Tuesday, May 3, 2011


when i created my me2day a year ago, twitter wasn't very popular among the k-pop stars. few famous k-pop stars started a me2day acct, so i decided to create one acct for the sake of 'having conversation' with them. but 2PM doesn't have one back then. then, twitter is getting more & more famous among them and 1 by 1 of 2PM's members started to create a twitter acct. and, i started to abandon my me2day.

but lately, me2day is becoming a hit among my t-lists since Taec & Chan have created me2day! so, i have no choice to dig my me2day acct & glad i still remember the username & password. but still, i'm not actively mitu-ing or open the acct. now, i think i have to be at least open my me2day everyday coz wooyoung has created a me2day acct (http://me2day.net/0430yes) so i'll not miss his mitu!

as i expected, he will not mitu too much based on his tweeting case, i was extremely wrong. since the day he created (29/4), he has been mitu-ing like crazy when the last update of his twitter was 18/2/2011.

ps: i still prefer twitter than me2day coz i understand nothing in me2day
psps: i think wooyoung will abandon his twitter forever
pspsps: even taec & chan are mitu-ing more than tweeting nowdays
pspspsps: junho is tweeting once in a blue moon, khun is still butthurt, so left Junsu who is still actively tweeting