Friday, April 24, 2009


today, i managed to watch 2 variety shows vid on YouTube that involves TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI!!! one is Korean variety show and another one is Japanese variety show!

the first variety show that i watched is Dong An Club (Korean)... the variety show was back in 2007 i think!!!! i enjoyed watching their behaviour!!! Yunnie seems quite serious in the show while the other 4 was enjoying theirselves especially Chunnie & Joongie... buahahaha! well, to those who haven't watched it, it was a quiz show that the special guest will be paired with regular guest! the regular guest will be stand at a big frame that can move up & down... but they can switch place if the special guest kinda pity with the regular guest that has been suffering... the funny thing was Yunnie willingly to change his place twice while the other refused! especially the Finland Team.. Finland Team consist Joongie & Minnie.. why they have been called a Finland Team coz Joongie with his blonde bleach hair & Minnie with orangie hair... Minnie instantly refused to take Boom's place (Boom is Finland Team paired)... but Joongie answered damneee funny! when Yunnie said a DBSK member should be upthere with him, Joongie instead of saying straightly 'NO', he answered: I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS HUMANITY IN THIS SHOW. SO, I WILL NOT HIDE MY REAL HEART. I'LL BE HONEST! mc: SO, WHAT IS YOUR REAL HEART? joongie: I WANT TO STAY HERE hahahahahahahaha! he said that with straight face without feeling guilty to Yunnie! you rock Joongie... kekeke!

then during the last round Yunnie finally made the whole member of DBSK to stand at the frame instead of sitting... since there's only 4 frames and JaeMin was in 1 team, Joongie quickly answered Minnie will stand at the frame! Minnie was really surprised coz he also refused to stand... so, the decision has to be made with Rock, Scissor & Paper :P and, JOONGIE lost, so he has to stand up... while answering the quiz, all of them playing up there and didn't stand like they have to! Chunnie was climbing all over the frame, while Susu & Joongie, sat on the frame! only Yunnie that still follow the rules... hahaha! i really had a big laugh watching them in here...

the next variety show that i watched was a Japanese talkshow, Tetsuko's Room! well, the talkshow kinda formal so, i was kinda bored at first!!! but i love when they showed Tohoshinki's fans reaction everytime they arrived at the airport! and they included Malaysian fans at airport while waiting for TVXQ... they showed when TVXQ came to Malaysia for their very 1st concert in Malaysia in 2006... and all the fans shouted: DONG BANG SHIN KI! and Yunnie responded at the talkshow, that time was their first time there (malaysia) and they were quite surprised! Joongie said everytime they went to a country for the first time, they didn't know how the reaction will be and when they saw all the fans waited for them at the airport, they surprised that they have fans in that country... woot-woot! owh, there was a discussion about their eating habit and all of them were pointed to Minnie about his big appetite. Minnie just smiled there when his hyung-deul talked about his eating bahaviour... and Susu's answer was the best: CHANGMIN's STOMACH IS AS BIG AS UNIVERSE. YOU CAN PLAY SOCCER ON IT hahahahahahaha... Joongie & Chunnie burst out with Susu's statement...

just wanna let you know, i watched these 2 shows, when i was in the office! hahahaha... bone stealing much ha???? :P


f said...

if possible, can u give me the links to the shows??


Wawa said...

hey fikah, here are the link:

Dong An Club (part 1)

Totsuke's Room (part 1)

u can find the other parts at related videos section :)