Tuesday, May 19, 2009


while i was browsing through my Facebook's homepage, one latest update caught my eyes! CF's pic of my 3rd Kim, HYUN JOONG, & PARK SHIN HYE!!! okay, i don't have problem with Park Shin Hye, but she's everywhere with MY TRIPLE KIM (Jae Joong, Tae Goon, & Hyun Joong)... was with Jae Joong & Tae Goon, in Call Me's vid, then again with Tae Goon in his latest MV, Superstar & now Hyun Joong???? some more almost kiss' picture???? i'm heart ache now!!! wakakakakaka~~~ PARK SHIN HYE! WE HAVE THINGS TO SETTLE... hahaha

credit: as tagged + KHJ page@facebook


Anonymous said...

what CF is this??

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