Sunday, April 26, 2009


okay.... BIG BIG thumbs up to Syamsul for creating such a great movie... it has been quite sometimes i didn't enjoy watching malay movie!!! but this movie gave me all the satisfaction that i need from a malay movie... well, it was my mom who dragged me to watch... i had this 50-50 feeling coz it is a malay movie although deep in my heart, i must see this movie! and i'm glad i did it...

i like the plot! and i love all the conversations in it... who cares if people think that the words that they used are way too harsh or too dirty but that's the reality!!! geeeesh.... i'm so satisfied with this movie!!! i'm highly recommended for you to watch it although you are not a fan of Malay Movie like me...

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Sharon Rodriguez Charles @ Xang said...

idk about this too.
nk tgk jugaaa! hihi.
i want to see my miura shohei again.