Tuesday, October 19, 2010


nowdays, i've been trying so hard to update both blogspot & tumblr, but i keep abandon my blogspot... i used to love blogspot coz this is a place where i started my fangirling... then tumblr comes & it works totally different where i get updated from the people that i follow, and all my biases pictures just made me more crazy! hahahaha...

well, i'm not going to leave my blogspot, just maybe less updates????? afterall, who wanna read a girl that 'syok sendiri' aite? :p

anyway, my tumblr is called WAWA.IS.ME too ;)


finally i have mood to blog about the latest stuffs on my ultimate 2PM! if you are a k-pop's maniac, then you should know that 2PM just released their mini album, STILL 02:00PM! well, it is very obvious why they named the album that... coz they are still the same 2PM, with all the acrobatics dance etc.

for the FIRST time in my life, i downloaded the album LEGALLY on soribada... i wanna help 2PM for their counting charts thingy, plus, i wanna do the right way as a hottest! hahahaha... i love the album! all the songs are so fresh & i don't feel bored listening to it. My favorite tracks are the the title track itself, I'LL BE BACK & the lovely song, I CAN'T.

I'll Be Back is awesome, and the choreo, yada! yada! it was a lil awkward at first seeing 2PM shuffled but not it grows in me. My music section is automatically playing the MV, so enjoy it...

ps: did i said my baby Jang Wooyoung is uber hot & his voice is uber awesome?

Friday, October 15, 2010


i've locked my blogspot for the past one month. the reason being is because, suddenly the background fulled of photobucket image... hahahaha! and i was damned lazy to change the layout, and i don't want people to see my ugly blog, so, made it private.

then few people asked me, why did i privated my blog? is there anything happen...? hehehehe... thanks for asking guys! i'm not sure why people loves to read my 'syok-sendiri' entry :p

one last thing: WAWA IS BACK!!!