Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBF: 25 or 26???

okay, when Boys Before Flowers about to air, it has been confirmed there'll be 24 episodes. then after it started showing and gain a lot of popularity, they extend one more episode and it is now become 25 episodes.

but now, what is confusing me, there's a lot of comment on YouTube video that there'll be 26 episodes all. the problem is now, i never read such news about they gonna extend one more episode...

it is kinda logic actually if there's one more episode extra coz from the episode 25 preview, seems like too many incidents gonna happen and i don't think it can be cramped into 1 episode. except if the PD will do such a rush ending which can cause the fans to get mad or maybe 2 hours show for episode 25.

i think, have to wait til i watch episode 25 later tonight whether the drama gonna end today or next week... geeshhh! this killing me! well, it doesn't matter to me whether it will end tonight or next week coz the only thing i need right now is the ending gonna satisfied me to the max! please don't ruin such a great drama with a lousy ending...

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