Saturday, April 4, 2009


hahahaha... yewp! NO TITLE for this entry~~~

i woke up at 5.30am and here i am... anyway, i think i got the 'INTERNET ADDICTION' disease!!! i read about this disease in a newspaper 2 days ago & after i read it, i think i have it! well, seriously i did not plan to go for a psychiatrist... i still have other thing to do in my life! buahahahaha... whatever!

i have another wedding today!!! a cousin of mine from my father side... geeshhhhh~~~ why everybody is getting marry nowdays!!! and i'm so done with wedding... but i can't say i don't wanna go or i'll be slaughter by my mom! hahaha... just kidding!!!

owh, i'm so pissed off coz YouTube removed mos of BBF's vids~~~ what the heck?????? yeah... copyright whatever!!!

stop for now!!! i found somethin interesting and will post an entry about it laterk!!! ciao

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