Monday, April 13, 2009


well, blame on HOSHUN that brought back my love towards Yoo oppa... hahahaha! she just watched Coffee Prince & i'm soooooooo in love with the drama & i think CP is one of best k-drama ever... and i remember how i was so into Yoo oppa...

so, when she stated at her Facebook that she currently watching CP, suddenly i felt like rewatching CP again... CP is one of k-drama that i can rewatch & rewatch & never get bored! plus, it is one of the most romantic k-drama i ever watched & just like what hoshun said, 1st k-drama yang dia tengok tak mencengkam jiwa... hahahaha! i'm so agree with that statement!

so, i would like to do a special entry for my Yoo oppa who is currently is doing his military service & i can't wait for December 8 this year to come since he will be released on that day!!! Oppa, bogoshipeoyo~~~

Stage Name:
Gong Yoo

Real Name:
Gong Ji Cheol
Date of Birth:

July 10, 1979

Place of Birth:

Seoul, South Korea



Blood Type:



sherermac™ said...

weeewiitt.. hahahaha~~
this is the NORMAL TYPE of kdrama ever!
I mean, not like other dramas yg kadang2 didn't make any sense..

I enjoyed the drama. keke~

Wawa said...

yewp... yang senang kata, the whole plot masuk dek akal... ngahahaha!

Rebel'ous Xang Rodriguez said...

yea! this drama is really simpleeeee.. i loveeee this drama! ngam! thumb up! hehe^^