Thursday, April 2, 2009


okay, i'm still in the mood to accept that BBF has ended and now one of my friend told me there's a 2nd season of BBF???????????????

give me a break!!! do you know how excited i am until my heart wanna pop out??? LOL~~~ too much reaction aite :p so, i tried to search for an official news... it seems confirmed from what i read in KPOP JJANG but, well!!! as i know how korean drama don't really has new season for their drama, so it is still a rumours not to believe~~~

weeee... just if this totally a true news, give me more of JUN PYO-JI HOO-YI JUNG-WOO BIN but i just hope they maintain the same actors... i can't really imagine if the arrogant Goo Jun Pyo plays by other person than Lee Min Ho... or Kim Hyun Joong will not play the sweet & caring Ji-Hoo sunbae... and i don't wanna see Ga-Eul in love with Yi-Jung who is no longer play by Kim Bum or the playful Woo Bin is not Kim Jun anymore! if this happens, then just forget of doing BBF S2...

if this news really confirmed, the drama will be airing February next year! hahahaha... the news was released on the 1st april, an April Fool joke maybe :p anyone to confirm this news for me???

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