Tuesday, June 29, 2010


huish.... i was so attached to u-kiss for the past 2 weeks and i didn't realise Caller Ringtone for 2PM's DSCS mini album is available to buy for Maxis/Hotlink users now!!! at first i thought of buying & using DSCS to entertain my callers since DSCS is my most fav track in the album til i heard I'LL RISK MY LIFE FOR YOU cut... oh my!!! it is Wooyoung's part... so, i decided to buy BOTH songs... so, if you call me now, u'll be entertained either with DSCS or IWRMLFY!

ps: they have it for DIGI user too... Sorry for CELCOM's user, i don't think they have


since i created a special blog for wooyoung, i rarely blog about love of my life here... just to share a pic here that made me giggle so much...

credit: as tagged + wooyoung@tumblr

Monday, June 28, 2010


herm... without i realising it, this June 2010 is my 1st year anniversary as 2PM's fan or to be exact as Hottest! time flies fast ha?! i still remember back in April 2009, when some people talked bout 2PM, i was like, 2PM??? who is 2PM??? and 2 months after that, i officially declared myself as Hottest!

being a Hottest since their happy days with 7 members, i can't help myself not to fall with all the 7 boys back then! bit by bit, i started to has my own bias which is now love of my life, JANG WOOYOUNG! Idol Army, Wild Bunny just made me to fall in love with them more and more.

TIME FOR CHANGE!the days when 2PM was introduced to me~~~

as i thought, nothing gonna happen to the 7 boys, September 2009 changed the whole history of 2PM and Hottest. The withdrawal of dearie Leadja, Park Jaebum was totally a shocked to me and i cried the whole week coz of that! although it was totally a devastating news, i decided to be strong for the boys... and as Jay permanent withdrawal was announced in Feb 2010, things were getting worst for the boys as ex-hottest(s) started to call them a betrayer.

DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP! i'm still standing here as a proud HOTTEST~~~

i was so hurt by all this issue and it just made me to be proud as Hottest! without turning back, i decided to be by their side, and get hurt with them. and now, after a year, the boys are still standing strong & they never gonna give up...

ps: i'm a proud Hottest! and proud to be called as THE BRAINLESS ORGANISM too~~~


woot! woot! i went to One Utama yesterday with Lumos, Bell, Mai & Ila! well, we just dropped by & take a look at Beast's fansigning! but what made us more excited, we found 2PM Mini Coke at Lotte Mart! wasai~~~ RM4.50 per bottle with Black or Red caps! i grabbed Black caps with wooyoung's pic on it! DUHHHHHH~~~ obviously it must be wooyoung for me aite????

Thursday, June 24, 2010


geeshhhh... this pic turned Kiss Me upside down!!! he looks like malay doesn't he???? it would be perfect if he was wearing a songkok too... but LOL @ the sampin... it seems wrong to me the way he wore it... doesn't matter la! heard, that he wore this out went to dinner at Daorae *O.M.G*

cr: GDE Facebook page


i managed to record 3 of their performance: BINGEUL BINGEUL, TALK TO ME & END OF THE ROAD... Man Man Ha Ni was a failure to me coz i thought i recorded it just to realise it was on paused mode... *cries* extra vid: DONGHO DANCED TO GEE *screams*


where should i start??? ahahaha... well, til today, i can't believe that i manage to meet one of my favorite k-pop idol! U-KISS~~~ i've been their fan since their 2nd mini album... since, i'm one of the co-founder of M'sian Kiss Me site, MY-KISSU, few weeks before the fan meeting kick off, i've been tweeting, updating all infos on u-kiss fan meeting! these made me more excited can't wait til the day comes.

too bad, when they boys arrived in Malaysia on 17/6, i can't welcome them since i need to work... yes, the life of working fangirl =.= same goes with their 2nd day in Kuala Lumpur, i can't join when they went to Sunway Lagoon... sigh!!!!

ok, cut all the crapness, and let's move on the day i finally met U-Kiss! 19th June 2010... yewp, that's the date that i should remember the rest of my life. i reached Plenary Hall, KLCC around 10.20am and met other MY-KISSU's staffs... since we handled quite a few project for the fanmeeting, so, we have to settle everything before we can officially enter the hall. luckily it's a seated number, so we were like relax a lil bit & not rushing! i entered around 1.55pm and i already can feel the aura of U-Kiss & Kiss Me...


while waiting for the fanmeeting to start, U-Kiss' album Only One was played and, i can't stop from singing along. And yeah... when the Emcee of the day, Ryan from One FM finally out, everybody was screaming & YES! THE BOYS ARE OUT~~~ i can't believe the boys were in front of me, and omigosh, DONGHO!!!! YOU ARE INFRONT OF MY EYES... p/s: ahahaha~~~ yes, i'm a Dongho bias!

they did an introduction of themselves before they moved on with games! this was when turned sour for me... for both games, i didn't get pick... sob! sob! but it was fun to watch other Kiss Me had fun on stage with the boys... but i can't help to feel a lil jealous with the fan who got a hug from the boys especially Dongho's hug... TT.TT


as Dongho's birthday was 10 days after the fanmeeting, Malaysia U-Kiss Union (MY-KISSU & UKISSMALAYSIAFC), decided to do a surprise birthday celebration for Dongho... Dongho was quite surprised & same goes with others. We sang the birthday song twice which one in Malay & one in Hangeul. Dongho and his cuteness can be seen during this time! aigoooo.... i sayang him lar!


time i've been waiting for has come!!! PERFORMANCE~~~ dang... they started with Bingeul Bingeul... damn, it was good k!!! well, i can't remember they sang I Like You first or Talk To Me first, but they sounded just like in their album ^o^ then they moved on with a ballad song... oh no kamu!!! when Xander jokingly mentioned that "We are Ais Kacang, and we will melt after listening to it", i didn't know i was really becoming Ais Kacang... End Of The Road by Boyz II Men was just beyond my expectation. They did well, and i'm falling for it. AND YES! I'M FALLING FOR KEVIN's VOICE IMMEDIATELY~~~

then, they continued with Mworago which was another awesome performance from them... They ended their performance with Man Man Ha Ni and the fanchants were way awesome~~~ i can felt the energy between U-Kiss & Kiss Me became one in Man Man Ha Ni. the last event of the day was fansigning for VIP & album giveaway for other packages. since i was only an Ace tix holder, i just need to wait for giveaway album section.


when my turned was closer, and when i can see the boys were getting closer to me, i was like so excited! since Kevin was the first, so, i waved at Kevin and jumped straight like a kid to the next member after Kevin! it is DONGHO! i acted like a kid, and said to him, "I WANT IT FROM YOU!" Dongho smiled *fainted* and pass the album to me and said, "THANK YOU"... and a stupid excited fangirl like me, didn't even shake hands with him! my mind was blank... and i didn't waved to the rest of the members... What the heck was wrong with me???


after that, i had quite difficult time, how should i pass Dongho's gifts since i don't think i manage to pass it at the hotel! thanks to my dearie Crystal, in the end, i passed to the security uncle on stage to put the present together with other present on stage! YES!!! no-no... we didn't just stop there, coz me, mai & hana decided to go to the hotel to meet they boys one last time... nothing interesting happen at the hotel except we almost get tricked by the hotel's staffs... ahahahaha!

well, that's all... boring fanaccount since nothing interesting happen between me & u-kiss... but i'll treasure those moments forever...

p/s: Dongho dance to GEE was beyond cute k!!!