get addict with this song! yesterday, i watched they performed Again & Again on Music Bank and the music amused me so much... so, today, i tried to search for the song and the more i heard it, the more hooked i get~~~~

owh, seriously, i didn't know about 2PM that much but the group looks interesting :)


Again and again and again and again
Again and again and again and again

Iluhkeh weh nehga ddo nuh eh jibappeh ddo
Suh itneun gunji dehcheh nan babonji
Jungmal sokgo ddo sokgo danghago ddo danghehdo ddo
Dashi ee jali eh wa itneunji

Nehga michyutna bwa jajonshimdo ubneunji
Nuh ehgeh dolawa chutbakwi doldeushi
Ilum an dweneundeh (dweneundeh dweneundeh)
Hamyunsuh oneuldo iluhgo issuh, no

Again and again and again and again
Nuh ehgeh jaggoo dolaga weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla
Again and again and again and again
Nuh eh maleh ddo sok a weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla

Uhjjum iluhkehdo babo gatni nehga
Nehga weh iluhkeh dwen guni
Nan boonmyunghi gyulshimeul hetneundeh hago ddo hetneundeh
Weh nuh ehgeh jaggoo dola oneunji

Nehga michyutna bwa jajonshimdo ubneunji
Nuh ehgeh dolawa chutbakwi doldeushi
Juldeh an bol guhla (bol guhla bol guhla)
Hamyunsuh dashi ddo iluhgo issuh,

Again and again and again and again
Nuh ehgeh jaggoo dolaga weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla
Again and again and again and again
Nuh eh maleh ddo sok a weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla

Nun dehcheh uhddun yak igilleh ggeuneul sooga ubssuh
Nado molleh jaggoo nuhleul geuliwuh hago gyulgooken ddo chatgo
Nabbeun yuja injool almyunsuh nan ddo nul poomeh an ggo sarangeul heh
Bonamana bbunhi daga olleh
Neh ileh apeumeul da algo isseumyunsuh dola suhjil motheh gyuljungeul mot nehlyuh

Jenjang na weh iluhni weh ee yuja yuppeh noowuh itni
Dodehcheh myut bunjjeh I jisseul duh hehbwaya nehga jungshineul chalillunji
Nooga jom nal uhdi ehda mookgguhjwuh uhsuh jebal
She's a bad girl, I know (I know)
But here I go again, oh no

Again and again and again and again
Nuh ehgeh jaggoo dolaga weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla
Again and again and again and again
Nuh eh maleh ddo sok a weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla


[JS] again and again and again and again
[JB] again and again and again and again

[WY] why am I standing like this in front of your house again, am I a fool
Getting tricked again and again, and suffering again and again
But why am I at this place again

[JH] I think I've gone crazy, have I no pride
I come back to you, like the first time around
Saying 'I can't be like this (like this, like this)',
I'm being like this again today, no

[JS] again and again and again and again
I keep going back to you. I don't know why, I don't know why
[JB] again and again and again and again
I fall for your words again. I don't know why, I don't know why

[NK] why do I seem like such a fool
Why did I become like this
I made a firm decision, again and again
Why do I keep coming back to you

[JH] I think I've gone crazy, have I no pride
I come back to you, like the first time around
Saying 'I won't ever see you again (see you, see you)',
I'm being like this again

[JS] again and again and again and again
I keep going back to you. I don't know why, I don't know why
[JB] again and again and again and again
I fall for your words again. I don't know why, I don't know why

[CS] what kind of medicine are you, that I can't give it up
Even without me knowing, I keep yearning for you, and eventually look for you again
Though I know you're a bad girl, I embrace you and love you again
Undoubtedly, clearly, I want to come towards you
Knowing all the pains of tomorrow, I can't turn around, I can't decide

[TY] darn it, why am I like this, why am I lying next to this girl
How many more times do I have to do this for me to come to my senses
Someone, tie me down somewhere, quickly, please
She's a bad girl, I know (I know), but here I go again. oh no

[JS] again and again and again and again
I keep going back to you. (I'm going back to you) I don't know why, I don't know why
[JB] again and again and again and again (I keep coming back)
I fall for your words again. (even I) I don't know why, I don't know why
[JS] oh, oh, yeah


when i was only into k-dramas & not their music, i never call myself a K-Pop's lover since my knowledge in K-Pop's world was totally limited... when i started to like TVXQ in Sept 2008, still, i didn't call myself as K-Pop's lover coz TVXQ was the first & only Korean singer i ever like. i didn't gave much attention to other singer... it was all bout TVXQ!!!

just started early this year, i started to open up my eyes & ears to other K-Pop singer... starting with TaeGoon, U-Kiss & the latest is 2NE1... but what makes realised that i'm really a K-Pop's lover now, when i started to like other Korean songs although i'm not the fan of the artist!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


while i was browsing through my Facebook's homepage, one latest update caught my eyes! CF's pic of my 3rd Kim, HYUN JOONG, & PARK SHIN HYE!!! okay, i don't have problem with Park Shin Hye, but she's everywhere with MY TRIPLE KIM (Jae Joong, Tae Goon, & Hyun Joong)... was with Jae Joong & Tae Goon, in Call Me's vid, then again with Tae Goon in his latest MV, Superstar & now Hyun Joong???? some more almost kiss' picture???? i'm heart ache now!!! wakakakakaka~~~ PARK SHIN HYE! WE HAVE THINGS TO SETTLE... hahaha

credit: as tagged + KHJ page@facebook


i love goong's manhwa so much... i've been reading it for the past one year through internet. but since the translation of the manhwa is irregular, so sometimes i need to wait for months for the next chapter to be translated and uploaded on the net... the last time i read Goong was in January this year and when i checked it on One Manga yesterday, another 3 chapters has been translated and uploaded! all 3 are this month!

so, when i read the latest 3 chapters, my heart ache! huhuhu... not because of bad translation or anything but SHIN & CHAEGYUNG REALLY DIVORCED IN THE MANHWA!!!! oh my god! how can this happened???? and Shin was so depressed with the divorce thingy coz he missed Chaegyung so much... and that stupid royal families, started to plan about new bingoong mama to replace Chaegyung to help Shin to get over his ex-wife... and their choice is Hyo Rin!!! how can they do that????

and the most depressed thing for me, when it stops at the most climax part!!! grrrrr~~~ so now i need to wait for months again to know what will happen after Shin called Chaegyung that he will come over to her place which he was not allowed to!!! yeah~~~ Shin is prohibited to meet his ex-wife!!!

hihihi~~~ i know what you think: THIS GIRL IS TOTALLY CRAZY COZ BEING TOO EMOTIONAL WITH A MANHWA!!! goong's manhwa storyline is much much better than the live action but i'm still a big fan of Princess Hours!!!!

waiting is killing though!!! huhuhu

Monday, May 18, 2009


let's talk about Girl's Power... 2NE1 has it all!!! i thought they are another girl's group from Korea that will not get my attention that much except for their song... since everybody was talking about their song FIRE and including me of course, i did check out their MV!!! cool MV but still, i've got no feeling...

yesterday was their debut stage at SBS Inkigayo... boomb~~~ i'm hooked! they really awesome! i love how they took a different path from other girl's group in Korea... they show more powerful side of them instead of being very cliche... you know the LOVEY MUSHY CUTEY type... hehehehe! i'm not into lovey mushy cutey type... Minji's dance, you rock girl!!! Dara, weeeee~~~ knew her back then during she started her career in Philippines... she must be happy to be back to her hometown & makes a debut!!!

credit: SmoothyEco@YouTube

[VID] TaeGoon's COMEBACK STAGE (160509 & 170509)

TaeGoon's makes an official comeback on 16/05/2009 in MBC Music Core with his latest & first single from his 2nd Mini Album (Rising Star), SUPERSTAR!

he sang it live~~~ when the first word came out from his mouth, i was so surprised to hear it was live!!! well, it wasn't perfect but he improves a lot! his voice & breathing better compare to his Call Me time... thanks to his sunbae, Wheesung that helped him to prepare for his comeback :)

okay~~~ there's something that cracked me up with his comeback stage: HIS OUTFITS!!! hahaha... so weird dowh... he & that short pants, totally funny unique :P well, on MBC it was ok but during Inkigayo yesterday, the pants totally too much! kekeke... but, he is TaeGoon! i'll accept it :P

credit: yushi91@YouTube

MBC MUSIC CORE (16052009)

credit: taegun293@YouTube

SBS INKIGAYO (17052009)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


MANCHESTER UNITED won EPL title for the 3rd time in a row and for the 18th times and 11th under Sir Alex Ferguson... yay~~~ it has been 12 years of me being a Red Devil!!! GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED

p/s: i'm sooooo going to Man U friendly match with Malaysia Team on 18/7!!! i planned to buy the tix during pre-sale (22/5 - 31/5), so i can get passes to watch their training too... RED DEVIL ENOUGH??? :P


yesterday, i went to the final concert of AKADEMI FANTASIA 7!!! fuyoooohhh~~~ the vibe there, totally happening! me, i got a soar throat after cheering up for my 3 favorite students: HAFIZ, ARIL & AKIM!!! Hafiz's fans was all over the stadium... yeah~~~ his fans conquered the stadium followed by Aril's fans.

before the concert started

this year, i don't have a single student that i love but 3... so, i never voted! LOL~~~ my mom, she likes those 3 too but her most favorite is Aril... she voted 50 times yesterday :P as for me, i decided not to vote actually but end up voted 5 times for Akim... hahaha! i want him to be in Top 3 badly!!!

aril's giant banner!!! really damneeee BIG

Hafiz deserves the title... his voice was amazing but Aril & Akim also did their best to challange Hafiz's position. not to forget Yazid & Isma... i really had fun yesterday :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


today, i was kinda active in CSSPF... so, stalking some pictures around and i spotted picture of my Joongie... for TSC pamphlet... the way he stares, HOT!!! hahahaha... the first pic is my favorite!

JOONGIE~~~ STOP STARING! U MAKES MY HEART DUP DAP DUP DAP~~~ lol... crazeee fans on board :P

credit: as tagged + amirakillua@CSSPF

Thursday, May 14, 2009


3-D of Gokusen 3

weeeeee... last Saturday, i bought Gokusen 3 DVD together with the SP... it cost me 60++!!! since it was like almost 1 year when i watched G3, so i need to refresh the G3 before i jumped to the SP... lol... i never get bored with Gokusen although the scenes were repeated from G1 & G2... and when i watch the SP, this thought came into my mind: GOKUSEN LIVE ACTION ARE MORE 'CARTOON' THAN THE ANIME ITSELF... hahahaha! seriously~~~

after i finished the drama, i stalked on the movie that will be out in June/July i'm not sure!!! there were rumours that some of the cast from G1 & G2 gonna make a special appearance (G3 casts are 1 of the main cast for the movie)... but one of previous student that has been confirmed is ODAGIRI RYU (KAMENASHI KAZUYA) from G2... the best thing is, he gonna be a teacher! lol... now i hope, Jun & Shun from G1, Akanishi from G2 gonna make an appearance also... toink! owh, before you jumped to the movie, please watch G3 SP coz the new 3-D students are the 2-D students in the SP... sorry for a minor spoiler... well, the movie teaser evealed it :P

when i watched G3 on the net last year, i can't really enjoy the drama so much! so, when i re-watched it again on my tv, damneeeee, Ogata is totally a good looking man... YUYA TAKAKI, that's his name!!! and, he's only 19???? so young???

Yuya Takaki
Actor and Singer
Date of birth:
March 26, 1990 (1990-03-26) (age 19)
175 cm
55 kg
Blood type:
J-Pop Group:
J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7, Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! BEST
Talent Agency:
Johnny & Associates


*wink* he's damneeee hot! seems like he shows his rockish side this time compare to his Call Me time! during Call Me, he was more casual & smart but in Rising Star, he completely changed 360 degree... i like his new hair too~~~~

credit: Yes24 + orinneko☆★@OnlyTaegoon + erik@OnlyTaegoon

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


yesterday, TaeGoon finally released his new single & MV title SUPERSTAR!!! hahaha... everybody thought the MV Teaser that was released last week was for the song AS INSIGNIFICANT AS YOU... it ends up for the song Superstar... the MV totally cool~~~ he acted a bit flirty in the MV!!!

today, his 2nd mini album, RISING STAR, has been released! totally the RIGHT WORD to portrait him :) i haven't listen to all the tracks yet except for Superstar & Call Me (Remix)... Call Me (remix), i'm totally love the beat!

2nd Mini Album - Rising Star

01. Intro (Feat.혁성 Of Space Cowboy, 김여희)
02. 슈퍼스타 (Feat.낯선)
03. Bye Bye
04. 네까짓 게
05. Call Me (Remix ) (Feat.H-유진)

Monday, May 11, 2009


ting tong~~~ i just LOVE his performance!!! now i really wanna fall in love after hearing him singing this song! or actually, everytime i listen to this song!!! I'M YOURS :)

credit: teaoya@YouTube

Saturday, May 9, 2009


i did another PICK YOUR FIVE in facebook and this time i did for PEOPLE I HAD ON MY BEDROOM WALL WHEN I WAS GROWING UP... hahahaha! it really turns my memory back then...

1) BACKSTREET BOYS: my biggest obsession back then! hahaha... bought all the albums & i even did a scrapbook of them til i threw it away last year :( i met them for the first time last year!!!

2) LEONARDO DICAPRIO: hello, who can resist Jack Dawson from Titanic???

3) DAVID BECKHAM: he was a big thing back then... knew him when i was 13 & he was the one who turned myself to be the big fan of Manchester United :)

4) THE MOFFATS: i miss you like crazy & i'll be there for you! kekekeke... Bob Moffats was my favorite... kuikui!

5) TAKE 5: one album, and they gone! hahahaha... met them live though and that time, i memorised all their songs! wakakakaka


when i found this video i was so excited coz i love U-KISS & i miss KIM JOON of T-MAX so much... i don't know what show was this but i really love it!!! finally i can hear the cutie DONGHO sang! actually he did a rap... he can rap~~~ why didn't he has any solo part in U-Kiss' songs??? then Kim Joon... i love his rap to the max... his husky voice made the rap sounds sexy :) owh, they sang I LOVE YOU, OH THANK YOU by MC MONG

credit: titseunhan@YouTube

Thursday, May 7, 2009


banner by chibixxaki from OnlyTaegoon

oh, my god! while i'm calculating his official comeback on the 13, today they released the teaser of his new mv, new song!

AS INSIGNIFICANT AS YOU~~~ that's what his new single will be called! from the teaser, seems like it is not a ballad neither a dance song! it is a moderate song... and he does look hot with his new hair...

credit: wonderfulchannel@YouTube

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TaeGoon's COMEBACK - 13 MAY 2009

my smiley boy, my sayang, gonna make a comeback on the 13th May... oh, my geesh!!! can't really wait... what his new song will sound??? how the dance step will be??? waiting is killing... 8 more days to go~~~~~

Album Release Date:
13th May 2009 (2nd Mini Album)
Comeback Performance:
MBC Music Core (16th May 2009)


during last weekend, i had totally big laugh watching TVXQ on variety shows on YouTube... just knew that EU KYANG KYANG was referring to Junsu's laugh and his cute dolphin's voice. always tickled my heart... people always said, don't be too happy coz something bad will happen... and yesterday, our dolphin's boy hurt his leg during rehearsel for Tohoshinki 3rd Japan Tour: The Secret Code... and he end up to perform the whole concert on a wheelchair...

my eyes a bit teary when i watched the vid on YouTube... i can see his spirit of not giving up no matter what happen!


credit: dbsKnightsBlog@YouTube

Monday, May 4, 2009


went to One Utama after work today coz i need to buy new clothes... hahahaha! well, it is not necessary but thanks to the window shopping that i had with my mom last saturday, once i got my salary today, vrooooom~~~~ shopping spree!

AGENDA (RM29.90)

a semi turtle neck long sleeves! well it looks good on the dummy! hahahaha... it really suits me! but i was quite surprise when i can fit the XS size instead of S or M! since i put on weight 2 years ago, usually i can only fit M but this time XS??? hahahaha... miracle!

CREME (RM69.90)

kinda a loose cardigan... when i saw it last saturday, i don't care, once i got my salary on monday, i'm gonna grab this! so, tadaaaaaa~~~ i plan to wear it with my legging, and my spaghetti! wednesday maybe??? kekeke

Sunday, May 3, 2009


just wanna recap my history towards TVXQ... well, maybe i started to get crazeee on them when they released Mirotic but the truth is i started to open up my eyes towards then when i knew they was the one who sang for the theme song for The Legend... although i wasn't their fan back then yet, but that time i realised something, owh, they are talented!!! so, i'm bringing back my memories when the first time i listened to their song :) saranghae TVXQ
마른 풀꽃처럼 야윈 슬픔이 엉킨 세월에 잠 못 들 때
ma reun pul ggot cheo reom ya wuin seul peum ee oeg kin se won eh jam mot deul ddae
Like flowers that are dried up, sleeplessness amidst times tangled in sorrow.

가슴속을 깊이 파고드는 거친 한숨에 매달리네
ga seum sok eul gip pi pa go deu neun geo chin han soom eh mae dal ri ne
Eating into my heart this breath which suspends...

천년의 눈물을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까
cheon nyeon eh noon mool reul mo yi myeon yi mam da dae shin hal gga
If I gather a thousand year's tears, will this heart be realized then?

노을이 떠난 저 하늘 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네
no eul ri ddeo nan jeo ha neul ggeut eh oh neul do seo seong geo ri ne
At the end of the sky with its glow already gone, I am restless again this day.

이른 새벽 아침 여린 햇살이 지난 밤 꿈에 깨어날 때
ee reun sae byeok ah chim yeo rin haet sal ri ji nan bam ggoom eh ggae eo nal ddae
At dawn when the soft rays of sun awake the dream of a previous night.

막막했던 어제 그 꿈들이 전설 속으로 사라지네
mak mak haet deon eo je geu ggoom deul ri jeon seol sok eu ro sa ra ji ne
The gloomy dreams of yesterday disappear into a legend.

쳔년의 소원을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까
cheon nyeon eh so won eul mo yi myeon yi mam da dae shin hal gga
If I gather a thousand year's wishes, will this heart be realized then?

햇살이 떠난 저 들판 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네
haet sal ri ddeo nan jeo deul pan ggeut eh oh neul do seo seong geo ri ne
At the end of the field with the sunlight already gone, I am restless again this day.

저 혼자 떠놀던 낮은 바람이 지친 숨결로 헤매일때
jeo hon ja ddeo nol deon nat jeun ba ram ee ji chin soom gyeol ro hae mae il ddae
When the desolate wind roams near my breath in weariness

한나절에 내린 이 빗물로 세상의 설움 달래보네
han na jeol eh nae rin ee bit mol ro se sang eh seol woom dal rae bo ne
With this rain water from half a day's pouring I send away the grief of the world.

천년의 사랑을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까
cheon nyeon eh sarang eul mo yi myeon yi mam da dae shin hal gga
If I gather a thousand year's love, will this love be realized then?

달빛이 잠든 저 하늘 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네
dal bit chi jam deun jeo ha neul ggeut eh oh neul do seo seong geo ri ne
At the end of the sky asleep in the glow of the moon, I am restless again this day.

천년의 그리움 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까
cheon nyeon eh keu ri woom mo yi myeon yi mam da dae shin hal gga
If I gather a thousand year's yearning, will this love be realized then?

해오름 비친 저 들판 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네
hae oh reum bi chin jeo deul pan ggeut eh oh neul do seo seong geo ri ne
At the end of the field reflecting the rise of the sun , I am restless again this day.


it's 2 o'clock in the morning! and i'm still awake and just finish watching another TVXQ's variety show: BANJUN THEATRE - THE KING's MAN... wakakakaka... me ketawa golek-golek atas lantai!!! how dorky & funny they can be????

during the actin with the actress... hihihi! Micky totally loves woman... buahahahaha! his face totally sparkle... Max & Hero kinda good with their scenes :)

the best part was during the King's Man... lol... Hero totally suit as Nokso (lady)... he's pretty but when he fell down especially when he dragged the king (Lee Hyuk Jae) to fall down with him... buahahaha! i laughed golek-golek atas lantai... then Max, kekekeke!!!! pity him to hit the Gong with his head... but funny giler :P U-Know totally the king of NG...

laugh together with me yah: BANJUN THEATRE PLAYLIST

Saturday, May 2, 2009


finally i managed to catch a full live performance of Survivor from Tohoshinki... but i don't know, i just not satisfied with Jaejoong, Yoochun & Yunho's voice... it wasn't bad at all but it wasn't satisfy me fully... i think Changmin's voice was the best during the performance... Junsu also was ok! but they were hot as ever :P

credit: DBSKnightsBlog@YouTube

Friday, May 1, 2009


she ignores me after yesterday incident... now i feel like she just wanna use me to help her... i tried but i failed & i'm sorry for that~~~ but now she started to ignore me... what a FCUK! i still have a lot of people around me who cares & appreciate my friendship! a friend don't use other friend to satisfied their own needs... hopefully you'll be successful in what you currently plan...


latest malay song that i'm into... KAU YANG PUNYA by Too Phat member, MALIQUE ft. NAJWA! i love the chorus actually! KAU YANG PUNYA means I'M YOURS... there's nothing to do with Jason Mraz! hahahaha...

credit: malaysialiferecords@youtube

Jangan kau bimbang sayang
di mana ku berada
dengan siapa ku bersama
jangan bimbang
ku tetap
kau yang punya

Bertukar pandangan, senyum
bersalaman ke sekadar berkawan
dan bila cinta dah mula berputik
ah, tak tidur malam
angan-angan jadi pasangan
dah menjadi kenyataan
yang nyatanya, telah banyak kita harung
adakalanya rasa bebas, kadangkala terkurung
kita pernah berpisah dan kembali
berpisah dan kembali
kembali kerna pengorbananmu kuhargai
hilang separa masa bersama keluarga
teman-teman huru-hara tiada lagi, tata, bye bye
tiada lagi huhu haha
jadi sebagai gantinya lagu ni kau yang punya
yang kau nyanyikan, aku nyanyi juga
tak sempurna, tapi ku kan tetap coba
dan janji-janjimu kujanji juga, yup
kini kau dalam duniaku macam hip hop


Kerjaku memang kejam
punca matamu tak boleh kejam
bermalam, bukan berjam
dimana? dengan siapa kubersama?
berpeluh, bertenaga dengan mic ku berasmara
yang lihat masih menjerit, si genit masih mengenyit
bungkusan dilontar sepuluh digit masih terselit
nah, tidak teruja, mungkin sudah tua
tiada lagi show, kemudian after party
tiada lagi party, kemudian hotel lobi
yang lain masih berpesta
biarkan saja mereka, mereka masih muda
aku ditelefon kalau tak disisimu
dan kalau dengar suara, itu tv atau lagu
jangan bimbang tiada siapa bersamaku
dan jangan bimbang kalau tiada yang berlaku


Satu fakta, dua penipuan
yang pertama kita ambil, dua buang
kenapa mengeluh?
dengar cerita lagi, dah jenuh berkali-kali
komplikasi dalam komunikasi jadi konfrontasi
mulut orang perosak reputasi, pembunuh motivasi
mereka pakar fabrikasi, modifikasi
di depan senyum, belakang dengki
yang cemburu mungkin teman kita sendiri
siapa tahu?
peduli, kita dah semuanya bersama
dah senang bersama, dah susah pun bersama
ketawa bersama, menangis bersama
kubersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama
ke akhirnya


Kuhanya punya kau
hip hop


Kujuga bimbang sayang
di mana kau berada
dengan siapa kau bersama
jangan lupa
kau tetapku yang punya


today, 1st May is a Labor Day... for a labor like me, i'm soooo happy since it is a public holiday~~~~ what should i do after i woke up tomorrow??? cleaning up the house, watching tv & take a daylight nap... ting tong!!!! hahahaha~~~~