Monday, March 9, 2009


Who is your favourite member?
Hero Jaejoong

Who is your least favourite member?
i just love each everyone of them! the power of 5

Which MV did you first see?

Which MV is your favourite?
mirotic & purple line

What is your favourite video dancestep?
mirotic & purple line

Which TV show with DBSK is your favourite?
x-man, eph, ctp, champagne... too many to list actually

What do you think about them?

What was the DBSK item that you bought?
mirotic's album (version B & C), 'O' album & 2009 calender

Have you ever cried for DBSK?
yewp, once!

Which member(s) do you wish to meet the most?
all of them! but the soulmate, JaeChun is my top list

Which member(s) do you think will like you?
micky yoochun! wahahahaha... hosh, i think he will

Which member do you want to go on a date with?
my one and only, HERO JAEJOONG

Which member(s) have you dreamt about?
all of them i think! can't remember

Hero or Max? hero
U-know or Xiah? xiah
Micky or Max? micky
Hero or U-know? hero

Who should be the leader?
yunho is the best leader TVXQ ever had

When did you start knowing DBSK?
september 2008

Did you remember all their names?
i'm such a dumb if i don't remember their names

Do you ever regret knowing all these boys?
regret???? never in my TVXQ's dictionary

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fans of TVXQ!!!

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