Wednesday, April 22, 2009


okay... lately Twitter is getting more and more popular! even celebrities in Hollywood also crazy over Twitter... i think you heard about Ashton Kutcher finally the 1st Twitter user with 1 million followers. due to my curiosity, i decided to be part of Twitter network... so, today, i registered on Twitter...

first, i thought Twitter is another social network that work like Friendster & Facebook but i was wrong! it is still a social network but it is a real-time update... and basically the main point of it is telling your followers, what is happening to you now!!!!

i can't really talk much about it coz i'm totally lost in Twitter world... i'm not sure how the whole function of Twitter work... i need to know how we can know the update of people that we follow. do we need to take a peek of their profile for their updates? how about if we follow 20 peoples, isn't it troublesome for us to take a peek at all 20???

so if you are a Twitter user, i need your help with it... PLEASEEEEEE~~~~~


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