Wednesday, April 1, 2009


my tribute to one of korean great drama for this year: BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS/BOYS OVER FLOWERS/KGOTBODA NAMJA~~~

yesterday (31/3), finally one of the most talked drama for the 1st half of 2009, ended yesterday! i've been following this drama since it started to show in South Korea through the internet... my monday & tuesday night were all about BBF! stayed up late or woke up at 4am to watch the drama were something that i did since it showed in January. not enough with that, KBS World started to air the drama since 16/02, it made me more in love with it~~~

i cried, i laughed with all the characters!!! i felt the Jan Di's sadness when Jun Pyo ignores her in Macau! i fell in love with Ji Hoo's perfect character and lead to my addiction towards Kim Hyun Joong! i smiled everytime i watched SoEul's moment and how cute was Woo Bin english~~~ and how i wanna kill Jae Kyung & stupid Yu Mi who were trying to ruin JoonDi's relationship...

herm, the ending! overall, i don't have problem with it and i'm satisfied that it turns out what it should be... just, i'm hoping the writer will give more scene on SoEul... at least i need them hold their hands together :p although, it was quite sad to see JiHoo not end up with anybody, but that's how the story ends... in any of version, the character will not end up with anybody!!! as for WooBin, actually i hope the writer will follow Meteor Garden's plot on Mei Zuo that he fell in love with the girl of his mother's choice!!!!

JoonDi!!!!!!!!!! why can't they have their last kiss at the beach??????? this is just an opinion coz afterall, i'm just happy how it ends...

owh yah, i heard rumours that there gonna be a special episode next week... i'm not sure whether it is true or not, so just wait & see.

BBF has been my 'best friend' every Monday & Tuesday night and now... it is no longer there for me! i'm gonna miss this drama so much and i think my fever towards it, will not fade away easily coz for KBS World's subscriber like me, the drama just reached episode 14 yesterday! and i'm waiting for the VCD/DVD boxset to be available in malaysia! PMP, pali release the boxset!!!!

p/s: ida~~~~~ what we gonna do after this??? hahahaha


fizzy 피지 said...

we can still have 'butterflies in our tummies' because kbsworld is still running it.

i'm downloading it as of now.
then i can watch bbf over and over..

Wawa said...

i don't really love downloading a drama... but i think it is an exceptional for BBF coz i'm asking someone to download it for me while waiting the original boxset to be available in market :)