Monday, January 17, 2011


Hyun Bin just proofed to me that he is one of my favorite korean actor. after My Lovely Sam-Soon & Worlds Within, Secret Garden (SG) just get into the list of my favorite k-drama. of coz, at first i wanna watch SG coz of Hyun Bin and as i expected his drama never disappoint me.

i've been following Secret Garden tru astro under the channel OneHD! and since the first episode, i was already hooked and never missed to watch it every Mon & Tues. one habit that i can't control, when i have already hooked, i decided to read the episodes recap before it is air on TV! and in the end, i'm getting more excited and started to watch it online!

i'm loving the character of Kim Joo Won that was played by Hyun Bin. the cockiness, the childishness are perfect to me! and when he was being romantic, i was really really in love with Kim Joo Won... and i did cried during episode 17...

Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra-im al so did well... i think she's cool yet & funny especially when she was fangirling over Oska... kekekekeke! Well, welcome to SG by getting into my favorite k-drama list ;)

from Ji-Heon to Jin-Heon to Joo Won, he never failed to make me gugu gaga

ps: i need to find my own Kim Joo Woon, so i can be his Gil Ra-Im ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010... 2011

wow... time do flies fast! can't believe it is now 2011! 2010 seems too short to me!

i started 2010 with nothing special! in March, after 3 years, i finally changed my job! it was sad to leave my old company, but i need to move on for a better life... so, 29th March 2010, i started my new career at advertising agency! a new field to me... but til today, i'm doing fine there ;)

2010 also marked that i lost 2 aunts coz of cancer in June. the bad thing was, it happened within a week! sigh... semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat... AMINNNN~~~~

but the best thing happen in my life in 2010 was when i flew all the way to Thailand so i can meet my latest obsession, the k-pop boyband, 2PM! i became their fan back in 2009 and i never expected that i will fly to other country to meet them!!!

so, what is my resolution of 2011? i never believe in resolution coz i'm pretty sure i'll not fulfill it! so, just let it be & see how i'm doing in 2011! but one thing for sure, i'm gonna fly to South Korea for a trip... then, i wanna meet 2PM again... ekekekekeke!

ps: i'm still single after 2 years! hahahaha