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here are updated preview of episode 24 of BBF that has been uploaded in YouTube!!! huhuhu... i'm gonna miss the drama so muchy!!! fyi, episode 25 video preview is also up in YouTube. but no explanation for it and no subs!!! but you guys might understand for the whole story there if you watched HYD Japan before...

Episode 24:

F3, Junhee, and Jandi are at the hospital waiting for Junpyo to get out of the operating room. The Witch comes with Assistant Jung and Junhee get's up and yells at her are you happy now? are you going to say that this is all for the best for Shinwa because Junpyo is the heir (something like that)? Do you even know what your son likes to eat or do during his free time? Assistant Jung recieves a phone call saying that Junpyo's operation went well. The Witch turns and leaves because she has a meeting in Hong Kong and as she leaves Junhee yells "Isn't it enough that our dad is in a coma? What is more important to you, Junpyo or Shinwa?" The witch leaves with an annoyed and maybe even sad look on her face.

In scene Two, Jandi's family moves back into their old house ( I think this is the works of the Witch).

The next scene is very short. Jihu meets Jandi at school and tell her that Junpyo has finally woken up. F3 and Jandi head to the hospital.

In scene three, F3 and Jandi are at the F4 clubhouse and are debating how they are going to bring back Junpyo's memory of Jandi. The conclude that the only way to trigger his memory is to shock him with a memory of Jandi.

Scene 5, Jandi and F4 are at the hospital. F4 and Junpyo come out of the hospital and Jandi shoves an ice cream cone in his face and the number of Jandi Laundry on his forehead and tells him to call her when he remembers her. He gets pissed off because he can't remember and doesn't understand why Jandi shoved an ice cream in his face. Woo Bin concludes that they need a bigger shocker.

In the last scene, Jandi and Jihu are at the clinic. At the hospital, Jihu was about to punch Junpyo, but Jandi stopped him and she explains why," I didn't stop you from punching Junpyo because he might get hurt. I stopped him because I thought that you might hurt emotionally." Jandi says "Why are your hands so cold" "How long did you wait for me?" and proceeds to warm his hands. Jihu responds by saying "The thing that is cold is your heart. In front of me to act so strong." Jandi responds " I am not acting strong, because you are next to me I have the strength to be strong."

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Episode 25:

  • Remember in one of the New Caledonia scenes, Jan Di has a dream where a fortune teller predicts that her soulmate and her husband will be two different people? In relation, Ku Hye Sun said in an article published on March 28:
    “Ji Hu is Jan Di’s soulmate. She likes him as a person and as a one-of-a-kind, invaluable friend, although she doesn’t love him. Love can only grow when two people’s hearts are the same, but Jan Di doesn’t have those feelings towards Ji Hu.”
    I suppose that is the drama’s interpretation of “soulmate”; hence, it’s not supposed to be a bad thing that Jan Di’s soulmate and husband are two different men.
  • UNCONFIRMED RUMOURS: Yi Jeong goes to study abroad over the fast-forwarded years. In the four-years-later ending, Ga Eul is teaching at a kindergarten. Apparently, Yi Jeong comes to find Ga Eul at her workplace. Eyewitnesses are claiming that the boy who plays the young Gu Jun Pyo was one of the children there, but had straight hair instead of curls.
    KP’s note: Our guess is that Yi Jeong pays Ga Eul a visit after returning from his trip abroad. We’re not quite sure why they used the same child actor for a different role. He’s too old to be Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s child, so don’t get your hopes up. ^^
  • The “___ years later” is indeed FOUR years later.
  • The last scene BEFORE fast-forwarding four years ahead is Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s kiss in the Namsan cable car on the day of her graduation.
  • What sparks Jun Pyo to regain his memory of Jan Di? She does pack a lunchbox (eggs and rice) like before in order to try triggering his memory - however, Yu Mi takes credit for making it so it doesn’t help Jan Di at all.
    Our source gives hints regarding what actually does trigger his memory to return:
  1. Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s first kiss - NOT the one on the swing at the playground
  2. New Caledonia
  3. Jae Gyeong’s resort
  4. Jun Pyo’s trauma
    KP’s note: Our guess is that Jun Pyo saves Jan Di from drowning.
  • SoEul (Yi Jeong and Ga Eul):
    Apparently, the date scene at Namsan is NOT in the before-4-years-later script that our source has. Hence, he/she is GUESSING that it is part of the “4 years later” ending.
    The last SoEul scene before the fast forward is Yi Jeong opening up his heart slightly to her. All signs seem to point to a happy SoEul ending!
  • Kim Min Ji (Empress Chun Chu, That Person Is Coming) has been cast as Jung Yu Mi (Umi from HYD). Yu Mi uses lies to try to widen the drift between Jun Pyo and Jan Di during his memory loss (of Jan Di). She will appear in the latter half of episode 24. Apparently, she is a character that is sure to universally annoy all viewers - she refers to herself in the third person (”Yu Mi is …. Yu Mi wants….”). Our source says that viewers need not worry too much, Jun Pyo doesn’t pay that much attention to her.
  • For those of you who have been asking about the possibility of another extension - no, they will not go past episode 25 on March 31.
  • Also, for those of you waiting for episode 25’s script to be leaked - the cast was given their copies of the final script on March 24. HOWEVER, the script did not include the ending (approximately 10 scenes). The creators have decided that nobody will know what happens at the end until the day they film the finale. On that day, each cast member will receive a copy of the ending to memorize immediately. It has been confirmed that Boys Over Flowers will end happily, but it may differ from Hana Yori Dango’s ending. Our source says he/she will likely get the script by Monday, but for the sake of not spoiling the ending for everyone, will NOT reveal how it ends.
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This killing me but I have to give them credit for being smart about not having things leaked. I know that if I knew the ending then it wouldn't be a very big deal for me to see the end. Let's hope it ends with JP and JD