Sunday, April 5, 2009


after BBF ended, i need to find new drama to watch! well, i already have 2 dramas in my mind~~~

First, STARLIT, a taiwan drama starring a heart throb, Jerry Yan! well, i already started to watch 2 episodes last month but since i was into BBF, i can't concentrate the drama and i stop. now i need to continue watching it after my BBF's fever cool down! hahaha... yeah, i'm still in BBF pee-beoh :P

Second, a korean weekend drama that currently airing on KBS World, MY PRECIOUS YOU! now, it has reached episode 48 and 2 more episodes to go before the drama ended! i was on & off while watching it so i missed a lot of the episodes... and my only choice now is internet... 50 episodes??? when the heck i'm gonna finish it...

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