Monday, March 16, 2009


before you started to ask me any good manga to recommend, i would like to emphasize: I'M NOT A FAN OF MANGA! I DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MANGA....

well, i do read manga! BUT all the manga i read basically has been adapted to live-action! so, i watched the live-action and if i love the live-action, i'll consider to read the manga. here are my current reading list that i read through online:

1) Mars
~ i really love the live action! vic & barbie really did well in the drama... then i read the manga and i love the manga too... the manga & the live-action really close with each other...

2) Gokusen
~ i'm such a big fan of the live-action and the anime... when i started to read the manga, i was thinking, ahh--- the manga's story is more awesome!!!! i love the manga so much... i love Yankumi's character in manga and Shin in manga is just HOT!!!!!

3) Skip Beat!
~ well, the live-action is still in filming yet! but i started to get excited since the main character Ren, will be played one of my many hubbies, Jerry Yan! so, while browsing through about the info of the drama, i read a lot of good reviews about the manga and anime! and while i'm writing this, i'm still at Chapter 2... kekekeke!!!

4) Goong
~ korean manhwa! gosh, i really love this manhwa... but the translation on the net quite slow so usually i need to wait few months before the new chapter is up... but not going to give up & gonna wait patiently for me to read & feel the love between Shin & Chae-gyung!

*my next reading list: Akuma De Sourou/Devil Does Exist
the Live Action, Devil Besides You is one of my favorite TV series... so, i decided to read the manga!!! is the main character in manga as hot as my another hubby, Mike He Jun Xiang???!!!!

i really need more time to read all these manga... but reading it online makes it harder! i might be skodeng any comic's shop if any of these books are available! i heard Goong can be found at Kinokuniya books store...

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where did you read goong manhwa? can u tell me the url..thanks or contact me at