Saturday, January 30, 2010


yuhuuuuuuuu... yesterday night was a long-long day for me! around 5.30pm, me & Carrie made a move to Bangkok Jazz for Vince's showcase! the showcase was called Vince's Feature Night at Bangkok Jazz... i'm Vince's fan, but i'm going there to do my work since Vince is now under the recording label that i'm currently working! cool ha????!!!!

basically the show starts at 10.30pm, and it was a blast! but it wasn't a blast for me that much since instead of enjoying the performance i have to stay outside the Bangkok Jazz and took care of the guest... but still, i ran off inside the bar to catch his performance... kekeke! afterall, i'm a fangirl ok!

to those people who might not know about this, Vince is the brother to these 2 gorgeous' women, Vanessa & Pamela! don't tell me you guys never heard of both! at least Asian should know... they were 1st runner up for The Amazing Race Asia Season 2... well, i've been knowing them since 2003 especially Vanessa... Vanessa was Vince's manager back then, so, everytime i went to Vince's performances, she'll be there! just since 3 years ago, she decided to quit from being a manger of her brother and started her own career in entertainment world... and i'm glad she still recognised me! as for Pamela, i might look familiar to her since she's already saw me few times back then but i don't think knows my name! hehehehe...

CHONG's sisters: (L-R) Vanessa & Pamela in The Amazing Race Asia 2

just one thing, taking pictures with the girls, makes me look, erm... not ugly, but not pretty! HAHAHA~~~

with VINCE!this is like... erm 12,13, of me & him! kekeke

VANESSA CHONG VEN-LEE...she's gorgeous isn'it????

PAMELA CHONG VEN-TEEN... Vince's little sister ;)

ps: Chong's family is always awesome ;)
psps: i should put more make-up yesterday, so i will not look terrible standing besides Van & Pam =.=

Friday, January 29, 2010


okay, it has been a while i didn't blog about TVXQ! mianhe TVXQ!ah~~~~ but today i screamed when i knew my Jaejoong is BLOND again! and it is damn HOT... i miss this freaking hot guy... and i miss TVXQ! to the max...

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


omigosh... i'm totally excited seeing 2PM's new hair especially Wooyoung & Nichkhun... Wooyoung's new hair makes him more adorable & Nichkhun's new hair makes him more manly...

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taken from: 2pm-online

ps: some people said woo's new hair makes him look a lil bit like micky from tvxq...
psps: this hair makes his mandoo cheeks very d obvious... i likeeeee

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


well, mostly a lot of people already knows that Malaysia is one of SuJu's stop for their Super Show 2... be happy Malaysian! kekeke...

and am i going? no, i'm not going although i believe i should not miss it... well, my reasons are simple...

  1. i'm not a fan of SuJu so i'm a bit hesitate to spend more than RM100 bucks on SuJu
  2. if only there's a less than RM100 ticket
  3. since SuJu's concert info was totally a surprise, so, SuJu's concert was not on my 2010' budget
  4. i'm saving money for my own lil project for wooyoung's birthday


ps: if only there's a less than 100 bucks tix, i don't mind to grab it!
psps: but it is SuJu we are talking about here >,< one of the most influential k-pop's band in the world
pspsps: okay, wooyoung is more important! SHIPPING FEE!!!


eye candy! eye candy! seems like my wishlist is going to be longer & longer coz U-KISS 1st Full Length album's "Without You" is sooo going to be my must buy list!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


One Day is not all about 2PM! the other half is totally not to be ignored... 2AM is freaking needs more love from audience out there... their comeback stage on Music Bank was daebak...

credit: theBabochul@youtube

ps: after watching jinwoon in makbanshi, it is a lil weird for me to see him being serious on stage! kekeke

Friday, January 22, 2010


i miss him! Gong Yoo oppa...

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ps: i'm going to watch Coffee Prince's for erm.... i lost count! but it has been more than 10 times edi!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


spamming Wooyoung's picture again! kekeke... cute isn't it????

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finally... 2AM's 3rd mini album is out! wow... i love all the songs especially CAN'T LET YOU GO EVEN IF YOU DIE & TO HER... but listening to To Her which featuring the magnae of 2PM, Chansung, makes me think, if they going to perform this song, are they going to dance? hahaha..
well, i hope 2AM gonna make it big in 2010 just like 2PM did in 2009...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We, Malaysia fans club of 2PM (a rising 7-members Korean K-POP group) is launching a charity fund titled “Love at 2PM”. Our second project for this fund after T-shirt selling is a charity show titled as "1:59 Charity Show" will be hold on 30th January 2010, supported and venue sponsored by Korea Plaza (Korean Tourism Organization).

This charity show aim to raise fund for “House of Joy” - a social concern and a non-profit charitable home for the under-privileged ones. The concert will have performances by our club members, also special performances by other Hallyu Fans Club (KPOP fans club) and invited guests.

It will be a 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours show, performances by our own MYHottests, members of other fans club, and etc, to raise fund for House of Joy

ps: if there's anything, do not hesitate to visit us for more info at MY-HOTTEST2PM

Monday, January 18, 2010


actually i haven't watch Misuda for quite sometimes already especially since Sofia is no longer a panel! til last 2 weeks a friend of mine, FIZ, smsed me & told me, the M'sian guy who appeared in Misuda sometimes, POH JING CHIEH, was in Misuda again... she told me also that there's a new m'sian girl in the panel list by the name POH too! and what a surprise, they are brother & sister... well, it is cool seeing both of them on Misuda! now i have a reason again why i should watch Misuda again... plus, they were in korean news ;)


ps: pic was taken from the korean news, POHs

Saturday, January 16, 2010


this is unexpected! i mean, of coz i knew bout C.N.BLUE coz of Jung Yong Hwa starred in You're Beautiful... i do checkout their 2 Japanese's singles and i have to admit they are awesome! 14th January 2010 was a day when the band make it official debut in Korea when they released the MV and the album... damn! what a great album! I'M A LONER is one freaking awesome song!

today, 15th January 2010, it has been marked their official debut stage on national tv when the performed at Music Bank... one word: DAEBAK! i'm speechless... but one thing that i really don't like korean music programe, they usually don't provide the stuffs for a band like C.N.BLUE to play the instruments live! so, a great band like C.N.BLUE got to miming the instruments... isn't it a waste???

i watched they performed at C.N.BLUE's showcase a day before, and when i listen to the real music & not a minus one, i feel more lively!!! MuBank, MuCore & Inki should really stop being lazy and let them playing the instruments live! I MEAN IT!

150110 - Music Bank debut stage... they miming the instruments!

140110 - C.N.BLUE showcase! this is what we call LIVE! yay...

ps: videos credit to uploader...
psps: i wanna buy BLUETORY!
pspsps: i don't have my specific favorite member yet! and i'll try not! i wanna be a fan who loves them coz of music not of their good looks... kekeke!
pspspsps: i wish gwang jin still part of the group >,<

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


as usual... when i started to like a drama, i'm sure i'll fall with one of the cast! usually it will be the main lead actor! not an exception for Autumn's Concerto too. but, what makes me kinda excited with this guy, it is not some new actor or an actor that i never heard before...

i'm talking bout Vanness Wu that i knew back then in 2002. it was when Meteor Garden showed in Malaysia, and i've been introduced to this 4 gorgeous guys that widely known as F4! but they guy who caught my eyes was Jerry Yan! so, i never gave a lot of attention to the other 3! during Meteor Garden 2, i have to admit, Vanness looked hotter compare to the 1st season, but again, i'm totally a Jerry Yan's hardcore fan!

after 8 years, when a friend of mine introduced me Autumn's Concerto, i started to look at him as Vanness Wu and not Vanness F4! that was when i started to realise, he is freaking hot! plus, watching him as the main lead, it makes me to appreciate him as an actor more! whoever thought, after 8 years, this guy get into my favorite guy list.... ;) welcome Vanness!!! kekeke... erm, how bout some eye-candy????

8 years ago... kekekeke! i have a reason why Jerry Yan was my 1st choice in MG :P

ps: all pictures were collected randomly! thanks to the uploader

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i totally never expected this! and never heard of it... suddenly, when i online this morning, there's news of 2PM latest single title TIK TOK! why is it so suddenly??? but whatever, i am so loving the song... plus, its featured Yoon Eun Hye and i am so loving YEH so much since Goong! i think this song is Cass Beer's official song that 2PM & YEH's just filmed it... omigosh! how can i not love 2PM more & more nowdays! and the clock will keep TIK TOK til Park Jaebum is back with 2PM...

Monday, January 11, 2010


besides k-drama, i am also a fan of Taiwanese Drama. i have a few list of T-Drama that i love... Meteor Garded 1 & 2, Devil Besides You, Mars, just to name a few... basically, i'm waiting for Calling For Love or Calling Big Star starring Mike He to be aired.

today, a friend of mine, Mai, kept tweeting about this one T-Drama calls AUTUMN's CONCERTO! she even said how she cried like she was left by her husband watching the drama and she's not even married yet! kekeke...

well, the drama starred Vanness Wu, one of the Taiwan's F4... and he is getting hotter nowdays! and suddenly i missed him & the other F3 in Meteor Garden... neway, after i read the full summary of the drama, i'm totally interested watching it although a melodrama is not my type...

the main cast: Ady An & Vanness Wu

ps: for full summary of the drama can be checked here, AUTUMN's CONCERTO


the moment i log-on into my twitter, the news that caught my attention was "2PM WANTS YOU TO KISS THEM"! hahaha... what a great morning when 6 hotties guy asked us to kiss them! LMAO~~~ neway, i'm being a Woo biased again & again... only Woo's picture gonna be posted here...

credit: as tagged

it is my pleasure to ask what you were asking wooyoungie!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


coz i feel this pix is freaking adorable...

credit: as tagged + 2pm-online

Thursday, January 7, 2010


7th January is here again... that means, i'm 1 year older than last year! this year, i turned 26! totally not excited with the numbers... time flies so fast and here i am again, celebrating my birthday for the 26th times... i don't wish for much this year but i hope for better life ahead!!! as for this special entry, here are some eye-candy pictures of myself for the past 26 years... ^o^

1984... baby wawa with her parents! wish for this moment again TT.TT

1986... i might be 2-3 years old with my cousins! can you spot me?

2001... my final year in high school... lol! this picture look too old!

2006... during my college years... chilling out with girlfriends ;)

2007... one of my favorite picture coz i feel so beautiful in here! hahaha

2008... i chopped my hair freaking short!

2010... this picture was taken on 1st Jan during my primary school's friend wedding! a pic with my beshtie/childhood friend!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


after a long wait, finally his 3rd album hit the market & i'm freaking excited... the album consists 12 tracks with 8 tracks composed by Vince himself, the album is totally an album that a BFs should grab... with 9 malay's songs & 3 english songs, it is not only captured the malay's fans! i'm glad he is back... once a BF, always a BF! falling for his voice again ;)

in my opinion, my favorite is Ajar Ku Cinta / Teach Me How To Love... basically TMH2L is the english version of AKC which is also included in this album. same goes with Apa Jawapannya which is also has the english version call Dear Jean.

the album is RM29.90 and can be found at any music stores all over malaysia... ;)

  1. Layan Saja
  2. Apa Jawapannya
  3. Ajar Ku Cinta ft. Joanna Henley Rampas
  4. Biarkan
  5. Kan Temu Jua
  6. Buah Hati
  7. Cerita Kita
  8. Akhirnya
  9. Dimanakah Cintamu
  10. Getting Closer
  11. Teach Me How To Love ft. Joanna Henley Rampas
  12. Dear Jean
checkout Vince's latest news, promo at his fanpage: Vince Chong

Saturday, January 2, 2010


actually, it was at SBS Gayo Daejun when 2PM performed this song for the first time but since lately it was like internet & me totally not a friend, i can't blog about it... today, i managed to watch 2PM's performance of TOW at Music Core and damn, HOTNESS OVERLOAD!

seriously, their style for TOW is totally manly! i love it so much...

credit: chyansie9@Youtube