Sunday, April 12, 2009


lol... i can't believe, finally i have something to write about AF7 or Akademi Fantasia 7!!! well, although i might not obsessed with AF just like i used to be, but i still follow the season 7 closely! this year, i already have my favorite student but just, i'm noooo longer in the maniac situation anymore...

yesterday was a DUET theme and i'm soooooooooo loving aril's performance! he did a duet with Marsha AF3 for such a romantic song, Aku & Dirimu (originally by Ari Lasso & Bunga Citra Lestari)... his expression and all the drama totally sweet... good job aril!

owh yah, for the 1st time this season MY MOM AFUNDI coz she scared aril will be kicked out tonight! Lol~~~

credit: aryzma@YouTube

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