Thursday, April 2, 2009


well, in my thumb drive i have list of mp3 that i'll plug-in to my computer in the office! well, i don't save it in my 'rock century' computer... it will lag my office computer~~~ well, what are list of songs that i always listen while i'm in the office from monday to saturday? :)

there's 50 songs that currently in my thumb drive:

~there's only 2 songs with 1 malaysian & 1 indonesian song each that get into my playlist. there are Di Sampingmu by The Divine Master & Doy by Kangen Band

*there are 16 songs mix of Korean & Japanese
~Haru Haru by Big Bang
~U R Man, Because I'm Stupid & Deja Vu by SS501
~Because I'm Stupid (acoustic version) by Kim Hyun Joong ripped from BBF drama
~Call Me, Hands Up!, My Girl & One Two Step from TaeGoon mini album
~Nobody Knows by Wonder Girls
~Starlight Tears, Our Love Will Always Last & What Will Happen With My Heart, songs from Boys Before Flowers
~Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior
~Koko Ni Iru Yo & Soba Ni Iru Ne, 2 Japanese songs by Soulja & Thelma

*the balance of 32 songs consist of TVXQ & THSK's songs... i don't think i need to list out! hehehe...

so, in conclusion, my playlist is dominated by korean & japanese songs

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