Friday, September 14, 2012


When it was announced that there'll be Korean version for Hana Kimi, I was a lil skeptical. I'm totally a BIG BIG fan of the Japanese version coz everything about the drama was perfect. Even, after I watched the Japanese version, I can no longer watch the Taiwanese version although I started my Hana Kimi's craze with Taiwanese version first. You can check out my posts on Hana Kimi (Japanese Ver.) here!

To The Beautiful You (TTBY), that is the titled for Korean version. Actually I didn't plan to watch this drama (the casts, SHINee's Minho & f(x)'s Sulli kinda turn me off at first). But when I knew Lee Hyun Woo (God of Study & Equator of The Man) will be part of this drama, and he'll play Nakatsu, I'm totally excited coz I like him so much. So, I've decided to watch it on One (one of the channel for Astro subscribers, Malaysia satellite TV) once it airs. FYI, I'll only follow a drama online, if I really love & into it.

So, last Wednesday (12 Sept 2012), the 1st episode of TTBY aired on One, and........... I WAS HOOKED IMMEDIATELY. Once the 1st episode finished, I went straight to download the drama, and I've watched til episode 5 by the time this entry was posted. I can't stop watching it & obviously I'm loving it.

A lot of people scared that TTBY will ruin the perfectness of Hana Kimi, but to me, it doesn't coz I've minimised my mind not to compare the 2 dramas too much. J-dorama & K-drama are totally not the same when they delivered any dramas. Hana Kimi was originally a manga, and when they decided to adapt it into TV series, they delivered it perfectly in a comical way. While TTBY, they still maintain the main storyline, but they are adapting it into k-drama well too. If TTBY did exactly like Hana Kimi, then, YES! IT WILL RUIN... TTBY is less comical than Hana Kimi because TTBY is a korean drama, so it has to be like a typical K-drama. 

Surprisingly, I think Sulli played her character very well. I really love Gu Jae Hui & she really managed to bring out the feminine yet tomboyish look. As for Minho, he did OK for Kang Tae Joon tho I can still feel the stiffness from his acting. But it is acceptable to me.

And... of coz my most favourite character is none other than Cha Eun Gyul, played by Lee Hyun Woo. With that fugly hair, I still love him. His character is less funny than Nakatsu but he's still managed to make me giggle with his adorableness...

Maybe one thing is lacked in TTBY, how the writers don't put much attention on other characters. The character of school doctor & Nenba-senpai are as important as the other characters. But up til episode 5, the drama doesn't focus on these 2 characters much. Plus, the stories of the head of the 3 dormitories also was not covered much. Well, I'm not sure for future episodes, so, let's watch it without thinking it too much k ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


4th September 2012, marked 2PM turned 4 years old... Mathematically, I might be their fan for 3 years, but I've been their fan even before they celebrated their 1st year anniversary. So, I'm considering myself being a fan of them for 4 years.

I'm not good with words but after 4 years, my love towards 2PM is not going down eve a lil bit. So, I'm dedicating Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls coz I'm gonna Stick With 2PM forever ;)

I don't wanna go another day,
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind.
Seems like everybody's breaking up
Throwing their love away,
But I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody gonna take me higher
I must stick with you.
You know how to appreciate me
I must stick with you, my baby.
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stick with you.

I don't wanna go another day

So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind.
See the way we ride in our private lives,
Ain't nobody getting in between.
I want you to know that you're the only one for me (one for me)
And I say

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody gonna take me higher
I must stick with you.
You know how to appreciate me
I must stick with you, my baby.
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stick with you.

And now

Ain't nothing else I can need (nothing else I can need)
And now
I'm singing 'cause you're so, so into me.
I got you,
We'll be making love endlessly.
I'm with you (baby, I'm with you)
Baby, you're with me (Baby, you're with me)

So don't you worry about

People hanging around,
They ain't bringing us down.
I know you and you know me
And that's all that counts.
So don't you worry about
People hanging around,
They ain't bringing us down.
I know you and you know me
And that's why I say

Nobody gonna love me better
I must stick with you forever.
Nobody gonna take me higher
I must stick with you.
You know how to appreciate me
I must stick with you, my baby.
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I must stick with you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


ok... this is long overdue! Jang Woo Young has even finished his promotion last week, and me being such a lazy bumb, took forever to blog about it... i'm sorry Wooyoungie for being such a lazy wifey.

Sexy Lady.... wuhuuuu! Everything about the MV is perfecto. i love it how Wooyoung knows his body charm, SEXY COLLARBONE, so he decided to wear a v-neck tee for this album... gegegegege!

ps: being a crazy Woo-stan, i bought both versions of his album! *wink*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Big just ended yesterday, and although I'm a lil disappointed with the ending but Big just making me to love a guy named Gong Yoo more.

He released a special OST for the drama. Originally, the song Neoraseo was sang by Davichi, but Gong Yoo released his own version, and it is freaking PERFECT. The song itself was sad, and just like how good he is as an actor, he managed to bring the 'crying' voice in his singing. I did cry while listening to it... Cry baby as usual ㅋㅋㅋ

jakku hwaga na neol saranghaeseo
wae babo cheoreom dareun saram
bogo isseo nappeun saram
seotun sarange dachin maeume
hansumman nawa sir eobsi
utda ureo neo ttaemune apa
neoraseo ireoke sarang haneun neoraseo
myeot beondo chameul su isseo
cheoeum buteo neo hanabakke nan mollasseu nikka
da neoraseo ireoke bogo
sipeun neoraseo saranghae
neomu apeujiman neomu himdeul
jiman neoraseo nan gwaenchanha
jabji motaeseo
meoreojineun neol
tto barabogo tto gidarida jichyeo
neo ttaemune seulpeo

neoraseo ireoke sarang haneun neoraseo
myeot beondo chameul su isseo
cheoeum buteo neo hanabakke nan mollasseu nikka
da neoraseo ireoke bogo
sipeun neoraseo saranghae
neomu apeujiman neomu himdeul
jiman neoraseo nan gwaenchanha

neoraseo ireoke sarang haneun neoraseo

da neoraseo ireoke bogo sipeun
neoraseo saranghae
jakku yogsimi na jakku nunmuri
na neoraseo da neoraseo

English Translation
I keep getting angry because I love you
Why are you foolishly looking
at someone else, you bad person?
At my clumsy love, at my hurt heart,
I just let out sighs and randomly laugh and cry
It hurts because of you
Because it’s you, because it’s you that I love
I can hold it in several times
Because I only knew you from the start
Because it’s all you, because
it’s you that I miss, I love you
It hurts so much, it’s so hard
but because it’s you, I’m okay

You grow farther away
because I couldn’t hold onto you
I look at you, I wait for you and get exhausted
Because of you, I get sad

Because it’s you, because it’s you that I love
I can hold it in several times
Because I only knew you from the start
Because it’s all you, because
it’s you that I miss, I love you
It hurts so much, it’s so hard
but because it’s you, I’m okay

Because it’s all you, because it’s you that I love

Because it’s all you, because
it’s you that I miss, I love you
I keep getting greedy, I keep crying
Because it’s you, because it’s all you
Korean: music.daum | Translation: pop!gasa | Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized

Friday, June 29, 2012


what is the happiest news for a Woo-stan like me?????? 


JYPE has released the 1st teaser of Wooyoung's solo on 27th June, and yesterday, they just released the tracklist of Wooyoung's mini album: 23, MALE, SINGLE. hihihi! Yes, that will his album title be.... 

Can't wait for the album officially release!!!! Yesterday he had his 1st solo debut stage. Although it was not perfect, but I'm still proud of him. BBIDDING CUTIE PIE!!!!

Don't forget to visit his very own website: Jang Woo Young

Sunday, June 24, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): LAST DAY

ok, i knew i took more than half a year to complete my entry on Korean trip. talk about laziness... hihihi!

finally, day 6 a.k.a last day! "pejam celik pejam celik", finally my korea trip has reached the final day ㅠㅠㅠ nothing much on final day, but managed to do a quick visit to certain places ;)

1. Hello Kitty Cafe & Coffee Prince

Both cafes located at Hongdae which our guesthouse located too. When Lumos was planning our itinerary, i told her to include Coffee Prince in the itinerary. As Hello Kitty Cafe, we didn't actually visited it, just it was nearby the Coffee Prince, so, stopped in front of it & took a pic... LOL

i didn't enter it tho... hihihi

Ok, as for Coffee Prince, the one that i visited was not the original cafe ㅠㅠㅠ the moment i entered it, i was wondering why it looks totally different from the drama, just to knew once i was back in Malaysia, that was their 2nd branch ㅠㅠㅠ well, at least managed to take a pic with Coffee Prince's banner.

I Love This Drama SFM!
2. Buchon Hanok Village

Since we still have a plenty of time before we gotta make a move to the airport, we decided to visit Buchon Hanok Village for fun. If you are a fan of 1N2D, the casts did cover this area which we can do a mission to search 7(?) photo spots.

Well, we managed to find only 1 spot before we gave up... hahahaha! Too much walking to do tho :p It's a traditional village yet still urban in this a modern era.

Ms. Timot pic! 1st Photo Spot, and the only spot we managed to find ㅋㅋㅋ
Basically, we didn't do much on our final day! After these 2 places, we went back to our guesthouse, luncheon for the final time at our favourite ahjumma restaurant, and 'lepak-ing' at the guesthouse til 5pm before we make a move to airport.

Short trip yet memorable to me and i'll come back to Korea again!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


today, Wooyoung tweeted a surprise pic of his sexy back, TOPLESS! of coz as an avid creeper of him, i went gkdbdldndld! at first, i thought that will be his album concept which i'm totally digging it. but once the translation of his tweet came out, actually it's for a magazine shoot!

freaking magazine shoot... and later, it was revealed that it was for MEN'S HEALTH! hoshit... that freaking MEN'S HEALTH! the same mag that Khun, Chan & Taec were featured. i'm not sure whether my pabo aegi will be as the front cover, but i'm totally gonna grab a copy!

i was never imagined that Wooyoung will be featured in Men's Health coz he is Wooyoung... hahahaha! well, he has been working really hard to build his body lately! finally he found exercising is amusing? LOL~~~ not complaining, would never complain...

the picture that he tweeted that turned Woo-stan wild!
ps: july is a heaven month for woo-stan coz he will debut as a solo artist too! mini album yaw~~~

Sunday, June 3, 2012



Rooftop Prince has ended its airing last week, and i have to say I'm kinda missed the drama. It is indeed one of my favourite k-drama. Since it started, I've always rooting for Pak Ha & Yi Gak, and I wish they will end up together instead of Yi Gak-Bu Yong or Pak Ha-Tae Yong.

But, the ending was a lil confusing to me, and to some other loyal followers of this drama coz we didn't know who was actually ended up together with Pak Ha. He looks like Tae Yong but his attitude seems like Yi Gak.

So, I've rewatched it again on OneHD, then did some research. Well, read reviews/comments of the drama on Dramabeans or Cadence. Then I started to realise the motive of this drama. It might not be the ending some of us want, but it is acceptable at least for me.

This drama was all about finding your DESTINED LOVE. If you remember, the 1st episode of RP, it started with the death of Crown Princess & the mystery death of Tae Yong. After first few episodes, I have made up my mind the body in the pond was Bu Yong instead of the Crown Princess. So, during Joseon era, the destined love should be Yi Gak-Bu Yong and in the modern era, it supposed to be Tae Yong-Pak Ha. But because of the death of Bu Yong (it was revealed during the final episode), Yi Gak can't find his destined love. This situation is repeated during the modern era, when Tae Yong was accidently 'murdered' by Tae Moo, and Pak Ha can't find her destined love too. But, Tae Yong is basically still alive, and Pak Ha still has a chance to meet her destined love.

So, this is the tricky part, why Yi Gak has to travel 300 years in the future to solve the murder of his Crown Princess? I think it is because, while he is solving the murder, he has to fix the destiny of Pak Ha & Tae Yong, so the 300 years ago event will not be repeated. It just a lil sad, coz to us Yi Gak & Tae Yong are still 2 different persons, and the one that Pak Ha was in love with was Yi Gak not Tae Yong. Same goes with Yi Gak. He might knew Bu Yong but he was never fall in love with Bu Yong, but he was in love with Pak Ha instead.

Yi Gak, is basically ended up with no one, once he went back to Joseon. Do you remember that Pak Ha read something in a history book on Joseon, and she was devastated reading it? RP's writer never reveal it, but i read somewhere, actually it was stated that Yi Gak passed away, 2 years after the death of his Crown Princess, and he never ends up with anyone else. I don't know how true was this, so, let's just assume here. LOL!

Then, who was with Pak Ha at the end of the drama. Yi Gak or Tae Yong? It was Tae Yong obviously TT.TT... Well, we can assume Tae Yong woke up from the coma but having a memory of Tae Yong & a lil of Yi Gak. He can draw, so he has to be Tae Yong. But when he stood, he put his 2 hands at the back, that is Yi Gak. So, Tae Yong might not know bout Yi Gak & Pak Ha's love story but he has feeling towards Pak Ha coz of Yi Gak's memory. Writer of RP has put it as an open ending: It's up to us to think whether it is Yi Gak or Tae Yong that ended up with Pak Ha. And as for dearie Yi Gak, his mission was accomplished, coz he managed to fix the destiny of Tae Yong & Pak Ha coz that is why after 300 years, their love never change.

ps: this drama was never a logic one, but i don't know why the writer has to make it as logic as it can be on the finale... LOL

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Sometimes... you have to make a bad decision to realise what is right for you!
Sometimes... you have to be selfish, and put yourself first to make that right choice!
Sometimes... you have to suffer a lil while before you can finally feel the happiness!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


this is uber funny, and i can't stop laughing!

today, 2PM's boys (Khun-Chan-Su) tweeted a lot of heartwarming tweets regarding Junsu's solo stage. it was really heartwarming, and even touched the fans' hearts reading it especially Chansung & Junsu with their 'essay'. then suddenly, i wish wooyoung will tweet too as i miss him so much. but, since he is not an 'essay' boy, and how simple his mind can be, i tweeted this:

it started as an imagination & a wish, and 2 minutes after that, BAM! Jang Wooyoung appeared on my timeline, with a short tweet. i didn't understand it fosho since it's in korean. but when the translation started to appear, i was like so surprised coz he tweet meant, "Everyone, Good Night." LOL! he tweeted was one thing, but what he tweeted was what i predicted!

following this 5 years old cutie pie on twitter for the past 1 year, it seems like i've known him very well... herm! i can be a good 'gf' for him aite? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ps: wooyoung-ah, ailebiu! LOL

Monday, May 21, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 5

Shop til i drop day ;)

1. Itaewon

We went here with one thing in mind: WE NEED TO EAT MEAT! Since Itaewon is known as the 'Muslim Hub' in Seoul, so, there're plenty of halal restaurants. We've been a non-meat eater for the past 4 days, so, we knew we gotta eat meat.

There were quite a lot of halal's restaurant, but none of it is korean halal food. Or maybe we didn't 'rajin' enough to search for it. So, we ended up at a turkish restaurant, Pasha. Menu? Kebab fosho~~~

Herm... I still prefer Malaysian Kebab? LOL~~~

2. Namdaemun

This place is much much better than Dongdaemun for me. Well, the main purpose was to buy brooches. At least for me coz mom has told me to 'borong' brooches as much as i can. I really 'borong' k! 

pic is owned by LumosNY coz i just realised i didn't take any pic at Namdaemun at all O.o

Bought few t-shirts of I ❤ Korea as souvenirs. The market was soooo big that we had quite a hard time to find where is brooch section located. But, once you are there, rambang mata is on mode... LOL

3. Hongdae

a walk in Hongdae with 'mom sweater' was so freaking cool
Our schedule of that day ended a lil earlier, but we were too tired so, once we had our dinner nearby our guesthouse, we decided to just walk around Hongdae. Well, it was more to stress-less walk coz Hongdae wasn't that crowded on Monday night. I bought hot chocolate while walking around Hongdae.

I wore 'mom sweater' which of coz i would not wear it in Malaysia & walk around KL City coz it is sooo not cool. But, 'mom sweater' is just a normal outfit there which i don't feel awkward or uncool... ㅋㅋㅋ


This was the last night in Seoul City... How time flies fast ㅠㅠㅠ


This song was released back in 2008, together with their debut song, 10 out of 10. The album titled was Hottest Time Of The Day.

So, 2PM just released so called a compilation album, Member's Selection, and re-recorded 10 out of 10, Only You, Again & Again, I Hate You and She Might Comeback. Re-recorded as in, originally 7 voices, and now it is perfectly 6 voices. I'll always love the original version but the new version shows how improved each of their voices... ihiks!

Anyway, JYPE released a special MV for Only You. The MV is freaking heaven coz all I can see is the beautiful-ness of 6 men that i love so much ㅠㅠ

Friday, May 4, 2012


This week is kinda a laid back for me since i've been on-leave from work since Monday. Well, it's not really an on-leave, coz i'm finishing up my leaves, before i'm joining a new company on 7th May. Nervous, anxious yet excited.

I hope i'll be fine there... Wish me luck peeps ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012


30th April is here again (it was still 29th April in Malaysia when this post was posted O.o), and that means my k-pop ultimate bias ever, Jang Wooyoung turns 23 years old today (24th for korean age).

if according to my timeline being a 2PM's fan, this is his 3rd birthday that i'm celebrating ^^.  just like every year, i'm uber excited for it. well, that's what all fangirls do aite?

Dear Jang Woo Young,
This is my 3rd year celebrating your birthday as 2PM's fan, and as your bias.
To me, you are a perfect guy in your own way, and that is why you are JANG's PERFECTION!
I wish you gonna have the best birthday of your life this year, and wish you all the best in what ever you gonna do!
I Love You & I'll always do!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


well, i wish, when i'm writing this entry, it is because i'm joining it which, it is not true ㅠㅠ. The winner of this contest will have a chance to tour around Korea with 2PM & Miss A! Yes, freaking TU PI EM, my oppars ㅠㅠ.

I'm tempted to join, but my current situation won't allow me to do so. Of coz, when we join any contest, at least 1% in you will think: I'M GONNA WIN IT! What is the point of joining if you don't have faith with yourself aite?

So, with that thought, I've asked myself, "If I win, but I can't go, wouldn't I be more heartbroken compares I didn't win it coz I didn't join it?"... Yes, it is foolish of me by giving it up before I even try it.

I'll join a new company on 7th May, which the probation would be 6 months. The winner of the contest will fly to Korea for freaking 7 days in June, and gonna have fun with 2PM & Miss A. Being a new employee, and being a professional, it won't be good if you gonna apply for leave, and plus it is not only for a day, but freaking 7 days. Huhuhu! Why that shit has to happen at a wrong time?????

If only.... ㅠㅠㅠ (full info: ibuzzkorea)

Anyway, tho I'm not joining it, but few of my closest Hottests are joining it, and I wish 1 of them gonna win it, so, they can flirt with my oppars on my behalf... ㅋㅋㅋ

Please check-out their entries, and if you like it, spread it around \o/

  1.  What Inspires Me The Most About Korea?
  2.  Reasons why you should be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour? 
  1.  What Inspires Me The Most About Korea?
  2.  Reasons why you should be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour?
Event Page:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


fuhhhhhhhhhhhh... Wooyoung is freaking rapping LIKE A BOSS!

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 4

Sunday in Seoul... ^^

1. Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

Don't kill me please!!!!
 This museum was located only 5 minutes from our guesthouse. It was a fun fun fun spending time at the museum with my friends. Basically it's an art museum, but the drawings are 3D effects. 

We were there for almost 2 hours, took a zillion pictures... Seriously, the pictures there were awesome!!!

2. Dongdaemun

It's all about souvenirs. We were wandering from the afternoon til evening. There's one famous shopping complex, which is called Doota. The mall is basically not that cheap, but there are 2 souvenir shops that sell plenty of stuffs that you can bring back home. Oh, the shop owners can even speak Malay/Indo. So, don't mengumpat ok... LOL

It is also famous of the Dongdaemun Market (DDM). Herm... I wasn't find interesting at the market, or maybe it was Sunday, so, there're a lot of shops were closed. But, I managed to grab 2 aprons as requested by my mom... hahahaha! she wanted me to buy after seeing a lot of nice aprons in k-drama...

Can you see me, or all you can see is Buck?
 Walked around Dongdaemun for a while, and found It's Skin... 2PM mode is freaking on! Bought the eye-liner (which it turns out good to me), and Timah was trying hard for the salesgirl to give us 2PM's posters. In the end, she gave us, after Lumos bought her stuff too. 1 poster for each of us... Yay!

3. Luxury, Hongdae

I'm sleepy O.o
It's a noraebang place, and........... it's a noraebang place that 2PM went in Wild Bunny Ep. 1. And what makes it so special, we requested for 2PM's room... YES! You can request it, by mentioning 2PM's room. LOL!

I had fun tho after 2 hours, i took a nap while my t-listeu were having fun karaoke-ing! kuikuikui

That's all on my 4th day in Seoul ^^

Monday, April 16, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 3

This entry is a long long long overdue... LOL. Anyway, on the 3rd day, we only been to 2 places, Nami Island & Lotte World.

1. Nami Island, Chuncheon

Beautiful Nami Island ^^
It's quite far from Seoul, but since with the super efficient public transport, i didn't feel it was quite far after all. We've decided to take the train, which we have to switch the train's lines twice, so it took us approximately 2 hours to reach our destination. Well, 2 hours including getting into a wrong train... LOL

For those who are not sure what is Nami Island, basically, it is famous coz of Winter Sonata. If you also don't know what is Winter Sonata, Mr. Google will help you to answer the question. Well, Nami Island is kinda famous during the winter, but when i went, it was already the end of autumn, so it was still as beautiful as it should be.

The trees there were beautiful, and of coz, there're a lot of things that related to Winter Sonata. My fangirling mode is on fosho, seeing all these thingy. And they only have 1 place to fill-in your stomach, and it is HALAL. Yewp, they even have a halal sign. What they have? Lunch Box a.k.a Dosirak... Nyum! Nyum!

By 2pm, we've decided to leave Nami Island, and we took a bus to the train station. Believe me, we became a lil jakun on the bus... ahahahaha.

It's a beautiful place seriously, and for 1st timer to Korea, this place have to be in the 'A PLACE YOU MUST GO' list.

2. Lotte World

Say Hey!!!
It's a theme park. Almost like our Sunway Lagoon, with indoor & outdoor theme park. Just, i'm not a theme park person, so, i paid the entrance fee to loitering while waiting for my friends playing. But i'm not alone since Kak Eton was with me... ehehehehehe

Well, i just don't play rollercoaster, or something similar to it, but i still play something not extreme, like Haunted House... HAHAHAHA. Anyway, it was fun tho ;)


Before you think this post is related to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On, NO IT IS NOT... ehehehehe

Starting from today, i decided to countdown my last day with my current company. Ive tendered on 9th April with one month notice, and after deducting my 6 days leave, my last day would be on 27th April 2012, which is next week.

The reason? Well, i don't think i should talk it here. but, i have to resign not because i want too, but i have to & no choice. i'm kinda sad yet, i have to accept it, and move on. hopefully, i'll find the same happiness i had at my current company at my future company which i'll start on 7th May.

ps: i have one week holiday before i start my job at the new place... huyeah!!!
psps: unrelated, but i was writing this entry while listening to Junho & Wooyoung's Move On...

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Me being a big fan of 2PM is known by my colleagues. I never hide that i'm a 2PM's fan... ihiks! Lately, my work station a.k.a my desk is fulled with 2PM's stuffs...

2PM-ish or more to WOO-ish?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 2

i didn't visited much on 2nd day but it was a fun fun fun day for me, especially i've visited a place that is very near to 2PM's heart.

1. JYP Entertainment Center, Cheongdam-dong
As a hardcore 2PM's fan, of coz, JYPE is a must for me to go for at least once. I wanna see the building where 2PM was always been ^^

To get to JYPE wasn't that hard actually but it wasn't that easy either. I'll post a direction how to get there in my next post k. Anyway, we had to walk for almost 45 minutes (?) from Apgujeong Station. It was a long long long walk k.

We gotta stop at a Dunkin' Donuts to get a direction to JYPE. Luckily because i went with my Hottest friends, so, all of us were not giving up til we found the building. The moment we found it, OMG! it was like we were seeing 2PM. Finally we were in front the precious building for 2PM's fan like me.

There's a Dunkin' Donuts right in front of the building. So, all of us decided to 'lepak' there and get a drink after a long walk. Seriously, i wasn't dare to get near to the building (silly me!), so i was just staring at it from Dunkin' Donuts. The waitress there even told us, if we have anything to pass to 2PM, we can give it to them, and they will help us to pass it to the staff... how sweets were them ♥ and they even told us that 2PM is not coming to the agency that day... LOL! of coz we knew... 2PM was already on their way to Singapore for their Hands Up Asia Tour.

Well, we stayed there bout 30 - 45 minutes, doing nothing except spazzing. hahaha! it was one of the most memorable moments for me ^^


2. Coex Mall, Gangnam-gu
We went to the mall since Lumos needs to find a new shoes badly. It just a normal mall (at least to me) and grab a lunch fosho. I did a lil shopping there: Belt & Compact Powder from Etude House. Sorry, no picture... LOL!

3. Seoul Lantern Festival, Cheonggyecheon Stream
Basically, this wasn't in our itinerary but since we visited Seoul during the time, so, after Coex Mall, we've decided to go there. 

It was beautiful to see a lot of lanterns, from superheroes (Superman, Batman etc.) and others too. But one thing for sure, they were a lot of lovey dovey couple went there. hihihi.

one of the lantern~~~

4. Myeongdong
So, we went to Myeondong again but this time we shopped! Timah bought a spectacle from Look Optical, while i bought a pink frame sunglasses from the market oppa... LOL. Oh, of coz we went to Evisu to buy nothing, except taking pic with TaecWoo. Evisu's stuffs are expensive k

Then went to the subway station again to buy k-pop stuffs. This time i got myself GD's Heartbreaker album, 2PM's Star Card and few 2PM's stuffs...

That's all that we did on the 2nd day of our Korea trip ^^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 1

this is like overdue but i still need to blog about it. since i'm kinda lazy to write a long entry, so i'm gonna blog by places that i visited ;)

1. Incheon Airport
Well, of coz the moment you arrived in Seoul, Incheon Airport will be the first location in your trip. Just like other airports in the world, it just another airport but their WiFi was awesome to the max. The first thing me & my friends did were checking our handphone whether the roaming works... Luckily, my roaming works well ^^

from maxis to olleh
Since we reached early morning, 6.30am, so the first thing we did in Incheon was having breakfast. We decided to have our breakfast at a coffee shop at the airport but i can't remember the coffee shop's name... ihiks.

2. Hey Backpackers 1 & 2, Hongdae
Hahaha... the experience when we had to find our guesthouse was funny. We didn't have problem to get to Hongdae from airport. Once we reached Hongik University Station, we have to walk 10 minutes to get to our guesthouse.

FYI, Hey Backpackers have 2 guesthouses: 1 & 2 which located like 2 minutes away with each other. I remembered when i booked Hey Backpackers 1 & we didn't have problem to find it but when we reached HB1, no one were there to open the doors for us. Then this one kind ahjussi (he owns an electrical shop next to HB1) told us to go to HB2 instead to find the owner. So, with his minimal English, he explained to us the direction to HB2 and it was me & Lumos mission to find HB2, while Fatima & Mai waited for us in front of HB1. Since we can't really understood the direction well, both of us ended up wandering the whole Hongdae for more than 45 minutes. We did asked direction from the Watson's people, 7-eleven ahjussi & even a police, but none of them gave us a correct direction. LOL! it was kinda frustrating.

Then, when we were on our way to HB1, dang! We found HB2 like 2 minutes away from HB1... Well, it was quite a fun experience for us...

in front of Hey Backpackers 2!
 3. Pavarotti, Hongdae
After settling down with the guesthouse, it was already noon, so, we gotta eat. We went to a pasta restaurant, Pavarotti. I'm not a fan of pasta, so, i decided to order a Shrimp Salad.

Nyum! Nyum!
4. Namsan Tower
From Myeongdong Station, we decided to walk which just to realise after that we have to climb up the hill. The hill was freaking steep, NO JOKE!
Well, Namsan Tower is famous with their Love Locks. It was kinda amusing seeing those locks since we don't have it in Malaysia. We can see the view of Seoul City from the tower but since it was like 3pm - 4pm, we can't see the beautiful night of the Seoul City.

till death tear us apart
5. Myeongdong
Since Namsan Tower & Myeongdong are nearby, so, we headed to Myeongdong Market. It is like KL's Petaling Street just it was more fun than PS. Of coz i was more excited when we found Evisu & Look Optical's outlet (if you are a 2PM's fan like me, you'll know why).

I didn't buy anything (yet), except 2PM's 2nd single, Time For Change at the Myeongdong Subway Station.

1st day at Myeongdong, this is the only thing that i bought :p
I'll end my 1st entry here. My entry kinda boring aite? I'll have a special post to paste interesting pictures during my trip k. I'll post my 2nd entry a.k.a 2nd day soon. It will be more interesting especially if you are a JYP Nation's fan ^^

Sunday, January 1, 2012


wow... 2012 is finally here! i don't have any resolution coz i prefer to go with the flow... hahahaha...

anyway, how did i spent my last day of 2011???? well, a fangirl is always a fangirl...

well, at noon, i have a date with t-listeu at a Korean Restaurant in Bangsar South. the place is called Oiso. the food is good. but, of coz spending time with the girls that made the date was awesome. anddddddddd... the surprise! i can't believe they surprised me with a birthday cake & i was blurred a while coz my birthday is like one more week. it took me few seconds to realise actually they decided to surprise me with an early birthday celebration... GIRLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

My Surprise Birthday Cake!

so, at night, i didn't go anywhere to celebrate the new year, but instead, i stayed front of my laptop and streaming 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun to watch 2PM! yes, i have no laifu... watching 2PM on laptop is much more fun rather than stuck in a traffic jam... afterall, 2PM gave me a great moment last night with their performance & their 'BALLS'...

last but not least, HAPPY 2012! MAY 2012 WILL BRING MORE HAPPINESS TO ALL OF US...