Saturday, January 28, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 2

i didn't visited much on 2nd day but it was a fun fun fun day for me, especially i've visited a place that is very near to 2PM's heart.

1. JYP Entertainment Center, Cheongdam-dong
As a hardcore 2PM's fan, of coz, JYPE is a must for me to go for at least once. I wanna see the building where 2PM was always been ^^

To get to JYPE wasn't that hard actually but it wasn't that easy either. I'll post a direction how to get there in my next post k. Anyway, we had to walk for almost 45 minutes (?) from Apgujeong Station. It was a long long long walk k.

We gotta stop at a Dunkin' Donuts to get a direction to JYPE. Luckily because i went with my Hottest friends, so, all of us were not giving up til we found the building. The moment we found it, OMG! it was like we were seeing 2PM. Finally we were in front the precious building for 2PM's fan like me.

There's a Dunkin' Donuts right in front of the building. So, all of us decided to 'lepak' there and get a drink after a long walk. Seriously, i wasn't dare to get near to the building (silly me!), so i was just staring at it from Dunkin' Donuts. The waitress there even told us, if we have anything to pass to 2PM, we can give it to them, and they will help us to pass it to the staff... how sweets were them ♥ and they even told us that 2PM is not coming to the agency that day... LOL! of coz we knew... 2PM was already on their way to Singapore for their Hands Up Asia Tour.

Well, we stayed there bout 30 - 45 minutes, doing nothing except spazzing. hahaha! it was one of the most memorable moments for me ^^


2. Coex Mall, Gangnam-gu
We went to the mall since Lumos needs to find a new shoes badly. It just a normal mall (at least to me) and grab a lunch fosho. I did a lil shopping there: Belt & Compact Powder from Etude House. Sorry, no picture... LOL!

3. Seoul Lantern Festival, Cheonggyecheon Stream
Basically, this wasn't in our itinerary but since we visited Seoul during the time, so, after Coex Mall, we've decided to go there. 

It was beautiful to see a lot of lanterns, from superheroes (Superman, Batman etc.) and others too. But one thing for sure, they were a lot of lovey dovey couple went there. hihihi.

one of the lantern~~~

4. Myeongdong
So, we went to Myeondong again but this time we shopped! Timah bought a spectacle from Look Optical, while i bought a pink frame sunglasses from the market oppa... LOL. Oh, of coz we went to Evisu to buy nothing, except taking pic with TaecWoo. Evisu's stuffs are expensive k

Then went to the subway station again to buy k-pop stuffs. This time i got myself GD's Heartbreaker album, 2PM's Star Card and few 2PM's stuffs...

That's all that we did on the 2nd day of our Korea trip ^^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KOREA TRIP (17/11/2011 - 22/11/2011): DAY 1

this is like overdue but i still need to blog about it. since i'm kinda lazy to write a long entry, so i'm gonna blog by places that i visited ;)

1. Incheon Airport
Well, of coz the moment you arrived in Seoul, Incheon Airport will be the first location in your trip. Just like other airports in the world, it just another airport but their WiFi was awesome to the max. The first thing me & my friends did were checking our handphone whether the roaming works... Luckily, my roaming works well ^^

from maxis to olleh
Since we reached early morning, 6.30am, so the first thing we did in Incheon was having breakfast. We decided to have our breakfast at a coffee shop at the airport but i can't remember the coffee shop's name... ihiks.

2. Hey Backpackers 1 & 2, Hongdae
Hahaha... the experience when we had to find our guesthouse was funny. We didn't have problem to get to Hongdae from airport. Once we reached Hongik University Station, we have to walk 10 minutes to get to our guesthouse.

FYI, Hey Backpackers have 2 guesthouses: 1 & 2 which located like 2 minutes away with each other. I remembered when i booked Hey Backpackers 1 & we didn't have problem to find it but when we reached HB1, no one were there to open the doors for us. Then this one kind ahjussi (he owns an electrical shop next to HB1) told us to go to HB2 instead to find the owner. So, with his minimal English, he explained to us the direction to HB2 and it was me & Lumos mission to find HB2, while Fatima & Mai waited for us in front of HB1. Since we can't really understood the direction well, both of us ended up wandering the whole Hongdae for more than 45 minutes. We did asked direction from the Watson's people, 7-eleven ahjussi & even a police, but none of them gave us a correct direction. LOL! it was kinda frustrating.

Then, when we were on our way to HB1, dang! We found HB2 like 2 minutes away from HB1... Well, it was quite a fun experience for us...

in front of Hey Backpackers 2!
 3. Pavarotti, Hongdae
After settling down with the guesthouse, it was already noon, so, we gotta eat. We went to a pasta restaurant, Pavarotti. I'm not a fan of pasta, so, i decided to order a Shrimp Salad.

Nyum! Nyum!
4. Namsan Tower
From Myeongdong Station, we decided to walk which just to realise after that we have to climb up the hill. The hill was freaking steep, NO JOKE!
Well, Namsan Tower is famous with their Love Locks. It was kinda amusing seeing those locks since we don't have it in Malaysia. We can see the view of Seoul City from the tower but since it was like 3pm - 4pm, we can't see the beautiful night of the Seoul City.

till death tear us apart
5. Myeongdong
Since Namsan Tower & Myeongdong are nearby, so, we headed to Myeongdong Market. It is like KL's Petaling Street just it was more fun than PS. Of coz i was more excited when we found Evisu & Look Optical's outlet (if you are a 2PM's fan like me, you'll know why).

I didn't buy anything (yet), except 2PM's 2nd single, Time For Change at the Myeongdong Subway Station.

1st day at Myeongdong, this is the only thing that i bought :p
I'll end my 1st entry here. My entry kinda boring aite? I'll have a special post to paste interesting pictures during my trip k. I'll post my 2nd entry a.k.a 2nd day soon. It will be more interesting especially if you are a JYP Nation's fan ^^

Sunday, January 1, 2012


wow... 2012 is finally here! i don't have any resolution coz i prefer to go with the flow... hahahaha...

anyway, how did i spent my last day of 2011???? well, a fangirl is always a fangirl...

well, at noon, i have a date with t-listeu at a Korean Restaurant in Bangsar South. the place is called Oiso. the food is good. but, of coz spending time with the girls that made the date was awesome. anddddddddd... the surprise! i can't believe they surprised me with a birthday cake & i was blurred a while coz my birthday is like one more week. it took me few seconds to realise actually they decided to surprise me with an early birthday celebration... GIRLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

My Surprise Birthday Cake!

so, at night, i didn't go anywhere to celebrate the new year, but instead, i stayed front of my laptop and streaming 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun to watch 2PM! yes, i have no laifu... watching 2PM on laptop is much more fun rather than stuck in a traffic jam... afterall, 2PM gave me a great moment last night with their performance & their 'BALLS'...

last but not least, HAPPY 2012! MAY 2012 WILL BRING MORE HAPPINESS TO ALL OF US...