Monday, November 28, 2011



After freaking 3 years of waiting, my biggest k-pop obsession, 2PM was in my beloved country for their full solo concert... The news of Malaysia will be one of the stop of their Hands Up Asia Tour was released back in August, and since then, i've been waiting patiently for 25th November 2011.

1st Day: 23rd November 2011
2PM was scheduled to arrive at KLIA from INC on 23rd Nov at 10.40pm via Korea Airlines. And I just came back from S.Korea that freaking morning, so, after took a fair rest, me & my other 4 t-listeu headed to KLIA around 8.45pm. We reached there around 9.30pm and as usual, we gotta figure out whether the boys will come out via normal arrival's exit or vip's exit a.k.a departure.

Around 10.25pm, we got the news that the boys already arrived, so, we were waiting til the boys came out to greet us for the first time. I've seen the boys' airport fashion that morning so, i was freaking excited to see it with my own eyes especially JANG FARKING WOOYOUNG. When the boys finally showed themselves, all the Hottests that were at KLIA, screamed our lungs out... hoshit! Jang Wooyoung was so fine ide~~~ I managed to get a fine fancam of the boys when they came up via the escalator... i was like: 2PM IS FINALLY IN MY FREAKING COUNTRY!!!!!!!!

It was a lil chaotic, but i tried to stay away from the chaotic but still close enough to the boys.

2nd Day: 24th November 2011

with my beloved t-listeu
It's the PC & High-5 day. I didn't get pass to the PC :( but i won the lucky draw to the High-5. I got the called from the organiser when i was still in S.Korea, and YES! I ANSWERED THE FREAKING CALL... so, i have dressed up nicely coz it will be 1st time meeting the boys close-up... i have to look nice though :p

I've reached Hilton Hotel, KL Sentral around 3pm and the registration started around 4.30pm. I met other t-listeu and everybody was freaking excited to have our very 1st time skinship with all 6 of them. After we got our queue number, we were escorted by the staff to the ballroom wherhe the High-5 will be held. Being in that room made us freaking excited & we can't hide it anymore. The MC, Owen Yap did a pretty good job entertaining us while waiting for the boys to come out.

The moment 2PM came out the fans screamed their lungs out & omg... only GOD knows how happy was i. The boys started with an introduction, and had a lil chit chat with the MC. When the High-5 started, i can't hide my excitement and once it was my turn, my heart was pumping so fast. Chansung was the first in the line & i still managed to control myself and said, "HI" & "HELLO" to him, same goes with Nichkhun who was next after Chansung. My Wooyoung was the 3rd in the line, and i really can't hide my excitement anymore but i still managed to at least said, "HI"... but after that i can't say anything to Junho, Junsu & Taecyeon... Hahahaha.

It was a fast event, which ended in 30 minutes but it was the best moment ever as Hottest!!!!

3rd Day: 25th November 2011

We are freaking excited! (cr: @everyoneconnects)
Finally... D-Day!!! The freaking 25/11/2011 that i've been waiting, is finally here. I reached the stadium since 10am as i didn't only came to watch the concert but i have duty to fulfill as the staff of MYH2PM.

Let's just skip when the concert started. When the clock strikes 8.30pm, the concert was officially started. I'm glad that it wasn't like most of k-pop concerts in Malaysia which it will start 30 minutes later than it original times.

The moment the curtain went down, i screamed like nobody business. OMG!!!! Finally, it started and i was so freaking excited. 2PM's energy was awesome (bias?) and they really knew how to made the audience not to get bored.

The place i stood wasn't a place that Wooyoung always come but seriously, when it comes to 2PM as a whole, 2PM > Wooyoung! I love all their performance but of coz, the most memorable performance would be Back2U. For 2PM's hardcore like me, that have been following them on the net 24/7, we already knew that the performance for that song will be a lil suggestive, so me & my t-listeu, we had assumed that the song will not be performed here in Malaysia due to the strict rule of public performance or they will change the choreography, such as no stripping. So, when the song started, and when we saw the dancers were wearing quite sexy, we became excited, and BUMP! 2PM stripped... oh gosh... it was such a heaven for all Hottests to see 5 six packs (Junsu didn't stripped) on stage! Ok, my life as a Hottest is complete...

Overall, the concert was awesome, and the amount that i spent to watch this concert worth every penny. I had the best time of my life on 25th Nov 2011.

4th Day: 26th November 2011

This a lil funny coz at first i didn't planned to go to KLIA to send my beloved boys back home. I was tired physically & mentally due to no rest once i'm back from Korea. But t-listeu kept talking about it, so, around 7pm, i decided to go to KLIA to see the boys for the last time in KL. We heard that their flight will be at 11.59pm, so, i reached there around 9pm.

The boys reached the airport around 10pm (so early k!) and instead of using the normal departure way, they used the Special Lounge, so, i didn't managed to get the glimpse of my boys that much... hahahahaha... hide & seek much boys?

Now, i've been missing the boys too much & i think i'm having a major withdrawal syndrome which i don't know when will i get over it. The whole 4 days with 2PM will be treasured for the rest of my life... 2PM, SILA BALEK LAGI!!!!

for more of my fancams of 2PM's arrival & concerts: MYHottest2PM@youtube
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