Monday, March 23, 2009

[POLL] JoonDi or JanHoo???

gosh... the latest news i read that the ending of BBF might taking a different path from HYD manga and both the Taiwanese & Japanese's version???? what path they are taking...? i'm sooooo freaking out now...

i love both tandem: Jun Pyo & Jan Di 'N' Ji Hoo & Jan Di... sometimes i have this feeling while watching that Jan Di should just choose Ji Hoo instead of Jun Pyo... but everytime i watched JoonDi's moment, i knew that i want JoonDi to end up together!

i love Ji Hoo and i love the actor too... saranghae Kim Hyun Joong! but sorry Ji Hoo sunbae, i think Jan Di should end up with Jun Pyo... :p the only changes that i needs from BBF is, Yi Jung and Ga Eul to end up together... i'm supporting SoEul's mate all the way!!!!

how about you guys????????? mind taking the poll :)

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