Saturday, March 28, 2009


i think the last time i went to cinema to watch Malay's movie was Apa Kata Hati last year! well i was dragged by my cousins... the truth is i'm not really into watching Malay's movies. i don't know why... the older i get, my interest towards malay's dramas & movies are getting lesser... especially when i started to get crazy over korean dramas & movies. but it is not until i totally ignore about malay film scene.

yesterday, i decided to watch Yasmin Ahmad's latest touch, TALEnTIME! well, this time i was the one who dragged my mom to watch it with me! after i read few good reviews and comments of the movie, i decided to give a try. well, Yasmin Ahmad's movie is not a typical malay movie! her movie are always related about Malaysian and not only concentrate in malay.

for me TALEnTIME is something that represent Malaysian. truthfully saying, i'm not really into the movie but i enjoying it! maybe my expectation was too high due to all good reviews on newspaper so i end up unsatisfied! the storyline was ok for me just sometimes it moves too slow for me and i yawned few times... and my mom she fell asleep! it is not about the movie is bored coz i found it interesting! like i mentioned earlier, i might be expecting it too high...

well, i'm not someone who knows about movie, i'm talking in a normal person who loves watching dramas & movies. so, i'm giving a view as a personal thought! owh, but the musics are totally nice... i love all the songs in there~~~ and the theme song, O RE PRIYA really caught my ears! it is a hindi song and the melody really beautiful!!!!

and if you are still thinking whether you should catch this movie or not, i recommended for you to watch... it is not a bad movie after all and i never thought it is a bad movie! i think i will not think twice when it comes to Yasmin Ahmad's movie! just maybe i'm not good in critical thinking... hahahaha!

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