Thursday, May 21, 2009


lol... this is so long overdue!!! well, since i became a fan of TVXQ, i make a lot of friends with the same interest! among those people, i have few people that i closed with and these few people belong under one name, ONIONHEADS! what is Onionheads???? 15 girls who are crazeee over TVXQ... kekekeke! and the best thing is, basically most of us never meet with each other... the biggest mission of Onionheads, ONE DAY, THE ONIONHEADS WILL MEET WITH EACH OTHER! lebih bagus kalau time concert TVXQ~~~ hehehehe! well, onionheads has it owns home: TVXQKINGDOM

but in February, i finally got a chance to meet one of the member of Onionheads... tidak lain tidak bukan, CHOKIE my cucu!!! hahahaha... she was back in KL, Malaysia for a holiday & before she heads back to New Zealand, we promised to meet!!!

7th Feb 2009 was the day and it was such a memorable moments of us meeting with each other for the first time! guess what was our topic mostly???? T.V.X.Q of course.... mana boleh cerita yang lain! ngehehehe~~~

looking forward to meet other fams~~~


sherermac™ said...

we will meet someday wownie!!!
lets just wait for it!

Wawa said...

hehehehe! agaknyer kena tunggu semua dah keja br ble kumpul the whole fams duduk semeja! lol~~~ Clarrie the youngest! by the time she finishes her study, i dah pun 30++!!! tuanya sayer...

sherermac™ said...

haha.. if not pun, we all la yg pegi visit her in terengganu~ pa susah.. lol!