Thursday, March 31, 2011


after 2 weeks, finally i'm done watching Endless Love. i never thought i'll be addicted to Endless Love when i never knew the existence bout this drama before, and watch it just to fill my boring life... hahahaha

i've been downloading Endless Love for the past 2 weeks, and been watching at least 2 episodes a day (5 episodes straight on last Sunday), and yesterday i have downloaded til Ep.14. Since i'm not sure when will Episode 15 (final) be released, so, i decided to watch it online instead and kill my broadband usage for this month... kekekeke! well, i don't want to wait for 2 weeks just to watch one final episode.

seriously, addicting over Endless Love even i have surprised myself. Wilber Pan indeed new to me. Never watch his drama til Feb2011 when i watched Miss No Good. and he did well in Endless Love. Endless Love fulled of cuteness and the chemistry between Wilber & Sandrine were awesome. Sandrine's character as Song Rui En, the rich girl who looks like a spoilt brat but actually full of cuteness, while Wilber as Liang Jing Hao is such a gentleman before he changed such an ass but still loveable to me later in that drama.

actually, the final episode was ok to me but i still hope it will be longer when the couple finally reunited... getting married at the end, with around 10 minutes' scene was not enough for me. so, in the end, the final episode can't satisfy me much.

ps: if you ask whether is it worth it to watch, then i'll say YES!
psps: serendipity released episode 15 today! oh, gosh... i wasted my usage :(


i just wanna be Kiss Me! although it was hard & kinda hurt when the news of Xander & Ki Bum were no longer with U-Kiss, but being a fan of U-Kiss since 2009, my love towards them are still the same. i'm still uber excited with their latest mini album with 2 new members, Hoon & AJ!

the most important thing, i love all songs in Bran New Kiss with 0330 as my most favorite track. the concept of this album is totally different compare to previous U-Kiss' albums. it sounds more matured and fresh. as for Hoon & AJ, seems like they brought something fresh to U-Kiss though i still wish Xander & Ki Bum are still part of U-Kiss.

the MV is awesome!!!!! my kiddo, Dongho, he's so cute & grown up.... ahhhhhh~~~~ i wish he will stay as 15 forever...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i've just switched my browser to Mozilla Firefox Ver. 4! well, it is quite different from the previous one, so, i'm still in the phase of getting used to it. but, luckily my echofon works... echofon is the most important add-on for me.... oh, and it's quite fast too!


lol... just for fun... :p

Saturday, March 26, 2011


actually i wanna watch Sunny Happiness since i'm totally a big big big fan of Mike He, but the download link for the drama with english subs are still not available (the sad life of broadband subscriber with only 3gb usage per month). so, i decided to dig any interesting taiwan drama that i can watch.

actually, i don't know much about Wilber Pan besides the fact that he's a popular taiwan singer. then 8tv was showing Miss No Good, and the drama was quite interesting to me (being a fan of Rainie Yang). Wilber Pan in Miss No Good kinda attract me too but the airing time for it wasn't that good, so i missed quite a lot of episodes. i started to have a soft spot for him, and tried to search other dramas of him, that was when i knew about Endless Love. i read the synopsis, and then tried to check out the 1st episode & i'm hooked.

by the time i'm writing this entry, i have watched til episode 5. i giggling & squealing like a small kid watching this drama. i'm glad i decided to watch it coz i think it's a worth drama to watch.

ps: i might not be crazy over Wilber Pan like i crazy over Mike He, but he is indeed cute
psps: i like him in EL more than MNG

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


knowing lesser is better

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


245 days from now or 8 months from now, i'll be flying to South Korea for a one week trip... weeeee! can't wait for it.... me & lumos have been talking about it & plan all the places that we should go although we still have 8 months... ihiks!

245 DAYS!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


it has been a while i didn't addicted with Taiwanese drama. the last time was Autumn's Concerto, and it was one year ago. i was kinda miss my Taiwan heart throb, Mike He, so, i decided to check out his latest news and found out that he's coming out with a new drama call, Sunny Happiness.

i was happy to find out about it, so i googled and after i watched the preview (which doesn't seems like a preview at all... LOL!), i was totally hooked. the drama starts airing in Taiwan last month, so i decided to search if the download link with english subs are available. but too bad, NOPE! it will be released soon, episode per episode... ngeeeeee!

ps: i can't wait to drool over Mike He again & again

Thursday, March 10, 2011


well, today i was super duper busy at work, and plus i've stayed in the office til 10pm... around 8pm++, Nichkhun tweeted a pic, and i saw Wooyoung's twitter name in the tweet. the moment i opened, my heart was beating like crazy to see 2 good looking blond guy in that pic. especially *drum roll* the left guy with a super adorb face expression...

i just can't help myself not to fall with wooyoung's cuteness in this pic

ps: seems like wooyoung was holding something like a phone... but why you no tweet boy? =.=
psps: i'm a worshipper of KhunYoung :p

Thursday, March 3, 2011


lately, i'm craving for so many foods... first, it was Sushi! i'm craving to eat sushi at OneU, but i still don't get a chance to go although OneU is 5 minutes away from my house.

today, i craved for IKEA's Swedish Meatball, but this time, i decided not to just crave. went to IKEA and had it... yay!!! yummy~~~

ps: will be having a company's dinner tomorrow at Shang-ri La Hotel... FREE FOOD!!!!